the problem: signal effect

Whatever the US – the “beacon of modern democracy” – does – will be copied by others.

If Trump quits the climate treaty – others will too.

The same could happen with “low-yield nuclear weapons” – if the US is okay with threatening other countries with “mini nukes” – other countries might say – “okay – it’s juts fair if we do that too” – further increasing tensions.

If one thing is for sure: more weapons NEVER made the world a safer place – exactly the opposite.

US-President Wilson (1913 – 1921) already knew:

“When I spoke of the Kaiser building up the German (war) machine as a means of maintaining peace, he said, “What a foolish thing it was to create a powder magazine (build and buy a lot of weapons) and risk someone’s dropping a spark into it!”

But this is exactly what a lot of countries like the US do and it can not be criticized enough.



Russia Has Restarted Low-Yield Nuclear Tests, U.S. Believes

“The world is more dangerous without the #INF Treaty. But it will not be safer if we reheat the threats from the Cold War. Intermediate-range nuclear missiles must not become a bargaining chip. Must negotiate how we can bring arms control into the 21st century. save.”

(Heiko Maas German Minister of Foreign Affairs on Twitter)

Accroding to the DemocracyNow! interview Russia already has low-yield nuclear weapons while Iran is currently free to develop nuclear weapons – in secret – just as Israel did in the past. (the US did not want Israel to have nuclear weapons – but they just developed them in secrecy and now it seems to be an accepted fact).

“The Federation of American Scientists revealed in late January that the U.S. Navy had deployed for the first time a submarine armed with a low-yield Trident nuclear warhead.

The USS Tennessee (SSBN-734)  deployed from Kings Bay Submarine Base in Georgia in late 2019.

The nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine USS TENNESSEE (SSBN 734), a mooring party on deck and its bridge crew atop the sail, approaches its new home port, Naval Submarine Base, King’s Bay, Georgia, for the first time.

The W76-2 warhead, which is facing criticism at home and abroad, is estimated to have about a third of the explosive power of the atomic bomb the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) called the news “an alarming development that heightens the risk of nuclear war.”

(especially if Mad Dog Trump gets re-ellected)

We’re joined by William Arkin, longtime reporter focused on military and nuclear policy, author of numerous books, including “Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State.”

He broke the story about the deployment of the new low-yield nuclear weapon in an article he co-wrote for Federation of American Scientists.

He also recently wrote a cover piece for Newsweek titled

“With a New Weapon in Donald Trump’s Hands, the Iran Crisis Risks Going Nuclear.”


what to do: spread the word – nuclear weapons are no good investments

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US Stands By the Chemical Weapons Convention

While the Trump Administration has retreated from negotiated arms control agreements in many areas ranging from nuclear weapons to anti-personnel landmines, the US is still committed to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), which generally prohibits the production and use of chemical weapons.

“work is the father and earth is the mother”

(inspired by Karl Marx, Das Kapital page 48 full ebook.pdf)

(Marx again was inspired by William Petty)

This is not a joke and I am NOT Einstein.

Loneliness is a modern disease.

It is know even studied by scientists: “The Burden of Loneliness”

“Why togetherness and caring for each other is essential for us

“The most frequent cause of death is neither cancer nor cardiovascular diseases.

Most people die of loneliness.

The renowned German psychiatrist Dr. Manfred Spitzer describes this frequently unrecognized condition as “painful, contagious and deadly.”

or in other words: why are so many people single?

(in cities up to 50%)

or in other words: why do people get dogs instead of babies?

imho: because the way we life is not healthy.

  • the way we life is concentrates around “what is more efficient/what does capitalism need to make bucks”?

instead of:

  • what do humans need in order to survive in a happy manner and be symbiotic with other species and the balance of nature
  • The houses we build are efficient but not healthy for us:
    • In an ideal world – everyone had a little house
      • not far from all other houses
      • with a garden of at least 1000m2 that everyone would use for organic farming at least 50% of what they eat
      • the surpluss of the harvests are shared automatically – because nobody can or wants to eat 30 lettuce a day 🙂
      • If people had no running water – they would have to “run” themselves to village / city centers to fetch it
        • what an inefficient (takes a lot of time) and hard (water is heavy) task!
        • BUT: humans would be forced to spend time with each other, get to know each other, interact with each other, talk to each other, ask questions, become curios about each other.

another example: If there is a lot of infrastructure for bikes in a city – people will use the bike more often (ask city planners in the Netherlands and in Denmark).

So is the infrastructure designed and build centered around the question: What do humans need for a happy life?

What do people need to survive happy and sustainably?

Fully automating everything does not seem to be the answer.

the highly educated get less babies

because they are toooooo busy i guess.

So this how capitalism and workoholism “automatically” makes mankind DUMB SYSTEMATICALLY? (bet TV ads kill more brain cells than alcohol, if you feel too intelligent… get drunk! X-D)

Einstein was a Genius – he was able to run experiments in his brain like in a computer simulator (this video says, his brain had +17% more neurons … by the way… humans have ~100 billion brain cells / neurons and the method of counting them is DISGUSTING X-D) – but just as Sheldon Cooper – he had a lack of social skills.

The sad story is: “REAL” Sheldon Coopers with a Ph.D. in Physics DO  EXIST!

NOBODY wants to move in with them or be friends, because (my particular friend) has an unimaginable unawareness of his egoisms and lack of social skills.

So in real life Sheldon Cooper would have almost no friends and live a very sad and lonely life.

That Einstein bastard got more lucky, because of all his fame.

“Einstein always felt out of place at social gatherings and with friends and family. He treated his first wife Mileva Maric very poorly and flaunted his many affairs.”

the Dunning-Kruger Effect:

…It’s a psychological rule that states:

  • it’s the most incompetent who are the most confident
    • (GREAT! this explains the fail state of our western democracies in one sentence! (but also Socrates: democracy only works as well as the educational system)
  • while the intelligent ones doubt their own abilities
  • Put simply:
    • dumb people are too dumb to know how dumb they are
      • ah gosh… we all gonna die. Mankind is a slow learner. But the internet (would it be uncensored (without fake news monopolies) cheap (no PRIVATE MONOPOLIES!) easy to access and cost effective, can act as a “educate each other” tool, it is the century of Open informations!
      • Share your results with the world!
    • Smart people are clever enough to know how much they don’t know

or as Socrates said: “i know, that (compared to all that can be known) i know nothing” (source)

also would add:

  • children want to succeed
  • no child is born that says: “i want to be a failure”
  • children are born with curiosity in mind
    • school stuffs them with massive amounts of “test and forget” useless informations – in the end – not much curiosity is left
      • no questions are being asked
      • learning stops

source of inspiration: