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WE FOUND IT! The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried To Bury!

George Soros is a #DeathEconomist

George Soros considers himself a “player”. He is a player without moral or ethics. Players (people between of the finance-sector somewhere between banker and lawyer) compete with other player on “who earns the most money no matter how”.

What they do is comparable to a hacker that wants to monetize his findings. (called “cracker”)

He is constantly searching for flaws in the systems of society and finance in order to exploit them.

A ethical hacker would warn the government “i found this and that flaw in your (tax?) system – please close that security hole”.

A amoral hacker (“cracker”) does not educate anyone – he keeps the flaws he finds secret in order to exploit them – no matter the social or environmental costs.

It is egoism of the “cracker” and consciousness of the “hacker” that makes our world how it is.

Fucked up – full of crime and violence – or help mankind advance.

This game Soro’s and Friends are playing has ruined state-economies.

And the players always blame “the rule maker” (politicans) if massive disaster occurs (1929).

It is the dependency of politicians on the media and the money that actually abolished democracy.

He is actually saying – a free market is bad – because a free market has no rules – but we need rules for massive disaster not to occur.

So if democracy and politicians are corrupted – who is going to stop them from causing even more harm?

Let’s thing this through: What is “a player” interested in? 1. power 2. money (if that means power)

What power?

The power over people and resources. Because only if they have massive power over people the feel recognized and “valued”.

So the psychological factor that is common for all people is being “valued” by society.

If you drive a ferrari you might be “valued” more as if you drive an old fiat.

But this reflects the very very superficial and conscious lacking status of mental development of those people that value those values.

What is more valuable? The life of a Child or 1 kg of Gold?

Confuzius said: If you plan for one year – plant rice – if you plan for 10 years – plant trees – if you plan for 1000 years educate children.


I would add: Educate children how to live sustainable. Because otherwise mankind won’t last another 1000 years.

George Soros on 60 minutes: “I am basically there to make money. I can not and do not look at the social consequences of what i do.”

Same saying as this guy: templeton-fond-manager-joseph-mark-mobius-i-dont-think-investors-should-be-responsible-for-the-ethics

“Unintended negative consequences”

“this man is a carnivore (Raubtier) of the first-order” Jim Grant (Grants Interest Rate Observer)

“One person who at one time engages in amoral activities and the rest of the time tries to be moral”

His Father’s family was wealthy – well educated and Jewish.

When the Nazis occupied Budapest in 1944 George Soros’s Father was a successful lawyer.

He decided to split his family up, he bought them forged papers and bribed the officials to take 14 year old George Soros in and swear it was his Christian adopted god-son.


Was George Soros behind the killing of the MAIDAN? (funding Nato Secret Armys?)

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH - A wounded protester is attended before being rushed to a vehicle following violence in Independence Square in Kiev February 20, 2014. Ukrainian protesters seized back Kiev's Independence Square in fresh clashes with riot police on Thursday that left several injured and possibly two demonstrators dead. REUTERS/Konstantin Chernichkin (UKRAINE - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) TEMPLATE OUT. - RTX195T2
ATTENTION EDITORS – VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH – A wounded protester is attended before being rushed to a vehicle following violence in Independence Square in Kiev February 20, 2014. Ukrainian protesters seized back Kiev’s Independence Square in fresh clashes with riot police on Thursday that left several injured and possibly two demonstrators dead. REUTERS/Konstantin Chernichkin (UKRAINE – Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) TEMPLATE OUT. – RTX195T2


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2020 could be a sudden collapse of the value of USD and EUR and other fiat currencies – and maybe those currencies will be replaced by IMF’s currency SDR.

German Version of the Video -> here.

Professor of Sorbonne University (Paris)

Perspectives on Money

“I had been accidentally – part of situations (professional jobs) that usually are mutually exclusive – i had been a central banker – i had been involved in the design of the Euro – i had been an off-shore currency fund manager – i had been an academic and i had been president of an electronic payment system – i have been working with the largest multi-nationals on this planet – and i have been working with some of the poorest countries of this planet.

Every one of this angles has every time given me a way of looking at money – in a way that was not visible from the other angles.”


“Humanity faces an extraordinary series of unprecedented challenges:

  • Climate-Change
  • Aging of Society
  • Monetary Instabilities under the current system
  • Structural Unemployment – because the technologies we have today – can have economic growth without jobs

Money as a solution

“The conventional money is incompatible with sustainability”

“It has a number of implicit automatic programs that are incompatible with that.”

