Finanzkriminalität / Financial Crime

The No.1 cancer enemy of society is: corruption.

It is in the West  – it is (more obvious) in the East.


In the end this is Western cleptocracy vs Eastern oligarchy (cleoptocracy = oligarchy = when the super rich are in power)

There are very well trained doctors & intellectuals in Turkey (esp in the larger cities), while the countryside’s is still in the middle ages?

Double extremist standards:

While supporting ISIS Erdogan’s Turkey declares anyone that is agains him as a terrorist (sounds familiar? Mr Bush?) and demands (in this case Sweden) to extradite “the top 10” of the opposition abroad.

Whoever allowed Turkey into NATO (EU application failed) & Orban’s Hungary into EU is a good damn moron.

Both are corrupt egoistist that only care about their interest playing everyone like a violin while (of course) never having to stand trial.

simply run a search on Erdogans son

Or a search on Orbans closest political allies and homosexual gang bang drug parties in Brussels.(During corona lockdown!!!)

So: either remove Orban & Erdogan – or remove Orban from EU and Turkey from NATO, doing more harm than good.

Or even better: start something new that does not repeat those mistakes.

"An error doesnt become a mistake" John F. Kennedy OC
“An error doesnt become a mistake” John F. Kennedy OC



do smart phones make mankind smart?

no of course not.

thanks to capitalism, everyone has developed into maximally individual assholes

better technology, does not mean “better people culture” (ethical, moral, social competence)

mankind has a culture crisis

all the other crisis directly stem from this crisis

it’s no fun

everyone could develop as human being

but those most successful in capitalism actually stop developing as human beings because “why change? the banks love me”

everyone can do something, everyone could contribute something to society

but the current system does not value it

it (wrongfully) “values” the evil doers

and there we are, “stuck” with people you won’t want to spend time with and loads of evil & unsolved problems

we are trying to survive

in an self-destructive system

(that is sick of cancer of corruption)

sounds highly unsustainable to me

but as some very studied person said

even an absurd system can exist – for a pretty long time