if capitalism (and by capitalism i mean MONEY) would motivate people to do good – i would be a proud capitalist.

(unfortunately brain scientists discovered quiet catastrophic effects of “presence of money” (even if it is just a picture) or just the “thought about money” on human psyche and behavior, the “lesser evil than socialist dictatorship” theory is not enough anymore sorry)

If Mercedes and Porsche and Lamborghini and Ferrari and Pickups and SUVs and Hummers would run on renewable Hydrogen created with 100% renewable energy – i would be proud on everyone driving such a thing – but right now – i just consider them as reckless egoistic idiots and any women that fancies this “show of materialism” as a short sighted prostitute.

So because even egoistic psychopathic dictators and idiots want to be loved – women – i urge you – also in the name of your children and grand-children (that you surely do not want to die in avoidable wars over finite resources) to reconsider your priorities when it comes to mating.

(latest estimates date peak-oil “pretty sure before” 2035)

btw: if you really want – you can also burn hydrogen e.g. keep your loud combustion engine and accept that mankind is just not as reasonable as it thinks it is X-D

So if you need everyone 100 miles around you need know that YOU are DRIVING a COMBUSTION ENGINE RIGHT NOW then what the heck why not X-D (just don’t do it every morning at 4.00 AM will ya?)

Let the Yanks keep their pickups – just convert them to renewable hydrogen and they do not have to frack their drinking water! (as only short sighted idiots would make such a deal “yes we will die early but it will be fun until then”)

Banks have become the state inside the state (in cooperation with the CIA/NSA/FBI?).

Even Trump a strong believer of modern days neoliberal capitalism – will see that this system is not about productivity and jobs and innovations (anymore, if it ever was) – it’s about money-empires, trickery and robbery with via debt created out of thin air.

“President Trump has been critical of the Fed’s approach and last week tried to pressurise it into not raising rates further, saying that it would be a mistake. “I think that would be foolish, but what can I say?” he said.” (src)

can’t say nothing – or get shot like Kennedy.

you can checkout central bank rates USA / EU / Russia / Japan / China here

4:13 AM:

“By Trump’s standards, those comments were restrained. Previously, he has called the Fed “crazy”, “out of control” and “loco”. He said he was “not happy” with chairman Jerome Powell, whom he nominated to the office, and said he had not done enough to support trade negotiations around the world by setting monetary policy to support the US economy.” (src)

Will central banks (controlled by private banks) pursuit their own private interest, rather than the interest of the country as a whole?

You bet.

Will FED’s interest rate rise stop growth?

You bet.

Will they crash the economy to shop cheap during the crash with self printed money?

You bet.

Will the banks bet on the crash?

You bet.

Will the ECB in Europe do it exactly like the FED?

You bet.

Is there opportunity in crisis?

The Chinese word for crisis composes of two signs: danger () and chance (機) (first sign of chance/opportunity: 機會)).

I hope its a chance to reforms – that do not go into the 1984 direction (surveillance dictatorship with permanent warfare against artificial enemies, just to keep people “busy”) – if the people are united they win.

You could say 1984 is the “mass serial production” of suffering – this needs to be prevented.

Orwell: “don’t let it happen” – Snowden answered that call.

Because after all – some know how to profit from other’s misery and an old investor saying is: invest when there is blood flowing on the streets – probably not investor’s blood that shield themselves off behind barbwire.

Well let’s also face it – an economy can not grow forever.

So we need to think about post-growth economies that drive on renewable hydrogen and only produce products in a way to easily extract the resources out of “trash” to make anew IPhone out of the old IPhone – not dump it and ask Africa / China to ship more and more resources.

When it comes to reform of the monetary system Bernard Lietaer is THE GUY to ask – he himself a very innovative ex-banker has done a lot of good with alternative currencies – like cleaning up Brazil cities or get people access to gardens in Belgium.

When it comes to Post-Growth-Economy Prof Dr Niko Peach is THE GUY to ask.

