woman giving birth to baby – maybe not everything should be run like a profit center


it is easier to cope as stupid, in a world (man-made-system) that does not make sense

but stupidity ain’t no solution, it will massively decrease probability of survival for all mankind.

as it will leave problems and challenges unsolved forever – adding to the pile of unsolved problems, until mount-troubles get’s too big.

if you are poor in this world (man-made-system) it is either:

1) you have been not born rich (a family that is already rich, owns a company, owns a oil-fields, owns a gold-mine)

2) you were not ruthless enough (unfortunately the state even protects the financial-criminals, which by avoiding tax, get the most out of their “opportunities”)

3) you were lazy (by nature (to conserve energy) or on purpose) because you did not see, why you should keep an dysfunctional system running, that does not make sense

PS: there is enough money

because it can be printed and it is being printed by the billions and trillions every year

it is just flowing from the central banks -> private banks -> wrong channels (like wall street casinos)


“Anyone dying from hunger was dying from murder”


expert researcher on poverty: Jean_Ziegler

Q1: Does this financial system work?

A1: it works for the private banks, at least for a while, but it does not work for the rest of the world.

Q2: How just is this financial system?

A2: no not at all, just read this:

“During the COVID pandemic the interestrate on TLTRO III was lowered to -1% , which means that the ECB pays banks 1% of the value of their loan every year. This generous support has continued until the coronavirus hit and then strongly increased (see Figure 1).”


Which means: if you are a bank, you even get paid by the central bank, for taking a loan.


If someone with ideas, walks into a bank to request a loan, they will laugh at you.

The “Big” (downward) “Hit” came after 2008.

So are those low interest rates just “fresh blood” for a zombie (the current financial system) to survive a bit longer?

Has the financial system actually collapsed in 2008 and not recovered since?

Why don’t do banks their job?

The job of a bank is to: actively (!) look and engage and foster and support entrepreneurs to finance new ideas, products, jobs…

not: take the freshly printed money and put it into the stock market casino.

Then there would be no “inflation” problem.

Btw: the “independent” central banks failed at their core job: to not do, what “experts” feared the state would do with the privilege of money printing:

print as much money as you like and cause massive dysfunctional financial system and inflation