Banks have become the state inside the state (in cooperation with the CIA/NSA/FBI?).

Even Trump a strong believer of modern days neoliberal capitalism – will see that this system is not about productivity and jobs and innovations (anymore, if it ever was) – it’s about money-empires, trickery and robbery with via debt created out of thin air.

“President Trump has been critical of the Fed’s approach and last week tried to pressurise it into not raising rates further, saying that it would be a mistake. “I think that would be foolish, but what can I say?” he said.” (src)

can’t say nothing – or get shot like Kennedy.

you can checkout central bank rates USA / EU / Russia / Japan / China here

4:13 AM:

“By Trump’s standards, those comments were restrained. Previously, he has called the Fed “crazy”, “out of control” and “loco”. He said he was “not happy” with chairman Jerome Powell, whom he nominated to the office, and said he had not done enough to support trade negotiations around the world by setting monetary policy to support the US economy.” (src)

Will central banks (controlled by private banks) pursuit their own private interest, rather than the interest of the country as a whole?

You bet.

Will FED’s interest rate rise stop growth?

You bet.

Will they crash the economy to shop cheap during the crash with self printed money?

You bet.

Will the banks bet on the crash?

You bet.

Will the ECB in Europe do it exactly like the FED?

You bet.

Is there opportunity in crisis?

The Chinese word for crisis composes of two signs: danger () and chance (機) (first sign of chance/opportunity: 機會)).

I hope its a chance to reforms – that do not go into the 1984 direction (surveillance dictatorship with permanent warfare against artificial enemies, just to keep people “busy”) – if the people are united they win.

You could say 1984 is the “mass serial production” of suffering – this needs to be prevented.

Orwell: “don’t let it happen” – Snowden answered that call.

Because after all – some know how to profit from other’s misery and an old investor saying is: invest when there is blood flowing on the streets – probably not investor’s blood that shield themselves off behind barbwire.

Well let’s also face it – an economy can not grow forever.

So we need to think about post-growth economies that drive on renewable hydrogen and only produce products in a way to easily extract the resources out of “trash” to make anew IPhone out of the old IPhone – not dump it and ask Africa / China to ship more and more resources.

When it comes to reform of the monetary system Bernard Lietaer is THE GUY to ask – he himself a very innovative ex-banker has done a lot of good with alternative currencies – like cleaning up Brazil cities or get people access to gardens in Belgium.

When it comes to Post-Growth-Economy Prof Dr Niko Peach is THE GUY to ask.

“In addition to efficiency-related reasons, policymakers may seek to use housing policy to redistribute income and wealth” (src: FED)

that would be GREAT! Did not Trump want to make America GREAT again?

“shelter is a necessary ingredient for human survival”

“so when a (climate change induced) storm kills your house”

“policymakers may wish to provide social insurance against these shocks.”

OMG! I never thought a banker could think that far! (src: FED)

The FED surely will print cash in order to HELP the State/Gov/Trump and it’s citizens (that not already own a house WITHOUT mortgage) to afford housing with 0% loans with a “pay back when you can” policy – no?

I would do that – provide all people unable to pay their mortgage with FED backed loan like this.

When it comes to rents: There need to be fixed prices negotiated that are fixed for 10 years – so both sides can plan better.


Housing Market seems to have hit the top?

USA and Europe real estate market is stagnating – Investors should go to Moldova.

Bank of International Settlements formed 1930 in Basel, Switzerland, alive and kicking:

Intro: You can bet. Israel does not give up. It will try to weaken all Arabic states it is surrounded by – by all means possible – while carefully nurturing “the enemy” the “Islamic terrorist” (so does China now by the way too! it also inprisons Muslims in east China) to make more defense spending legitimate and control it’s people (“rally behind the flag“).

Israel/Jerusalem was conquered 70 times in history – the longest lasting peace was during the rule of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) – where at least 4 ethnic groups/religions lived more or less peacefully next to each other. Building walls never solved any problems – but radical jews do not want to solve problems – they believe they are the chosen one’s to kick out all Arabs – claim all the land – rebuild the temple – and maybe even rule the world – and by controlling banks and money they actually do already.

“In the aftermath of the strikes, on 24 September 2018, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu  confirmed that the Syrian army would receive S-300 air-defense missile systems to strengthen Syria’s combat air defense capabilities.

He added that the previous cancellation of the contract for S-300 delivery in 2013 had been due to Israel’s request but following the downing of a Russian Ilyushin Il-20 aircraft in Syria the situation had changed.[434][435][436]

The S-300 has modern IFF systems which will prevent the missiles from targeting Russian aircraft.[437] He also announced a few other military measures Russia would undertake to protect Russian service members in Syria.[436] Russian president Vladimir Putin informed Syrian president Bashar Assad in a telephone conversation the same day.[438]” (src)

“A Russian electronic surveillance Il-20 plane was downed over the Mediterranean Sea late on September 17 2018 when it was flying back to the Russian airbase at Syria’s Hmeymim.”

“According to the Russian defense ministry, the plane was shot down by a missile from a Syrian S-200 air defense complex when it was firing at four Israeli F-16 aircraft attacking targets in the Latakia governorate. The Israeli pilots actually used the Russian aircraft as a cover, exposing it to Syrian missiles, the ministry stressed.” (src)

“The Israeli delegation has arrived in Russia to hand data on the incident to the Russian side”
“the Russian Defense Ministry stated that the Il-20 aircraft had been accidently downed by Syrian air defenses as the Israeli F-16 jets had been using it as cover.” (src)


Fun fact – also Israelis do not want war. Mabye it would be best to create a new Israel and ship the temple as well to be reconstructed in Sardenia – does God really care where it’s temple will be? I know it sounds crazy but it would be probably easier – for you can never eradicate all Muslims around you – but if that is not the plan – 1984 seems to be the plan – constant warfare just to keep the people “in check” and “under control”.

Russia copies USA:

The end of the “Cold war” was bad for Lockheed Martin. Also the government was puzzled – where to spend all those US Dollars that are now not needed anymore for intercontinental nuclear missiles and missile defense systems?

Well guess what – i bet exactly those companies finance terrorism and fuel war – they create the sickness and sell the cure at the same time – all for the profit.

After the overthrow of the government in the Ukraine on the “front door” of Russia and actually “inside” the ex-Soviet Union – Russia copies the west – overthrows governments in East-Ukraine and Krim.

War – what is it good for? Privatizing public money – making money flow from the “state” (whoever pays taxes) to those that have contracts with the military (government).

If taxes are not sufficient – governmental debt is the “way to go”. After WW2 England was heavily in debt with USA which let to the meeting of Bretton Woods – in which was negotiated how those massive debt in foreign currency ought to be repaid (it had to be canceled after a while).

Germanybtw. also got credit for rebuilding after WW2 from USA – that was just recently paid back fully – at the same time USA’s weapons companies made the profit of their lifes and have grown beyond any proportion. the Marshall plan – A Look back at the Marshall Plan – Sobell 1987-6-2.txt


the magic of the invisble market hand at work: “i can let 5% to 20% of your hard earned money vanish in 1 year”

Who invested 2018.1.1 in the most valuable top 30 US companies now owns -5%! works! but for whom?

Who invested 2018.1.1 in the most valuable top 30 German companies now owns -20%! works! but for whom?

Resultat der “unsichtbaren Hand des Marktes” – die auf magische weise alles regelt – in 2018 lässt es wie von Zauberhand “Geld verschwinden”:

Wer am 2018.1.1 in den DAX investiert hat hat jetzt -20% X-D

Wer am 2018.1.1 in den Dow Jones (30 wertvollsten Börsen-notierten Unternehmen) investiert hat hat jetzt -5% X-D

Germany: workoholic people


USA: hard working people


Japan: insanely hard working people

The Problem: Professional Stock traders even make money on falling stock market – they can make money by betting on falling stock prices – “short a stock“.

Show me one baker store – that can make money by selling less.

Also: There is an old investor advice that says: buy – when there is blood running on the streets. means: buy when everything is in ruins.

So stock traders actually hope for ups and downs and at worse: might even try to trigger them. One protester got his hand blown off by trying to throw back a grenade. it is terrible. Let’s not forget – Macron used to work for Rothschild – he knows how the game is played.

“In September 2008, Macron left his job as an Inspector of Finances and took a position at Rothschild & Cie Banque.[36] Macron was inspired to leave the government due to the election of Nicolas Sarkozy to the presidency. He was originally offered the job by François Henrot. His first responsibility at Rothschild & Cie Banque was assisting with the acquisition of Cofidis by Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe.[37]

Macron formed a relationship with Alain Minc, a businessman on the supervisory board of Le Monde.[38] In 2010, Macron was promoted to partner with the bank after working on the recapitalization of Le Monde and the acquisition by Atos of Siemens IT Solutions and Services.[39] In the same year, Macron was appointed as managing director and put in charge of Nestlé‘s acquisition of one of Pfizer’s largest subsidiaries based around baby drinks. His share of the fees on this €9 billion deal made Macron a millionaire.[40]” (src)

Das Perverse ist: BörsenZocker auch auf fallende Kurse setzten und damit Geld machen können. Im Gegensatz zur realen Wirtschaft. Ein Bäcker der -20% weniger Brötchen verkauft… was für Möglichkeiten hat der?

