the access-rights to ressources = distribution of ressources should make some sense.

so in linux – it is not dependend on your bank-account – if you may have more or less access to ressources or if you should be allowed to run tasks with elevated privileges (modify the system = pass a law) – it is solely based on the question:

  • Why should this user have those privileges?
  • Does it make sense to allow user X access to those ressources?
    • depending on the user’s intentionts and if it’s good for the system or not

it does not answer the question – are those sources renewable… and would it make sense to change to renewable sources… (that is a question of mankind’s survival as a species) it just asks the question of distribution:

how should access to ressources be distributed to make everyone be able to complete their tasks within a certain time-range…

security and trust

also true:

  • systems can be hacked
  • banks and tax-advicers are constantly (day and night) on the search for such “holes” to avoid tax or even extract money from the system
  • whenever a bitcoin exchange get’s hacked – the USD/EUR value of the bitcoins goes down – trust is lost – probably the same with EUR/USD?


atleast with open source and linux – if you learn c – you could read the code.

which means – you get insight what rules the machine is operating with.

with the monetary system those rules seem not to be so clear.

mistakes can be found everywhere – so transparency would be good if the intention was to build a good system that serves everybody.

right now – you can’t visit a website that shows the flow of money in realtime…

in sweden you can atleast google the income of your neighbour… but that’s about it.

secrecy is high priority in banks.

“i am a trader” (traitor?) 😀

“this economic crisis is like a cancer – if you just wait and wait – it just gonna grow – get prepared. Not the time for wishful thinking – governments do not rule the world – Goldman Sachs rule the world”

how to make money from a down-ward market?


corruption does not just happen because people are born evil (they are not).

corruption is made with money and threats – check out John Perkins Ex-Economic Hitman story – how to corrupt south amerucan and other governments. Just like the mafia.

“congratulations Mr President – in my left hand i have 100$Mill in my right hand i have a revolver – all you have to do is sign those laws”

will it work?

“Bribery and other forms of corruption continue to plague business and society. According to the World Bank, some $1.5 trillion is paid globally in bribes each year, a figure that dwarfs the value of economic assistance. The result? An unlevel playing field and such adverse consequences as lack of competition, kleptocracies, delivery of sub-standard goods and services, price distortions, and wasted foreign aid contributions.”