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… well if it is more profitable to cultivate evil psychopaths than kindness… guess what you will harvest? (unintentionally? really? not even with with massive amounts of drug induced ignorance)

so in short: it is official – the current form of capitalism breeds evilness in people – that were born equal and neutral.

Yes the POTENTIAL for evilness is in the DNA (like less empathy) but the cultivation process is more important – giving rise to bad traits/properties of a human rather than good traits/properties of a human makes the difference!

hence the evil result: happy self destruct! mankind!

I finally have to agree to what Wolfgang Weiler president of German insurance industry told the propaganda paper of Axel Springer “The world”: the German society becomes more and more individualistic, egoistic, ego-centric and selfish.

Suprise suprise: Just as in USA – society splits up/breaks down into fractions that increasingly violent and fierce-fully fight each other.

Economic research IFO-Institute investigated: During financial crisis – left and right wing extremists profit – but especially right wing extremists. (source: “10 years after the suprime crisis“)

Quiz: Hitler was…? Right! A right-wing extremist. 60 million dead people later – nothing was learned by “homo sapiens” which translates from Latin as “the wise human”. (haha…)

I fear i also have to agree to what a US-astronomy-scientist had to say (can not find the source) “we have not found yet any signals of intelligent life in our galaxy – maybe because intelligent species that reach a certain technological level of weapons technology – self destructs – that would be a very bad outlook for mankind.”

in German:

Ich muss dem Präsident des Gesammtverbandes der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft Wolfgang Weiler und der Propaganda Schleuder von  Axel Springer “Die Welt” tatsächlich mal recht geben: Die Gesellschaft/Deutschland wird immer egoistischer.

D.h. beim letzten ignoranten Voll-Horst sind die Nebenwirkungen des Kapitalismus spürbar geworden – mit 30 Jahren Verzögern. Natürlich ergeben sich daraus KEINERLEI Konsequenzen. Man macht so weiter wie bisher, bis es wirklich nicht mehr geht, weil die Leute sich gegenseitig auf der Strasse umbringen.

Das ist auch klar.


… because it doesn’t seem to matter who is allowed to make money where?

As you probably know – Seigniorage is the RIGHT of a FED/ECB to mint/print CASH (coins and bills).

But it is also the “RIGHT” (?) of the commercial private banks to borrow 10 million €/USD CASH from a central bank and invest (into real estate?) or lend out 100 million €/USD.

The 90% (it’s actually even 98%) of all money does not exist in paper central bank cash money.

It only exists on harddisks but it is also legal tender.

This is exactly what the Swiss_sovereign-money_initiative was about unfortunately people were afraid and voted against it.

Now we never will know what happens if this right to generate 90% of all money in circulation by private banks.

… weil es scheinbar egal ist wer wann wo wie Geld herstellen darf?

Suchbegriffe: lehrplan seigniorage bwl


Suchbegriffe: curriculum seigniorage bwl studium


Klingt komisch, weil der Rest der BWL sich quasi nur um Geld dreht.

“Der Begriff leitet sich aus dem französischen Wort seigneur für Feudalherr bzw. Lehnsherr ab, da diese im Mittelalter das ausschließliche Recht zur Münzprägung (das sogenannte Münzregal) hatten. Der Gewinn des Münzherrn aus der Geldschöpfung ergab sich in jener Zeit aus dem Unterschied zwischen Metallwert und Produktionskosten einerseits und dem Wert der ausgegebenen Münzen andererseits. Da der Feudalherr in der Regel das Prägemonopol für Münzen hatte, fiel ihm auch der Seignioragegewinn zu.”

The everyday life of people has to do with reason – the largely on “digital money” created financial services industry – that also just prints their way out of a crisis – is here and there freed from the “normal capitalism” and even from “law of nature” and thus may continue to exist and create more and more irrationality.

thus: in London 40.0000 homes and many more around the globe are standing empty – the owners do not even seek rent – they are simply for parking (more and less legally acquired) money – also that of international mafia organizations.

That’s what a bank is – “a mafia organization” (quote bank employee).

Without the rational everyday life decisions of a farmer allow the irrational virtual reality decisions to exist.

if everyone was growing his/her own potatoes – life would be much different – healthier and better in many ways.

But how to acquire land if you can’t print money?

a sick game with sick rules that everybody (99% atleast 50% of their time) is forced to play.