Noch krasser: Es gibt einen alten Investor Spruch und der heißt: “Kauf ein – wenn auf der Strasse Blut fließt (von Demonstranten? von Kriminellen?)”

Leider war der Crash 1929 auch deswegen so verheerend weil auch rennomierte Ökonomen überzeugt waren dass AktienWerte ins unendliche weiter wachsen werden.

Und jeder Handwerker jeden Dollar sofort in Aktien gesteckt hat.

Copperfield Effekt – das Geld ist nicht weg – es hat nur ein anderer.



how shorting a stock works: “sell borrowed stocks first – then buy it back later at a cheaper price”

“Here’s a simplified example of how shorting works:

Say you think Company ABC is overpriced at $50 a share.

You borrow 100 shares from your broker – pay interest on the loan – and sell them for $5,000.

Time ticks on, and as you suspected, the stock price falls.

At $40 a share, you buy 100 shares for $4,000 and return them to your broker.

You walk away $1,000 richer, minus investing costs.

That’s a successful short.

But what if the stock gains in popularity?

Say the price rises to $60 a share, or $6,000 for those 100 shares you need to return.

You’re out $1,000.

Shorting, in short, is a strange transaction.

You’re selling something you don’t own.

And the goal is to sell high and then buy low, says Ryan Bend, co-portfolio manager of the Federated Prudent Bear Fund (BEARX), as opposed to the common game plan of first buying low then selling high.” (src)

The DAX consists of these companies:


Die Tabelle zeigt alle Unternehmen im DAX (Stand: 24. September 2018).[13]

Name Symbol Branche Logo Indexgewicht in % (Letzte) Aufnahme Sitz Bundesland
Adidas ADS Bekleidung Adidas-group-logo-fr.svg 3,54 22. Juni 1998 Herzogenaurach Bayern Bayern
Allianz ALV Versicherungen Allianz.svg 7,81 1. Juli 1988 München Bayern Bayern
BASF BAS Chemie BASF-Logo bw.svg 7,98 1. Juli 1988 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Rheinland-Pfalz Rheinland-Pfalz
Bayer BAYN Chemie und Pharma Logo Bayer.svg 8,27 1. Juli 1988 Leverkusen Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Beiersdorf BEI Konsumgüter Beiersdorf Logo.svg 0,95 22. Dez. 2008 Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg
BMW BMW Automobilproduktion BMW.svg 2,75 1. Juli 1988 München Bayern Bayern
Continental CON Automobilzulieferer Continental AG logo.svg 2,38 24. Sep. 2012 Hannover Niedersachsen Niedersachsen
Covestro 1COV Chemie Covestro Logo.svg 1,28 19. Mär. 2018 Leverkusen Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Daimler DAI Automobilproduktion DaimlerLogo.svg 5,62 21. Dez. 19981 Stuttgart Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg
Deutsche Bank DBK Banken Deutsche Bank logo without wordmark.svg 1,73 1. Juli 1988 Frankfurt am Main Hessen Hessen
Deutsche Börse DB1 Börsen Deutsche Börse Group Logo.svg 2,10 23. Dez. 2002 Frankfurt am Main Hessen Hessen
Deutsche Lufthansa LHA Luftfahrt Lufthansa Logo 2018.svg 1,07 1. Juli 1988 Köln Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Deutsche Post DPW Logistik Logo Deutsche Post DHL.svg 2,82 19. Mär. 2001 Bonn Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Deutsche Telekom DTE Telekommunikation Telekom Logo 2013.svg 4,47 18. Nov. 1996 Bonn Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
E.ON EOAN Versorger Logo E.ON.svg 2,03 19. Juni 20001 Essen Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Fresenius FRE Medizintechnik und Klinikbetrieb Fresenius.svg 2,77 23. Mär. 2009 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Hessen Hessen
Fresenius Medical Care FME Medizintechnik Fresenius Medical Care 20xx logo.svg 1,80 20. Sep. 1999 Hof an der Saale Bayern Bayern
HeidelbergCement HEI Baustoffe HeidelbergCement Logo.svg 1,11 21. Juni 2010 Heidelberg Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg
Henkel HEN3 Konsumgüter und Chemie Henkel-Logo.svg 1,88 1. Juli 1988 Düsseldorf Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Infineon Technologies IFX Halbleiter Infineon-Logo.svg 2,72 21. Sep. 2009 Neubiberg Bayern Bayern
Linde LIN Industriegase und Anlagenbau TheLindeGroup-Logo.svg 3,49 1. Juli 1988 Dublin Irland Irland
Merck MRK Chemie und Pharma Logo Merck KGaA 2015.svg 1,06 18. Juni 2007 Darmstadt Hessen Hessen
Munich Re MUV2 Versicherungen Münchener Rück logo.svg 2,72 23. Sep. 1996 München Bayern Bayern
RWE RWE Versorger RWE Logo 2018.svg 1,07 1. Juli 1988 Essen Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
SAP SAP Standardsoftware SAP 2011 logo.svg 10,56 18. Sep. 1995 Walldorf Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg
Siemens SIE Elektrotechnik Siemens-logo.svg 9,34 1. Juli 1988 Berlin und München Berlin Berlin und Bayern Bayern
Thyssenkrupp TKA Mischkonzern Thyssenkrupp AG Logo 2015.svg 1,10 25. Mär. 19991 Essen und Duisburg Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Volkswagen VOW3 Automobilproduktion VWAG-Logo.svg 2,88 1. Juli 1988 Wolfsburg Niedersachsen Niedersachsen
Vonovia VNA Immobilien Vonovia Logo.svg 1,85 21. Sep. 2015 Bochum Nordrhein-Westfalen Nordrhein-Westfalen
Wirecard WDI Finanztechnologie Wirecard Logo.svg 24. Sep. 2018 Aschheim Bayern Bayern