“In addition to efficiency-related reasons, policymakers may seek to use housing policy to redistribute income and wealth” (src: FED)

that would be GREAT! Did not Trump want to make America GREAT again?

“shelter is a necessary ingredient for human survival”

“so when a (climate change induced) storm kills your house”

“policymakers may wish to provide social insurance against these shocks.”

OMG! I never thought a banker could think that far! (src: FED)

The FED surely will print cash in order to HELP the State/Gov/Trump and it’s citizens (that not already own a house WITHOUT mortgage) to afford housing with 0% loans with a “pay back when you can” policy – no?

I would do that – provide all people unable to pay their mortgage with FED backed loan like this.

When it comes to rents: There need to be fixed prices negotiated that are fixed for 10 years – so both sides can plan better.


Housing Market seems to have hit the top?

USA and Europe real estate market is stagnating – Investors should go to Moldova.

Bank of International Settlements formed 1930 in Basel, Switzerland, alive and kicking:

an economic storm is coming – get your boat ready: Globalization is over

Well a lot of groups actually campaigned for this – “stop CETA, TTIP, NAFTA” – global trade – especially if unfairly subsidized by a government – is going down. Not only because of Trump tariffs – but because of a slow global growth anyhow.

The last “tiger” was China – with millions of people that wanted to get a their hands on an iphone and out of poverty.

Now they all got iphones – what’s next? The next iphone? Com’ on! They not gonna buy this!

Artificially making products bad so customers will have to rebuy? Also a corrupt and catastrophic strategy that also damages a brand’s reputation for quality.

Guys face it – We are already in an post-growth era – what this means especially for finance: interest rates? what interest rates?

Interest rates can only exist if there is growth – if there i no growth – how on earth can pay interest rates? nobody.

This and also because of the “magic trick” of private banks to turn 10USD into 100USD by loan-with-interest.

Consume, consume until there is nothing left to consume – will not do it.

So we will consume less – recycle more – actually start talking to our neighbors again – because – suddenly – people need each other’s help again – because the monetary system just failed with no alternative in sight.

Thats what you should read in your christmas break:

Mankind’s theories about economics needs to become more clever – if it wants or not.

What this means – is – we have to change our ways of life – our way of producing – fresh water – food – energy – transportation – everything needs to become more sustainable – less dependent on imported energy that (most industrialized nations) we do not possess. Anyone that prevents this – is actually increasing the catastrophe of civil unrest and war.

A perverting fact: “short stocks” – the finance market does magic – by making money while the economy is going down.

This has nothing to do with real-life-economy and is only possible in the world of finance – any bakery that sells 20% less bread will have to send 20% of it’s staff into unemployment – nobody profits here – the only way the economy has is become 20% more efficient – which is almost impossible – even for Germany and Japan (the workoholic economies).

There need to be new concepts – instead of believing that the old concepts will last forever. They will last – until catastrophe – civil unrest – civil war – war – strikes – 1984 style of war – constant warfare – just to keep people from revolting.

Hermann Scheer: “There need to be new methods of distribution – or we will enter a new era of barbarianism – this is inevitable”

Recessions of all forms and shapes

The type and shape of recessions are distinctive. In the US, v-shaped, or short-and-sharp contractions followed by rapid and sustained recovery, occurred in 1954 and 1990–91; U-shaped (prolonged slump) in 1974–75, and W-shaped, or double-dip recessions in 1949 and 1980–82. Japan’s 1993–94 recession was U-shaped and its 8-out-of-9 quarters of contraction in 1997–99 can be described as L-shaped. Korea, Hong Kong and South-east Asia experienced U-shaped recessions in 1997–98, although Thailand’s eight consecutive quarters of decline should be termed L-shaped.[11]

Psychological aspects

Recessions have psychological and confidence aspects. For example, if companies expect economic activity to slow, they may reduce employment levels and save money rather than invest.