“Peace dividend is a political slogan popularized by US President George H.W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the early 1990s, purporting to describe the economic benefit of a decrease in defense spending.

It is used primarily in discussions relating to the guns versus butter theory.

The term was frequently used at the end of the Cold War, when many Western nations significantly cut military spending (such as Britain’s Options for Change defence review).

“While economies do undergo a recession after the end of a major conflict as the economy is forced to adjust and retool”

“Wenn man weiss wer der Böse ist, hat der Tag Struktur” (Volker Pispers)

“Der Feind hatte sich einfach aufgelöst, ohne Rücksprache – da hat man den Hussein zum Hitler aufgeblasen” (auch mit Waffen aus Deutschland, was im Iran-Irak Krieg zu einer massiven Flüchtlingskrise geführt hat (GasAngriffe mit Deutschen Fuchs-Panzern auf zivile Ziele/Dörfer))


The Halabja chemical attack (Kurdish: Kîmyabarana Helebce کیمیابارانی ھەڵەبجە), also known as the Halabja Massacre or Bloody Friday,[1] was a massacre against the Kurdish people that took place on March 16, 1988, during the closing days of the Iran–Iraq War in the Kurdish city of Halabja in Iraq. The attack was part of the Al-Anfal Campaign in northern Iraq, as well as part of the Iraqi attempt to repel the Iranian Operation Zafar 7. It took place 48 hours after the fall of the town to the Iranian army. A United Nations (UN) medical investigation concluded that mustard gas was used in the attack, along with unidentified nerve agents.[2]

The attack killed between 3,200 and 5,000 people and injured 7,000 to 10,000 more, most of them civilians.[1][3]

“Iran and Iraq remember war that cost more than a million lives”.

“Over time he (Saddam) enjoyed the discreet support of the west, with the US providing satellite intelligence on Iranian deployments and European countries supplying armaments and raw materials for gas and chemical weapons.

Iran’s continuing suspicions of America and Europe cannot be understood without remembering that grim period.

Washington wanted both countries to bleed, but it feared Iran more.”

(src: the Guardian)

Is Jahveh/God’s will to drop nuclear bombs on Iran? Seriously? Why not blow up the entire world at once? than we would be over with this ape theater.

This was wrongly translated from Hebrew and “war” could/should be replaced with “combating”. Well…

“A deleted tweet from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ignited fresh fears about his position on Iran, after his official Twitter account provided an English translation of his remarks to reporters on Wednesday while attending an American-led summit about the Middle East hosted in Warsaw, Poland.”

“The global community must consistently call out parties seeking to sow instability, and this includes by being vigilant about the very real machinations towards war that are being undertaken,” the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) said in a statement.

Noting that “a war with Iran is fundamentally at odds with the security interests of the United States, Israel, the people of Iran, and the entire Middle East,” the group declared: “Whether the prime minister’s words were intentionally muddled or not, his provocative message needs no interpretation. It is clear through the prime minister’s long-standing signaling that his intention is to build support for a confrontation with Iran.” (src)

The problem with a nuclear armed Iran: Saudi Arabia (long time enemy) will want nukes as well (Israel already got them) to “defend” itself (similar if North Korea has Nukes Japan will want nukes as well).

But the arms race (of course) never stopped with the end of the cold war (would be bad for business to run out of enemies/terrorists) so US/Israel feel “confident” lockheed martin has developed a nuke-shield (they also develop nukes) without fear of being nuked themselves. (not 100% sure)


Operation Merlin was a United States covert operation under the Clinton Administration to provide Iran with a flawed design for a component of a nuclear weapon ostensibly in order to delay the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program, or to frame Iran.[1]

Jeffrey Alexander Sterling

Sterling joined the CIA on May 14, 1993. In 1995, he became operations officer in the Iran task force of the CIA’s Near East and South Asia division. He held a top secret security clearance and had access to sensitive compartmented information, including classified cables, CIA informants, and operations.

After training in Persian in 1997, he was sent first to Bonn, Germany, and two years later to New York City to recruit Iranian nationals as agents for the CIA as part of a secret intelligence operation involving Iran’s weapons capabilities.[12] From early 1998 to May 2000, Sterling assumed responsibility as case officer for a Russian emigre with an engineering background in nuclear physics and production, whom the CIA employed as a carrier to pass flawed design plans to the Iranians.[13]

In April 2000, Sterling filed a complaint with the CIA’s Equal Employment Office about management’s alleged racial discrimination practices. The CIA subsequently revoked Sterling’s authorization to receive or possess classified documents concerning the secret operation and placed him on administrative leave in March 2001.[14][15]

After the failure of two settlement attempts, his contract with the CIA was terminated on January 31, 2002.[16]

Does sound like children play? It is.

Can mankind be saved from itself/self destructive capitalism?

Could be similar to a Pakistan vs India conflict (both in permanent conflict over small strips of desert (Kashmir)) but no one dared to drop a nuke on the other country – out of fear of revenge.

US-NATO-EU foreign policy for dummies / conclusion:

  1. who ever has natural resources (oil)
  2. buys our (US/EU) weapons (good for economy, jobs)
  3. uses these weapons to help our geopolitical aims (kill off governments and countries “we do not like” (rivals in oil business? Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia)

… is our friend (Saudi Arabia, Israel).

