it is easier to cope as stupid, in a world (man-made-system) that does not make sense

but stupidity ain’t no solution, it will massively decrease probability of survival for all mankind.

as it will leave problems and challenges unsolved forever – adding to the pile of unsolved problems, until mount-troubles get’s too big.

if you are poor in this world (man-made-system) it is either:

1) you have been not born rich (a family that is already rich, owns a company, owns a oil-fields, owns a gold-mine)

2) you were not ruthless enough (unfortunately the state even protects the financial-criminals, which by avoiding tax, get the most out of their “opportunities”)

3) you were lazy (by nature (to conserve energy) or on purpose) because you did not see, why you should keep an dysfunctional system running, that does not make sense

PS: there is enough money

because it can be printed and it is being printed by the billions and trillions every year

it is just flowing from the central banks -> private banks -> wrong channels (like wall street casinos)


“Anyone dying from hunger was dying from murder”


expert researcher on poverty: Jean_Ziegler

The Military are mostly men with guns.

What is worse than men with guns?

Bored men with guns.

But you know what?

Boredome is sometimes good, better than utter death and destruction.

The captain of the HMS should be released from his service and go to prison, for deliberately provoking war.

(Those sailors are so bored, they are desperate to get shot at?)

To the Nation of Fish and Chips: after BREXIT why not NEXIT? (EXIT OF NATO!)

Because: it seems your rule-of-law GPS has send you waaaaay off course!

Yes it is an international shipping line, but it is not a F***ING CARGO VESSEL, it IS A UK WARSHIP! (do you know the difference? no? the first ships Chinese Noodles, the second ships idiots with weapons.

Do you drive a tank to the supermarket to proof ridiculous freedoms of utter self-destruction? (yes please go ahead! but only in the UK! all your roads will be ruined! (if not already))

Page from Stepanov-Mamaladze’s notes from February 12, 1990, reflecting Baker’s assurance to Shevardnadze during the Ottawa Open Skies conference: “And if U[nited] G[ermany] stays in NATO, we should take care about non-expansion of its (NATO) jurisdiction to the east.”

What is Russia trying to do? With it’s invasion of east-Ukraine and Crimea and Georgia?

Russia tries to secure it’s eastern border, against a post-ww2, post-cold-war, now new-cold-war (thanks all involved, especially lockheed martin lobbyists) alliance of ruthless capitalists.

Nobody likes to have death and destruction within their own borders, so Russia establishes a corridor in front of it’s borders, playing the old game of “whoever is stronger wins”.

The Russians play this game their whole life long.

And if NATO want’s to play this game too, it just proofs the reckless stupidity of all mankind (and probably the destruction of all mankind, before even a single human being was able to settle on Mars).

... please. not again...
… please. not again…

“When the British destroyer H.M.S. Defender sailed near the coast of Crimea on Wednesday, it was supposed to be quietly demonstrating that the waters legally belonged to Ukraine despite Russia’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula seven years ago, which has never been recognized internationally.”

Boris Johnson MP of UK says “holly right” “freedom of navigation”

Okay, then Mr Jonson surely has no problem with a Russian warship very close to London, does he?

Also claiming “freedom of navigation”.

Of course not, this would be unacceptable for Mr Johnson, he would be outraged, as would be all of the western-propaganda-media-complex.

Mr Johnson is a Holly Trump-like Idiot, that will do no good for the UK.

Trump by the way dodged Vietnam-war-draft 5x times.

Something only rich and privileged US citizens with the right amount of money and connections can do.

The rule of law here is: the poor die & traumatize in useless wars (such as Afghanistan and Iraq) while the rich stay home, enjoy their martini and sell weapons to both sides.

“Trump never served in the Vietnam War or in the military.”

“For over a decade during the Vietnam War, Trump sought and received five deferments, including allegedly lying about a medical condition to avoid the draft during the height of the war in 1968.”

Mr Johnson would surely do the same with his “At least 6” children, when it came to confrontation with Russia or China or Iran.

“Johnson has not disclosed how many children he has. He is known to have had four children with his second wife, Marina Wheeler; a fifth child from an extramarital affair with Helen MacIntyre; and a sixth child with his third wife, Carrie Symonds.[3][4][5]

Because the poor idiots die in war for shiny ideals.

While the rich stay home and play playstation.

mankind will have to prevail in many many more (also international/global/planet wide) challenges and adventures

mankind’s survival checklist:

  • hunt or grow enough food: managed, but the distribution is still a problem and production depends on non-renewable resources such as fossil-fuels and Potash-fertilizers
  • avoid or kill the saber-tooth-cat: check
  • survive multiple diseases (viruses & bacteria): check (until now)
  • CFCs-challenge: aka when refrigerators almost killed the Ozone-layer: averted
  • Nuclear War between USA and UDSSR (or any other nation): averted (until now, seriously thanks all involved, i know it was hard)
  • build an sustainable economy & transportation system before the ecosystem collapses or fossil-fuels run out: in progress… but maybe too slow (too much corruption & too little investment into renewables (c’mon Biden! c’mon China!)
  • … many more challenges…

there is no guarantee that mankind will survive all of it’s mistakes & adventures

but the least mankind could do (and often fails) is work together and help each other towards sustainable survival in the universe (the universe “does it’s thing” and does not care if mankind goes extinct or not)

(this does not mean you have to become Jesus and sacrifice everything for mankind’s survival)

for life in the universe is precious and intelligent life is even more precious

ps: if you want to search the web for “mankind” and do not mean the ugly wrestling guy, try the (-)minus sign before -wrestling: