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“Cities and municipalities are interested in a stable economic situation of the local company. In addition to the need to promote the regional economy, there are in each commune social, cultural or environmental objectives, which may not be supported due to lack of money in the municipal budget and to the desired extent. A regional currency can be designed to match these concerns so that the necessary budget be significantly lower. You can bind purchasing power in the Region and also to small and medium-sized businesses an additional boost.

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Anna-Lisa Schmalz works in Munich and is a qualified mathematician and computer scientist. She has worked, among other things, Software for banks and insurance companies. Since 2009, she is devoted to the theory and practice of the topic of complementary currencies. As a staff member at the Dachau regional currency Amper-Taler prepared for their connection to the regional EC Rosenheim significantly. In 2010, she wrote communities, a concept for Regional Economy, on the Basis of the ReWiG München eg (January 2011), ReWiG founded in Schlehdorf EC (January 2012) and the ReWiG Allgäu eg (July 2012). Since the founding, the Executive Board of the ReWiG München eg. She advises initiatives for the introduction of a complementary currency, and holds lectures and Workshops on various topics in this area.”

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by day: L&M Tabacco Ad


It is the advertisement campaign of i think a tobacco company… but i did not have the time to take a closer shot.

It read “money makes happy (and?) people make you rich”

…. hm…. well i would say this is one of the finest example how some elite do mass-manipulation of the psyche of people.

It is about brainwashing into whatever they believe in like money and money only is the meaning of life.


well… i guess, that is a lie.

forget about true love and all this crap that is not for sale… it is not important.

only if you HAVE money you are a valuable human being.

And anyone else goes into a concentration camp…?

is that your idea how to the world should work, ruled by psychopaths?

It is up to every human being to develop it’s consciousness and make a choice – pro life or pro death.

after all i get the feeling that mankind behaves like a tumor… “killing the host”  … it is up to every single “cell” (human) of that tumor to decide if the whole thing is a benign tumor or not.

For those not into oncology – a benign tumor can be cured a malign not. (it will kill the host and therefore kill itself)

well this could happen simply out of “stupidity” or “unawareness” “lack of consciousness what was going on” until it is too late.

ps: just as catastrophic


Endlich! Der freie Markt herrscht endgültig über alles und jeden!

Jetzt gebrauchte Mädchen kaufen – auf dem Mädchen Flohmarkt – jetzt noch größer! 😀

Eine Packung Drogen gibt es von Ratiopharm gratis zu jedem gebrauchten Mädchen dazu.

Das ganze ist natürlich ein SCHERZ – aber das Plakat ist ECHT.

Wenn man den neoliberalen Kapitalismus auf die Spitze treibt – werden Omas bald an der Börse gehandelt und in einem Oma-Index zusammengefaßt.