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all technology can be used for good and evil – the problem is – if it has no useful outcome for the parties granting the money:

  • military = wants to kill people and make sure private companies can steal resources
  • NSA = wants to know what you think tomorrow to manipulate it today
  • CIA = wants to kill people without anyone knowing that they did
  • Google = wants to be evil too because it pays off

… you can safely assume – it will be used for evil.

“MICrONS seeks to revolutionize machine learning by reverse-engineering the algorithms of the brain.”

Performers (Prime Contractors)

Allen Institute; Baylor College of Medicine; Harvard University; Princeton University

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the problem is that (the current form) of capitalism systematically:

  • fosters dependencies (oil, electricity, “this law says i may charge you $X€ per year”)
  • rather than the independence of people
  • the real revolution would be to gain back your independence from dependencies on monopolies
    • this would be the real alternative
    • you have a right to own land – 30.000 square feet / 10.000 square meters
White nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the “alt-right” face off against counterprotesters during the “Unite the Right” rally on Saturday in 2017: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

… so the poorest fight among each other.

… maybe it’s time to put money to the use it should be intended do: develop mankind peacefully.