if pope Francis can truly about to bring change to an old patriarchal (and also capitalistic) institution that has become nothing more than a mere “cultural curiosity”.

Because: The catholic (and other) churches that do exist right now, were NEVER what Jesus envisioned when he said “on this rock (you, peter) I will build my church”)

“Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.”

He did not say:

  • create a church only for men that molest children because they are forbidden to molest women
  • charge all your members tax so you can build gigantic buildings and do some philanthropy here and there (but never ever provide any “real” service to them, no wifi, no free coffee and do not care about their mental well being, because this would mean a lot of effort (cost money)

the climate construction site

have you EVER seen a church that has solar panels on the roof?

no? (on TV once, in Mexico, hey there is actually ONE, why is this not the norm?)

Why does “THE CHURCH” (!!!) not harvest the powers that come from the heavens above!

Why does it not care about long term survivability of mankind on this planet?

the mental construction site

Especially during crisis such as Corona and war, people WOULD have need a church that actually takes care of them and their mental troubles.

If families can not get along – another construction site where a true church could work for the better on this planet.

But in 30 years have not seen a bit of it.

The signs are years old and surely they must have read them: 2019: “the most reliable time series curated by the Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation (IHME) appears to show that in 2017:

  • just under 300 million people worldwide suffered from anxiety,
  • about 160 million from major depressive disorder
  • another 100 million from the milder form of depression known as dysthymia.”

“The gates of hell shall not prevail”

What part in that will the churches around this planet play a role?

Or are churches – in fact – just another “company ltd.”, that exists only because of their centuries old privileges, put down in century old contracts that generate “sufficient” income streams, that are taxed offshore (meaning: not at all).


the catholic church surely needs a restart

this restart was centuries ago the protestant church.

now both churches need a restart.

no matter how fancy it is named

money printing is #1 cause of inflation

everyone knows that.

  • u can blame Putin
  • u can blame Climate Change

but in the end, it’s (mostly) caused by post 2008 central banks printing loads of loads of money, that then even get’s multiplied by private banks with a factor of 1:10 (possibly even more)

  • would that money have been invested into innovation, factories that create jobs (Mainstreet) inflation would not be so bad

who creates value? (trading paper for paper does not create value (stockmarket))

The ONLY “thing” that gives money it’s value are hard working, innovative people that produce innovative, high quality and affordable products.

But Wallstreet did not care, the (false) ideology was: “as long as the freshly printed billions do not trickle down to mainstreet… there will be no inflation”


With all those TERRIBLE TERRIBLE side effects of grand mums with little rent in the UK freezing to death, because they can’t afford oil- and gas-heating anymore.

2019/2020: “There were 25,260 excess winter deaths across all ages in Great Britain

This +10% “inflation” event, shows mankind what money really is: just paper.

Don’t let urself be blinded, central banks will HASTE to a digital currency, because they lost control of the paper currency, they have been printing in the trillions, giving it to private banks, doing gambling for maximum profit (not investment, just gambling).

That is THE major cause for the push to digital currency, which will in fact be a complete new currency, that might be traded with an -50% purchasing power discount:

2x paper Dollars for 1x electronic Dollar (why? because for fake reasons: “electronic is sooo much better”, real reason “because banksters printed too much paper dollars destroying the dollars purchasing power” (aka inflation) and want to re-start the “printing” game with e-Dollars)

All hackers around the globe surely welcome such a move.

Also it does NOTHING to prevent money laundering and tax evasion, because 99% of all tax avoidance IS ALREADY DONE ELECTRONICALLY!

Rather ironic Bahamas is amongst the Top#10 tax heaven,  cheating citizens all over the world in the billions, every year.

Quantitative easing (QE) is a monetary policy action whereby a central bank purchases government bonds or other financial assets” (such as stocks from private companies) “in order to inject monetary reserves into the economy to stimulate economic activity.[1]”

Most western central banks adopted similar policies in the aftermath of the great financial crisis of 2008.”

“In modern times, it is widely referred to as printing money.[18][19]

“France’s Richest Man Gets a Free Lunch From the ECB”

“LVMH’s bond issue to pay for Tiffany was cheaper than Bernard Arnault’s wildest hopes.”

“The luxury giant raised 7.5 billion euros ($8.3 billion) and 1.55 billion pounds ($2 billion), over a range of maturities from two to 11 years, to help finance its $16 billion purchase of Tiffany & Co.”

short version:

Please Mr US-Biden, of course Putin’s Russia’s aggression need to be countered with one hand, but in the other hand make an offer, a “new deal” that allows a dangerous “cornered” Putin a positive way out of the situation.

What are the reasons that Putin’s Russia AND Biden’s US want to escalate the Ukraine situation?

If some BigOil corruptionists aka “investors”, think, they can take over Russia’s gas fields as they did with Lybia, forget about it.

  1. Russia is a nuclear armed country
  2. the end of fossil fuels is near anyway (basically becoming worthless)

long version:

Yes of course some anti Russian hardliners in Washington would like to see a Russia in chaos.

But even without foreign intervention, Russia will have to evolve beyond a Zarist-Stalinist system anyway.

This is where Putin’s feeling of importance is more important to him, than Russia.

Otherwise Putin would make room for the Russian monarchy to evolve.

Putin has a problem: He is more a Stalin than a Lenin.


