humans shall be more like robots?

that’s surely on the wish list of every capitalist – but robots can get computer-virus too 😉

Life on earth is possible since 3.5 billion years

  • the “modern” human is around since 10.000 years – this is 0.000002857% of the whole “life on earth” story
  • okay let’s say 200.000 years that is 0.0000571% of the whole “life on earth” story

…but surely with astonishing speed of growth and  development and with massive impact on the biosphere and atmosphere.

Chimpanzee and Human genetic divergence between populations may have occurred as early as 13 million years ago (Miocene) (than it would be 0.00371%) hybridization may have been ongoing until as recent as 4 million years ago (Pliocene) (than it would be  0.00114%) (src)

Some Russian nut bold predicts – that in two or three decades there will be “Einstein like” AI machines ( i am not SOOO optimistic about it, what if the “free market” does not want them?) and solve all our problems – like energy problems (that’s what market capitalism clearly DOES NOT WANT, who will energy monopolists sell oil to if a super-AI solves all problems?)

The Super-AI will even do our dishes and wipe our asses – so we can be finally: lazy as heck.

Or: the Super-AI takes over the world and replaces mankind with robots. (As in the Terminator or Matrix movies)

Stephen Hawking: “We can not know if we are infinitely helped – sidelined – or destroyed by AI”

“Unless we learn how to prepare for the potential risks – AI could be worst invention in the history of our civilization”

“Autonomous weapons or the few to oppress the many”

“The rise of AI could be the best or the worst thing that ever happened to humanity”

“I am an optimist – but we need to be aware of the dangers”

Stephen Hakwing at WebSummit 2017 (src)

Until then a lot could go wrong as well:

  • war including nuclear, chemical and biological
  • does not accidentally poison itself with the latest plastic softener
  • climate-change kills our crops
  • a meteor comes crashing down on us
  • an inter galactic super emp fries our atmosphere

… yes. alot can go wrong! and youngsters do not appreciate any breath they take. (there used to be way more oxygen on this planet… and mars even had an atmosphere and rivers and oceans… which went missing as it’s magnetic field collapsed 4 billion years ago.

So if you go fossil hunting on mars – expect them to be at least 4 billion years old.

funny thing: almost exactly after mars when dead and dry – life became possible on earth – 3.5 billion years ago.

okay a little gap of 500 million years.

Time-line of the evolutionary history / emergence of life on planet earth:


also interesting: 5x mass extinction events

not just one that killed the dinosaurs.

mass extinction events: rapid decrease in the biodiversity on Earth.

possible causes:


as you can see in this animation of the American natural museum of neutral history (or the other way around):

Agriculture and ISLAM is clearly to blame for OVERPOPULATION X-D (this explains EVERYTHING!)

  • it took 200.000 years to reach one billion, but only 200 to reach 7 billion
  • ISLAM: GIVE MORE RIGHTS TO WOMEN! So they can say “NO” to the 10th child that they can not sustain.

NO PANIC: If current trends continue global civilization will peak at 11 billion in 2100, because average fertility rates are falling in almost any country. (to 2 x babies per woman in 2100)


Earliest Life forms: “Rocks of Bacteria” Stromatolite

“Astrobiologists are particularly interested in these localities because of the search for life on Mars. Earth and Mars probably shared similar early histories (i just HOPE earth does not share Mars’ fate of a desert-like, life-unfriendly planet with atmosphere that almost only (96%) consists off Co2… but i guess we are heading this way… luckily we still have our magnetic shield/field) and recent exploration has uncovered considerable evidence that Mars once had environments suitable for stromatolite growth. If stromatolite-like structures are found on Mars, the Pilbara localities will provide significant analogues for comparison with potential Martian fossils.”


“Mineral and petroleum explorers are also interested in understanding where and how microbialites and other early fossils form. There are many examples worldwide where mineral deposits have formed in and around microbialites, by mineral-rich waters flowing through the spaces within the mounds and depositing ore minerals. The spaces in the microbialites can also trap and store hydrocarbons like gas and oil. The organisms that form microbialites are a known source of petroleum, making them interesting targets for petroleum exploration.”


the first predator: anomalocaris




the predecessor of:

What plants could grow on mars?