“What is increasing Iran’s influence?”

“If it hasn’t been for the Iraq war – Iran would not have the influence it has today”

“Lebanon – gave rise to Hezbollah – gave Iran a hook in Lebanon”

“Yemen – THE worst humanitarian disaster today – the Saudi’s coalition bombing of Yemen – the Houthis have become closer to Iran in this reaction – the same in Syria”

“War has expanded Iran’s influence”

“I told you (Saudi Arabia) you may think by pushing Iran harder – you simply empower Iran in a way that you are going to regret”

Israel government more and more trending right – not to catch votes but there are real ideological roots in this and what we are seeing today:

  • we have ideals
  • we will implement them
  • “might makes right” (wow, a Jew just justified everything Hitler did in 3 words! “good work!” “nothing learned” wohoo back to the stone-age!)
  • rule of the majority – not democracy
  • little interest in the power of the civil society or preserving civil society or human rights
  • disdain of international law
  • Israeli policies getting more and more aggressive towards Iran and Palestinians
  • “one man’s catastrophe is another man’s miracle” – these are not missteps but deliberate actions, Israel wants to keep every inch of Jerusalem and Gaza
  • remarkable coherence between President’s adviser during Obama/Trump (the same people)

Israel itself is building up the frustration and hopelessness to a point where it is going to explode, by not giving basic human rights to those people in the prison we call Gaza.

The policy of this government is weakening the security of Israel fails to find a way to negotiate with Palestinians.

just by the way: In history Israel / Jerusalem was conquered 70 times by different groups (Egypt, Babylon, Romans etc.) and the longest period of peace (450 years) was during the rule of the Ottoman(Turkish)Empire.

what i got wrong: Israel = the Jews

Israel is a country, Jews are a religion.

So Israelis are NOT necessarily Jews. They could be Christians or Moslem.

The fact Israel has been associated with Jews “only” is the fact it is just more dominant than the other religions. (because it has more/better US/EU weapons)

Also can be clearly seen: Religion is like a sect – like a gang – a group of people that want POWER TO RULE.

where / what is Gaza: Israel map today

Jerusalem Map 1883

original map:

You can clearly see:

  • Armenian Quarter
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Mohammedanian Quarter
  • Christian / Greek Quarter

It is a “melting pot” of never ending rivalry similar to Africa and it’s tribe wars – it can only be halted with a neutral force PERMANENTLY on the ground (like the BlueHelmets in Africa)

Giving weapons / support to one group will simply get all of the other groups killed plus revenge backed by alliances.

Just imagine if Christians would be bullied out of Israel by the Jewish… how would the “western community” react to that? Send weapons to the Christians?

… i guess right now are the Jewish on the conquest.

It is a powder-keg with small and bigger explosions since hundreds of year – so “conflict” is the every day life in this area – except (as i said) during the Ottoman Empire – peace lasted for a few hundred years.

The UN was created after World War 2 to never repeat those mistakes.

Washington Post: “The U.N. Hates Israel”

Why does the UN hate Israel?

The UN are 193 member states – so basically “the whole world”

So to rephrase that article: “The Whole World Hates Israel”

Wow. Why? Or the other way around:

“Why does Israel hate the Whole World?”

Maybe the Jewish government is doing something wrong?


They are just fulfilling god’s will aren’t they?

And if God’s will is to drop nuclear bombs on Iran?

Only god and nobody is perfect.

“Why does the U.S. still belong to Turtle Bay’s Human Rights Council?”

i don’t know how it works… but it is an unwritten law that oil is only allowed to be sold in US Dollars.

This is probably because the value of FIAT currencies such as the US Dollars, Euro and others is not backed by any commodities (gold, silver, wood, potatoes) – it is only backed by people that work harder and harder for less and less pay.

So after the gold standard (Nixon 1970s Vietnam) there came the “oil standard” to keep the value of the US Dollar high.

I have heard many tried to challenge it (it is said that Lybia, Gaddafi tried that) and payed the ultimate price.

Challenging the US Dollar as lead currency means declaring (unofficial) war – can the US restore it’s global dominance?

Venezuelan opposition declares Petro cryptocurrency illegal

#cryptocurrency #declares #illegal #opposition #petro #venezuelan

“Venezuelan opposition declares Petro cryptocurrency illegal”

“One of two opposition lawmaking groups in Venezuela has ruled that the country’s domestic laws do not allow President Nicolas Maduro to issue a national virtual currency.”

“In response to #sanctions from #Washington, #Venezuela has started reporting its oil prices in #Chinese #yuan, going against the international trend of listing prices in #US #dollars. The decision to move to Chinese currency was made last week as a way to get around the sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the #US government in August, which froze some #Venezuelan assets and prohibited #American citizens from doing business with the country.”

“Venezuela’s decision follows plans announced by China to start a #crude #oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into #gold, which could lead to the emergence of a new Asia-based crude oil benchmark. In 2012, #Iran began to accept yuan for its #oil and #gas payments, followed by #Russia in 2015.”