purpose of every monetary or cooperation system should be:

  • 1. medium of exchange
  • 2. store of value

but most importantly:

  • 3. help people help each other

no matter if DOLLAR, EURO or BITCOIN,

if it does not satisfy the 3rd requirement,

then the system is fundamentally broken,

will not create value,

then it does nothing for it’s users (lacking purpose)

(that’s not in Rutger’s book, but the cover fits the topic, does mankind want to survive and evolve in the universe?

Or degenerate and in the worst case, go extinct, and then, be history or does mankind want to be a hopeful STORY of the present and future? (not HISTORY))

let me get this straight:

  • all in for international cooperation

completely against:

  • shipping jobs where they are cheapest and no laws prevent dumping poison into the landscape

  • In an ideal world, people learn from each other
  • each others mistakes each others successes
  • in an ideal world a system would foster social learning (the “natural” way how humans learn? by example (hopefully drawing the right conclusions) & from each other))
  • a system that incentivises stupidity & mistakes is a stupid system
  • (example the car industry knows people buy cars (unfortunately) mostly by emotions (big 2t SUV that make people feel important) and if the parts are designed to break after 3 years (they hope) to make 25% extra) – if the incentive here is maximum profit – the car companies did everything right – even if they in reality created a complete catastrophe for everyone
  •  if most of mankind have no long term experience what “destroying the planet” means, then they ought to be send on free “school trips” to the parts of the planet that are already polluted & became a desert, than they will understand & hopefully draw the right conclusion, just as EVERY citizen of former GDR (east Germany under soviet rule) had to visit a Nazi concentration camp (it’s optional in West Germany and bet most West Germans born after that 1960s did never visit such a place… Why would they? Its more fun & less depressing at a theme park, but there is also lot less to learn in theme parks)