  1. A power addict
  2. does not care much about ideologies like communism (“everyone being equal, owning equal” concepts)
  3. thinks that “rule by fear” (Stalin’s terror) works
  4. does not care much about economics (unless it helps to gain power)
  5. does not care much about his own citizens
  6. just as the British is nostalgic about the lost “Empire” and it’s colonies
  7. “Are Putin’s views fascist?”
    • “Russian leader often evokes Ivan Ilyin, a philosopher who praised Mussolini and Hitler”
      • ‘He seems to be echoing Ilyin – who wrote that in the case of Ukraine’s independence from Russia, the smaller neighbour “will become a source of civil and international wars for centuries”.’ (
      • Mr Putin if you read this: why believe this book?
        • the situation is simple:
          • The Soviet Union was an interesting experiment of socialism, that, after Lenin’s death got turned into full-blown-terror-dicatorship by your idol: Josef Stalin (nobody liked it, nobody).
          • if Russia HAD an new, innovative way of economics, you would not have to resort to violence (which makes look Russia like a primitive culture from the middle-ages, that sees no other way but war and violence (which means killing innocent civilians) in order to achieve it’s goals)

Not a single German thinks about invading nowadays-Poland for nostalgic reasons (to get back Danzig) or nowadays-Czech-Republic (to get back Bohemia).

Which translates into:

“low yield Hiroshima”

The problem with that:

  • While the US heroically won World War 2, it also reached it’s moral peak with the end of WW2 and declined steady afterwards into plutocracy/oligarchy.
  • while the historic “fuck ups” of post-WW2-US are well known and documented, the question is:
    • does EVERY other country need to repeat the past mistakes of another country in order to learn the lesson?
      • if yes: this will kill a lot of people, millions and billions and in the worst case all of mankind.

So the problem with “fuck ups” is, that after a certain point, the capacity of this planet to withstand more “fuck ups” is limited and becomes “too expensive” in the sense of “End of all mankind” kind of too expensive (be it a nuclear war fuck up or climate change fuck up).

China copies the bad US example set by Bush Junior and opens up the large version of Guantanamo Bay Prison of Terror

for (who would have guessed it) an Islamic minority living inside China called Uygurs.

Guantanamo Bay is one of those history fuck ups (because it ridiculous anything any American has ever said about “human rights”).

“Good Job” Bush Junior Texas Ranger.

After Obama, Biden pledges again to close this human rights violating facility, nice marketing or can he deliver on this promise?)

Why does China have to copy the US?

Is there a need to breed their own home-grown terrorists in order to control the masses with fear from terror?

Or as Mr Bregman puts it: Most people are pretty decent, but It needs massive amounts of effort for evil to happen.

Here again: Rule by fear may work for some time but it won’t work forever.

By completely ignoring Lenin’s concepts, Putin’s Russia basically has no innovative alternative model of state and economy to offer the “colonies” it would like to rule.

So Putin resorts to the only way of ruling he knows: Terror and violence.

In the worst case, the only thing Putin and his club of hardliners will achieve in Ukraine is hatered.

Ukranians never forgot the murders of:

  • The Nazis: “Until the fall of the Soviet Union, it was believed that about 900,000 Jews were murdered as part of the Holocaust in Ukraine” (Wiki)
  • The Soviets: Stalin’s famine called Holodomor has killed an estimate of 2 to 3 million Ukranians (Wiki)
JFK Mankind must put an end to war - before war puts an end to mankind
JFK Mankind must put an end to war – before war puts an end to mankind

“War – huh – what is it good for?” (absolutely nothing)

So the “cold” war is back? Why actually?

Jacque Fresco: “Even war is Corrupt”

Because some sick strategists considered it a great way to boost the US economy?

(more bombs were dropped on Vietnam (7 million tons) during the “cold” war than in all of world war 2 (2 million tons).

Now all over again? Seriously? How damn stupid or corrupt can mankind be?

"An error doesnt become a mistake" John F. Kennedy OC
“An error doesnt become a mistake” John F. Kennedy OC

How many more Ukranian civilians will need to die a senseless death before West and East are ready to settle this?

Better earlier than later.

The US has pioneered an economic model of unsustainable catastrophe:

  • “all-in” for short term profits no matter what
  • ignoring long term consequences
  • shifting responsibility away from CEOs to anyone else.

Some important keywords to know:

  • Corruption: “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain” (
  • Plutocracy/Oligarchy:
    • “a government or state in which the wealthy class rules” (source).
    • “a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes” (source)
    • “Throughout history, oligarchies have often been tyrannical, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist. Aristotle pioneered the use of the term as meaning rule by the rich,[4] for which another term commonly used today is plutocracy. (Wiki)
  • Kleptocracy: “a society whose leaders make themselves rich and powerful by stealing from the rest of the people” (source)
  • Corporatocracy: “a society or system that is governed or controlled by corporations” (

(based on this)

So if Plutocracy and Oligarchy are basically the same, which one is the US and which one is Russia? (or are they both Plutocracy / Oligarchy?)

What Putin’s Russia can learn from China:

  • dropping bombs is no smart way to conquer a country
  • just send in business men with suitcases full of cash to buy up all companies
  • give huge loans

That’s how modern day colonialism works! (not less brutal but way more peaceful manner)