The No.1 cancer enemy of society is: corruption.

It is in the West  – it is (more obvious) in the East.


In the end this is Western cleptocracy vs Eastern oligarchy (cleoptocracy = oligarchy = when the super rich are in power)

There are very well trained doctors & intellectuals in Turkey (esp in the larger cities), while the countryside’s is still in the middle ages?

Double extremist standards:

While supporting ISIS Erdogan’s Turkey declares anyone that is agains him as a terrorist (sounds familiar? Mr Bush?) and demands (in this case Sweden) to extradite “the top 10” of the opposition abroad.

Whoever allowed Turkey into NATO (EU application failed) & Orban’s Hungary into EU is a good damn moron.

Both are corrupt egoistist that only care about their interest playing everyone like a violin while (of course) never having to stand trial.

simply run a search on Erdogans son

Or a search on Orbans closest political allies and homosexual gang bang drug parties in Brussels.(During corona lockdown!!!)

So: either remove Orban & Erdogan – or remove Orban from EU and Turkey from NATO, doing more harm than good.

Or even better: start something new that does not repeat those mistakes.

"An error doesnt become a mistake" John F. Kennedy OC
“An error doesnt become a mistake” John F. Kennedy OC



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