passing the great filter of self destruction

Dear Aliens, if you read this, now would be a perfect timing for your Earth invasion.


Because then Russia MIGHT stop killing in Ukraine and the whole mankind would unite against the aliens.

But as Elon citing Carl Sagan  correctly points out, we, mankind, have to fix this ourselves, prevent ww 3 ourselves, can not rely on aliens to fix this “filter” for us.

the universe does not care: “who owns the sandbox”

imagine Biden, Xi and Putin being 3 toddlers in a sandbox, throwing sand at each other.

everyone wants to “dominate” the sandbox. (control all the sand molds)

To achieve this goal they go great lengths and sacrifice thousands and thousands of innocent lifes. #wtf

will he invade or not: yesterday it used to be funny…

… now the world is speculating: WHY Putin is so evil.

Dr Evil Putin Meme

Western hostilities mean Eastern Friendships


“In a telephone conversation with Putin, President Erdogan emphasized that the complexity of the problem, and even more so the military conflict, is not beneficial to anyone,” the statement said.

translated from

for some in the West: peace is bad for business

for Ukraine it would be wise to back off and not further escalate the tensions (even under US pressure).

state money for private pockets: for industrial military complex: cold war 1.0 was great “win” (military budget 7% instead of now 3%)

The “great filter” (of civilizations) Elon was talk-tweeting about so often,

is, what drives him forward, to make mankind multiplanetary, and as the non-stop crisis mode of mankind shows, it is DESPERATELY NEEDED, if mankind wants to survive as a species.

And nature would want that.

There is a theory, why mankind (up to now) did NOT make contact with alien species, exactly because of this self destruction problem (by war or overuse of finite resources).

No doubt there are alien civilizations out there.

But one of the “great filters” is, that as soon as an civilization reaches a certain technological level, it might blow itself up (on purpose (war), or by accident (Fukushima)).

During first cold war 1.0 mankind developed that technological capability, but luckily, it was not used.

This is not in anyone’s intention and also not in nature’s intention.

the universe does not care, if mankind survives. but every single one of us should care.

Declare war on hostile living conditions on Mars, not on each other.

Because life is precious in the universe.

Don’t waste it. Please someone tell all those war mongers.

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