“The surface receives less than half the amount of sunlight that Earth does, and dust in the atmosphere can attenuate it even more. Due to the absence of an ozone layer, more ultraviolet radiation reaches the ground. As to the Martian surface itself, the dirt (technically “regolith”) is more iron-rich, particularly in iron oxides.”

“Mixed greens such as lettuce and kale did well, but potatoes — the mainstay of protagonist Mark Watney in The Martian — did not”

“The clay-like Martian simulant was so thick that it crushed the growing taters, giving them no room to expand.”

“Overall, plants did much better when the students added filler such as coffee grounds to the Martian simulant, Guinan says. The filler fluffed the dirt up enough that water could percolate through and reach the roots.”

“One major difference between the Villanova project and real Martian soil is perchlorate (CClO4).

Perchlorates abound in the uppermost layer of Martian regolith, potentially lowering the freezing temperature of water enough to explain some fleeting signs of liquid water activity on Mars.”

“But perchlorate is toxic to humans, causing thyroid problems and even death.

Humans on the Red Planet might breathe it in from dust that infiltrated habitats, and growing food with it would be dangerous.

Matt Damon would have died,” Guinan said, referring to the Hollywood version of the novel.

“It was never mentioned in the movie, you know — you don’t want to talk about things like that.”

Farmers on Mars will need to remove any perchlorate from the Martian soil before using it. One way is to rinse the soil, since perchlorate dissolves in water. Another, more enticing way is to use perchlorate-eating bacteria, which produce oxygen as a metabolic byproduct. That might protect the colonists from serious health problems while also bolstering their breathable air supply.

For those interested in doing similar projects with their students, Guinan recommends lettuce. “It grows fast, and you can eat it,” he says. “I ate the lettuce. I’m still here.””


the worst weather on mars you can IMAGINE: like 3 year long DUST STORMS

that block almost all sunlight… a lot of mars probes have fallen victim to missing sunlight on Mars’ atmosphere and it seems that Rover Opportunity is now sharing their destiny.

 This series of simulated Mars rover Opportunity images shows how conditions have changed around the NASA rover as a huge dust storm has intensified (from left to right) throughout June 2018. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/TAMU

This series of simulated Mars rover Opportunity images shows how conditions have changed around the NASA rover as a huge dust storm has intensified (from left to right) throughout June 2018.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/TAMU

“Opportunity hasn’t made a peep since June 10. Around that time, a developing dust storm shrouded its environs in darkness, preventing the solar-powered rover from harvesting enough sunlight to recharge its batteries. ” (src)

Stuff to watch:

(if you are really really knowledge hungry or bored on Friday nights because you wait for your gf to arrive X-D and you really wonder if she is cheating on you)

luckily she also likes documentaries… but her English sucks. ?



(Scroll down for German)

On one hand – it is crazy – on the other side it makes some sense.

Trump wants to stimulate the economy of his own country – wants companies to invest more and create more Jobs in the US – which, jobs have migrated over decades to Mexico and China to optimize profits.

The EU itself is the best example, with customs duties and trade barriers that have been carefully dismantled by economic lobbyists and willing politicians.

The next problem with global free trade: Can you trust your international suppliers? From vegetables (pesticides) to computers (be it US-Israel Computer-Spy-Backdoor-Chips or Chinese Computer-Spy-Backdoor-Chips on your server’s mainboard).

USA: the biggest lobbyists of the global free trade are now ending global free trade!

Is global free trade no longer the “miracle tool” for profit and growth?

Not if you lose the “free trade” game as a “free market economy” – against the one-party state-directed economy of China.

Never the less USA / EU / Germany and many countries subsidies industries like agriculture and nuclear power plants and thus are also distorting a true free market – with catastrophic side effects for economies of other countries.

Heavily subsidized chicken-meat produced in EU and shipped to Africa – is cheaper – than poultry produced  locally in Africa.

Same goes for the corn produced in USA and shipped to Mexico (Bush’s NAFTA free trade agreement).

“For over 10,000 years, Mexico has been growing corn. Three million Mexican farmers currently grow corn, but they are facing a crisis caused by rapidly declining prices (Real World 215).” (src)

Trump does not see China as a free market economy and i share his view in this concern.

