no matter how fancy it is named

money printing is #1 cause of inflation

everyone knows that.

  • u can blame Putin
  • u can blame Climate Change

but in the end, it’s (mostly) caused by post 2008 central banks printing loads of loads of money, that then even get’s multiplied by private banks with a factor of 1:10 (possibly even more)

  • would that money have been invested into innovation, factories that create jobs (Mainstreet) inflation would not be so bad

who creates value? (trading paper for paper does not create value (stockmarket))

The ONLY “thing” that gives money it’s value are hard working, innovative people that produce innovative, high quality and affordable products.

But Wallstreet did not care, the (false) ideology was: “as long as the freshly printed billions do not trickle down to mainstreet… there will be no inflation”


With all those TERRIBLE TERRIBLE side effects of grand mums with little rent in the UK freezing to death, because they can’t afford oil- and gas-heating anymore.

2019/2020: “There were 25,260 excess winter deaths across all ages in Great Britain

This +10% “inflation” event, shows mankind what money really is: just paper.

Don’t let urself be blinded, central banks will HASTE to a digital currency, because they lost control of the paper currency, they have been printing in the trillions, giving it to private banks, doing gambling for maximum profit (not investment, just gambling).

That is THE major cause for the push to digital currency, which will in fact be a complete new currency, that might be traded with an -50% purchasing power discount:

2x paper Dollars for 1x electronic Dollar (why? because for fake reasons: “electronic is sooo much better”, real reason “because banksters printed too much paper dollars destroying the dollars purchasing power” (aka inflation) and want to re-start the “printing” game with e-Dollars)

All hackers around the globe surely welcome such a move.

Also it does NOTHING to prevent money laundering and tax evasion, because 99% of all tax avoidance IS ALREADY DONE ELECTRONICALLY!

Rather ironic Bahamas is amongst the Top#10 tax heaven,  cheating citizens all over the world in the billions, every year.

Quantitative easing (QE) is a monetary policy action whereby a central bank purchases government bonds or other financial assets” (such as stocks from private companies) “in order to inject monetary reserves into the economy to stimulate economic activity.[1]”

Most western central banks adopted similar policies in the aftermath of the great financial crisis of 2008.”

“In modern times, it is widely referred to as printing money.[18][19]

“France’s Richest Man Gets a Free Lunch From the ECB”

“LVMH’s bond issue to pay for Tiffany was cheaper than Bernard Arnault’s wildest hopes.”

“The luxury giant raised 7.5 billion euros ($8.3 billion) and 1.55 billion pounds ($2 billion), over a range of maturities from two to 11 years, to help finance its $16 billion purchase of Tiffany & Co.”

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