1) Daimler, E.ON und Thyssenkrupp waren durch ihre Vorgängerunternehmen seit dem 1. Juli 1988 im DAX vertreten.


The Dow Jones index consists of:


Since June 26, 2018, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has consisted of the following companies:

Company Exchange Symbol Industry Date Added Notes
3M NYSE MMM Conglomerate 1976-08-09 as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
American Express NYSE AXP Financial services 1982-08-30
Apple NASDAQ AAPL Information technologies 2015-03-19
Boeing NYSE BA Aerospace and defense 1987-03-12
Caterpillar NYSE CAT Construction and mining equipment 1991-05-06
Chevron NYSE CVX Oil & gas 2008-02-19 also 1930-07-18 to 1999-11-01
Cisco Systems NASDAQ CSCO Information technologies 2009-06-08
Coca-Cola NYSE KO Food 1987-03-12 also 1932-05-26 to 1935-11-20
DowDuPont NYSE DWDP Chemical industry 2017-09-01 Essentially, as continuation of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company‘s appearance since 1935-11-20, but officially a new company due to its merger with Dow Chemical Company on the same day.[7]
ExxonMobil NYSE XOM Oil & gas 1928-10-01 as Standard Oil of New Jersey
Goldman Sachs NYSE GS Financial services 2013-09-20
The Home Depot NYSE HD Retail 1999-11-01
IBM NYSE IBM Information technologies 1979-06-29 also 1932-05-26 to 1939-03-04
Intel NASDAQ INTC Information technologies 1999-11-01
Johnson & Johnson NYSE JNJ Pharmaceuticals 1997-03-17
JPMorgan Chase NYSE JPM Financial services 1991-05-06
McDonald’s NYSE MCD Food 1985-10-30
Merck & Company NYSE MRK Pharmaceuticals 1979-06-29
Microsoft NASDAQ MSFT Information technologies 1999-11-01
Nike NYSE NKE Apparel 2013-09-20
Pfizer NYSE PFE Pharmaceuticals 2004-04-08
Procter & Gamble NYSE PG Consumer goods 1932-05-26
Travelers NYSE TRV Insurance 2009-06-08
UnitedHealth Group NYSE UNH Managed health care 2012-09-24
United Technologies NYSE UTX Conglomerate 1939-03-14 as United Aircraft
Verizon NYSE VZ Telecommunication 2004-04-08
Visa NYSE V Financial services 2013-09-20
Walmart NYSE WMT Retail 1997-03-17
Walgreens Boots Alliance NASDAQ WBA Retail 2018-06-26
Walt Disney NYSE DIS Broadcasting and entertainment 1991-05-06