Alternatives / Alternativen

purpose of every monetary or cooperation system should be:

  • 1. medium of exchange
  • 2. store of value

but most importantly:

  • 3. help people help each other

no matter if DOLLAR, EURO or BITCOIN,

if it does not satisfy the 3rd requirement,

then the system is fundamentally broken,

will not create value,

then it does nothing for it’s users (lacking purpose)

(that’s not in Rutger’s book, but the cover fits the topic, does mankind want to survive and evolve in the universe?

Or degenerate and in the worst case, go extinct, and then, be history or does mankind want to be a hopeful STORY of the present and future? (not HISTORY))

let me get this straight:

  • all in for international cooperation

completely against:

  • shipping jobs where they are cheapest and no laws prevent dumping poison into the landscape

  • every government can (instead of moving to over crowded cities for jobs)
    •  pay rural citizens to stay in the countryside and plant trees where
    • the local governments need to designate areas for tree planting
  • on the next climate conference the major CO2 contributors of past and present should be present
  • and they need to come up a number:
    • every year we pledge to designate and finance 1000 hectare (10.000.000 square meters) for (diverse) tree planting
      • and pledge to work those forests sustainably & responsibly
    • the mull berry tree shown above is said to handle droughts well (there are for sure other well suited trees as well)
      • while at the same time providing shade for other plants
      • while at the same time providing humans with very delicious fruits

a lot has been said & studied about the very expensive consequences of climate change (yes there is natural climate change, but human made climate change is on top)

need to talk & implement more solutions!

mulberry tree in the desert:–123708321001774198/