Example: Behind strategic company’s acquisitions in US / Europe / Germany, no less than the State of Chinese itself is giving 50% or more of the money to get hold on foreign technologies of high quality in order to copy it and turn “Made in the USA/EU/Germany” into “Made in China”.

Germany for example trains high quality engineers and gives away knowledge it’s and patents to China – where a Patent or Copyright is worth almost nothing – because the state even wants everyone to copy as much as one can.

In terms of IP and patents It is extremely dangerous to produce in China – because – one day a Chinese employee simply copies the idea and becomes a competitor (with state money) in order to kick out the foreign competition.

The Pirate Party writes:

“With its broad monopoly claims, the patent industry is now slowing down Innovation in many areas more than it promotes it.

At the same time, thanks to its rules and traditions, the patent system is at stake and difficult to reform.

Perhaps only creative destruction can create space for future-proof alternatives.”(writes The Pirate Party, the only party whose abolition of the patent system was important)

In this regard, it is foul game by China – but foul or not – main concern always was optimization of profit – now not anymore?

A late insight, but Kennedy once said: “an error only becomes a mistake if you refuse to correct it” – man seems to learn only from disasters – well, let’s see if we can turn the tide of Chinese Ford-car copies, and climate change.

Some products could now become more expensive – for this more locally produced – CO2 is saved by not shipping parts 100x around the globe.

That is good, isn’t it?

“One component of the new agreement is that more parts needed to build a car will have to be produced in regions of North America where workers earn at least $ 16 per hour. More jobs are expected to migrate from Mexico to the United States.

The agreement between the three countries also includes the clause that the other contracting parties can withdraw within six months if one of the three states decides to enter into a trade agreement with a country other than a market economy.” (src)


Es ist schon verrückt.

Trump möchte die Wirtschaft seines eigenen Landes ankurbeln – möchte, dass Firmen mehr investieren und mehr Jobs in den USA schaffen – welche im Zuge von Effizienz-Wahn und Globalisierung über Jahrzehnte nach Mexiko und China abgewandert sind.

Jetzt wird ihnen das eigenen Handelsbilanzdefizit zu groß und China zu mächtig und man rudert zurück – mit Zöllen und Handelsschranken die man vorher fleißig durch Wirtschafts-Lobbyisten und willigen Politikern abgebaut hat – die EU selbst ist das beste Beispiel.

USA: Die größten Lobbyisten des Global Free Trade machen jetzt schluss mit Global Free Trade!

Ist Global Free Trade nicht mehr das “Wundermittel” für Rendite und Wachstum?

Nicht wenn man das Wettrennen als “freie Marktwirtschaft” verliert – gegen die vom Ein-Parteien-Staat gelenkte Wirtschaft China’s.

Trump sieht China nicht als freie Marktwirtschaft (“market economy”) und diese Sichtweise ist auch korrekt.

Beispiel: Hinter strategischen Firmenaufkäufen in USA / Europa / Deutschland steckt kein geringerer als der Chinesische Staat selbst – der ausländische Technologie “Made in Germany” kopieren möchte um diese zu “Made in China” zu machen – keine Win-Win-Situation sondern eine Win-Lose-Situation mit Deutschland als Verlierer:

Deutschland bildet nach wie vor die besten Ingenieure aus und verschenkt Wissen und Patente nach China – wo ein Patent oder Copyright so gut wie nichts wert ist – weil der Staat sogar WILL dass jeder von jedem kopiert was das Zeug hält und Deutsche Firmen EXTREM aufpassen müssen, dass nicht ein ehemaliger chinesischer Mitarbeiter ihre Idee einfach kopiert und zur Konkurrenz wird.

Das ist klares Foulspiel und vom Chinesischen Staat absolut so gewollt.

Allerdings spielt USA/EU/Deutschland auch Foul!

Und zwar subventioniert USA/EU/Deutschland nicht nur Landwirtschaft, Fossile- und Atom-Kraftwerke mit katastrophalen Konsequenzen für ausländische Volkswirtschaften.

So ist EU-Hühnchen-Fleisch so krass subventioniert, dass es sich in Afrika nicht mehr lohnt lokal zu produzieren.

