When Governments – almost globally – are dependent on the flow of money they can’t print – what do you think the “governmental intervention” into this system will look like?

They will be very market driven – market means: whoever has more money get’s his way.

Then we are at a point where democracy is “ad absurdum” (does not make any sense anymore).

One fine example: CumEx

A tax fraud that is going on over almost a decade – with advisors to the gov coming from a bank – politicians signing the advice into law – making things even worse.

“after this law the CumEx (34+X billion € tax fraud by private banks and other ‘market playazz’) party started even more”

it is sick and saddening.

democracy is bankrupt  (ask Mr Sarkozy and Mrs Merkel – they know what i am talking about)

“not all hope is lost if people with resources use those resources for good”

unknown philosopher who wants to stay anonymous because:

“transparency to the (rich) powerful and privacy to the (poor) powerless”

“Fun” human rights Fact:

neither USA, nor Russia nor UK did sign this UN-paper:

published: Jun 6, 2018

Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg says that perhaps European leaders had hoped not all rhetoric would become policy. On tariffs, she says, “they are stirring things up and they are hoping for getting a result.”