  • Short-Term-Thinking
  • The way money is created – it is pro-cyclical – it increases the business-cycle
  • it brings all the users in competition with each others. Which is not the best way to operate in certain environments.
  • Competition is good – but having ONLY competition is not good, British General Sir Nicholas Carter says we are in an: “Era of constant competition”

  • is this the Orwellian plan of constant warfare? (just to keep poor people busy from revolting against the filthy rich?)

Learning from Nature

“Nature does NOT look for MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY.”

It looks for a balance on efficiency on one side and resilience on the other.

If the balance is not correct – if you only go for efficiency – you gonna have a very fragile system.

If you have a over-emphasis on resilience you have stagnation.

Conventional money is extremely efficient.

Money and Sustainability

“The challenges i have mentioned – i claim non of them can be addressed within the current monetary paradigm. (i.e. with a single currency created through bank-debt with interest – none of that is feasable)

With complementary currencies one can address every single one of them.

Money is the most important/powerful leverage point – because it changes the motivation system.

We need to rethink the motivation system that makes it possible to address those challenges.

Complementary Currencies Influencing Behavior

“A complementary currency is a medium of exchange other than conventional money – that people use – within a particular community.

The oldest complementary currency – what i call loyalty currency – the frequent flyer miles – provided motivation to change behavior to use the same airline or return to the same shop.

Those commercial currencies are usefull for the airline or shops but they won’t do anything for society.

Using this technology which is established – 40 years is enough time – a technology that comes from the information age – but apply them for things that do make a difference.

Changing behavior towards the environment, changing behavior to people – motivating people to do things that they won’t do spontaneously – and there is a long list of things that this could apply to.

We need to change behavior on a very large scale rather quickly.

The alternative is regulation or force – prohibiting people to do things – with a currency you can make it attractive – it’s a pull as opposed to a push – and that is a lot more powerful and way more effective.

The big advantage of complementary currencies is you choose your objectives – and you can design a currency that specifically motivates and changes behavior in the direction you are trying to motivate.

If you want to motivate people around the world – to have a complementary currency that specifically aims these behavior patterns and is exportable anywhere in the world – and you can actually bring everybody on board.”


“There are more people on the planet having mobile phones than bank accounts.

And the costs of these things 20-30 bucks you have a system that can take part into a global payment system if you want to.”

(Chinese use SmartPhones a lot for payments)

“With the information-age we can now design much cheaper and much more universal payment systems that can have multiple currencies than we could have ever done before.

And that is why i claim that it is possible today to do things with complementary currencies on a scale that has never been available before.

That is fortunate – because we need it on a scale that was never be the same as in the past as well.

My drop in the ocean is an interesting pioneer model.

I want to encourage experimentation – improvements – diversity and my drop in the ocean is part of that.

And it is part of it in a specific field where there is not a hell of lot of things happening otherwise.

We also need to actually start doing work on the main-stream economy with businesses and the relationship with the businesses and citizens/consumers and that is what my drop in the ocean is tackling.”

Visions for the Future

“Leverage of changing the money system is making it possible not only to address the challenges – but actually create a world that i describe as ‘sustainable abundance’.

There is no reason that there should be scarcity in everything.

We can create a planet of sustainable abundance even for 10 billion people i claim.

At the condition – the necessary condition of rethinking our money.

It is not a sufficient condition – i am not claiming it is enough to change the money system and everything else will fall into place.

We still need education – we still need regulation you still need other things.

But i claim it is a necessary condition –

without touching the money system i claim we have no chance – of in a period of 10-15-20 years to have a planet we want to live on.”

“Striving for fairness in economic development is crucial in order for
societies to be stable and citizens not to feel disenchanted.”
But you can also keep ignoring “all this stuff” and continue digging your hole on autopilot.
After all: Ignorance is bliss… isn’t it? (if you take this for real – please give away all your belongings! they have occupied and blocked your mind! THANKS!)
Please note here: it is true – it is not ENOUGH to just give someone money – that is too easy.
You actually have to sit down with the people and think about their “possibilities”.
With “possibilities” most people would associate immediately “what are the chances of a homeless-bum to become a real estate broker? A Doctor? Or a Laywer?”
No i do not mean those “possibilities” – with “possibilities” i mean the “possible ways” of survival for a human being on this planet.
That everyone gets a fair share of this’ planet resources (air, water, soil, energy)  – so everyone can live in dignity embedded in a loving-caring-culture community – instead of going to (social)war with each other.
Anastasia EcoVillage Land Reform: one hectar of land for free for every family! Is that “too hard” to do?
Alternative: Social unrest and yes: wars.