Ähnliches ist mit dem Grundnahrungsmittel Mais in Mexiko passiert.

Dank Bush’s NAFTA und massiven Staats-Subventionen ist in USA produzierter Monsanto-Gen-Mais billiger als lokal in Mexiko produzierter Mais.

Eine Katastrophe speziell für die Kleinbauern in Mexiko.

Das nächste Problem mit globalisiertem Welthandel: Kann man den Produzenten am anderen Ende der Welt vertrauen?

Schonmal versucht die in Deutschland geltende zweiwöchige Wiederruffrist für Online-Produkte in China geltend zu machen?

Oder die einjährige Garantie?

Viel Spaß!

Der Chinese wird euch per E-Mail auslachen.

Was für Gemüse gilt (Pestizide) gilt auch für Computer – diese können US-Israel Computer-Spionage-Backdoor-Chips enthalten oder auch Chinesische Computer-Spionage-Backdoor-Chips).

Schade dass keine einzige CPU in der EU/Deutschland produziert wird – auch Siemens kauft CPUs nur ein.

Stellen Sie sich einfach mal vor – US-Israelische Geheimdienste können aufgrund der Uneinigkeit von EU/Deutschland über den Iran einfach von heute auf morgen 90% aller COMPUTERN und SERVER in Deutschland den digitalen Stecker ziehen!

Das Internet selbst würde nicht mehr funktionieren –  die auf Effizienz-optimierte-digitalisierte Wirtschaft würde nicht mehr funktionieren.

Onlinebanking würden nicht mehr funktionieren – Rechnungen würden nicht mehr/spät bezahlt – Löhne spät überwiesen – es gäbe eine wirtschaftliche Katastrophe ähnlich als würde man den Ölhahn zudrehen.

Evtl. täte uns eine Abschaffung aller Patente sogar ganz gut.

“Das Patentwesen bremst mit seinen breiten Monopolansprüchen heute in vielen Bereichen die Innovation mehr, als es sie fördert.

Zugleich ist das Patentsystem dank seiner Regeln und Traditionen festgefahren und schwer zu reformieren.

Möglicherweise lässt sich nur durch kreative Zerstörung Raum für zukunftstaugliche Alternativen schaffen.” (schreibt die PiratenPartei, die einzige Partei deren die Abschaffung des Patentwesens wichtig war)

Im Englischen nennt sich das: IP = Intellectual Property Theft (Diebstahl geistigen Eigentums)

In dieser Hinsicht ist es Foul-Spiel – aber Foul oder nicht – hauptsache Rendite optimization durch billigeren Einkauf und niedrige Löhne?

Späte Einsicht aber Kennedy hat mal gesagt: “An error only becomes a mistake if you refuse to correct it” – scheinbar lernt der Mensch eben nur aus Katastrophen – na mal schauen ob wir die Flut an Chinesischen Dailmer-Benz-Kopien und den Klimawandel noch abwenden können.

Einige Produkte könnten jetzt teurer werden – dafür wird wieder mehr lokal produziert – CO2 durch 100x faches um den Globus schippern vermieden.

Eigentlich gut oder?

“Eine Komponente des neuen Abkommens ist, dass künftig mehr Teile, die zum Bau eines Autos benötigt werden, in Regionen Nordamerikas gefertigt werden müssen, in denen Arbeiter mindestens 16 Dollar pro Stunde verdienen. So sollen mehr Jobs aus Mexiko in die Vereinigten Staaten wandern.

In der Vereinbarung zwischen den drei Ländern ist zudem die Klausel enthalten, dass die anderen Vertragspartner binnen sechs Monaten aussteigen können, wenn einer der drei Staaten ein Handelsabkommen mit einem Land beschließt, das nicht als Marktwirtschaft eingestuft ist.”

how to turn blood into gold – Who profits from war? Wer profitiert vom Waffenhandel? – UniCredit Group/ Hypovereinsbank Deutsche Bank Commerzbank Bayern LB DWS (Investment-Tochter der Deutschen Bank) Deka Investment (Sparkassen-Fondsanbieter) Allianz Union Investment (Volksbanken-Fondsgesellschaft)

how to turn blood into gold – war is a racket – who profits?