Macron: "the absence of dialogue with Russia - did it make Europe more secure?" (no of course not)
Macron: “the absence of dialogue with Russia – did it make Europe more secure?” (no of course not)
Map of Nato

Stoltenberg: “+100 Billion € for defense since 2016

... never can have enough birdshit.
… never can have enough birdshit.

and this is because we live in a more unpredictable world and we need to invest more in shared security”

(buy more arms so we can feel safe)

Protecting Europe is also about cybersecurity not only about birdshit…

Macron: “operational autonomy” “our armies are more and more interconnected and will be using 5G – we  assure that informations we share over these channels are under our control – not just a commercial issue – it is a strategic one”

“How 5G could benefit military” (source:

German serving during the Cuba crisis talks about the cold war of the 1960s:

Macron: Who is the enemy?

Neither in Russia nor in China does the French president see the opponents of the defense alliance.

Can not talk about budget if one does not know who the enemy really is.

It calls for cooperation against terrorism:

France is nuclear power dependent and Africa / Mali has a lot of uranium, so it is not necessarily just about terrorism.


13 French soldiers died 27th of Nov 2019 in a helicopter crash in Mali.

The fact that France is calling for greater participation by Europeans in the Anti-Terrorist Mission in the Sahel region will be one of the lighter issues at the forthcoming small NATO summit in London.

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Trumps reaction: tariffs on French wine – presumably because of Macron’s “digital tax

Macron: NATO brain dead?

superb documentary “System Error – How will capitalism end?” (Optiz, 2018)#

PS: faster machines are nice – but sufficient fast machines are sufficient/enough – going faster and faster will not rescue the planet – a holistic concept for sustainable survival of life on this planet could.


let me start by saying: Thanks! To Edward Snowden and all investigative journalists that took the risk to help him.

Thanks to all involved.


Before-Snowden – people using the internet – could not imagine that governments was looking over their sholder 24-7 and recording every button they press.

Now Snowden has delivered the proof on the encrypted laptops he gave out to several Journalists – many of them too afraid to touch the material.

Without Snowden – the thought – that all our communications is recorded – maybe even FOREVER – and analyzed to build as he said “perfect histories” of people – of course – in order to track and hunt dissidents like the Nazis did with the Jews.

It also shows how corrupt and rotten to the core many of the so called democratic institutions – the beacon of civilization – the USA and other Western Nations – have become.

They are (largely digital finance) dictatorships with democratic painting.

Snowdens “left and right converge to authoritarianism” seems to give proof to that.

Shocking shocking shocking – what comes after democracy? More dictatorship?

Does not sound like a step forward to me.

As you can see with Assange now in held in prison and treated and probably tortured like a “terrorist” without ever planting a bomb shows the plot – label anyone against “the system” a terrorist – human rights do not apply to terrorists.

“Would US-gov (John Kerry (Skull and Bones 1966)) have grounded my passport in Ecuador – the CIA would have it much easier to catch me – but they grounded me in Moscow, Russia.

So Russia had the unique opportunity to do the right thing by doing nothing”


The Book: Permanent Record



project: “Stellar Wind” (or “Stellarwind“) violating the US constitution on a daily basis: code name of a warrantless surveillance program begun under the George W. Bush administration‘s President’s Surveillance Program (PSP).[1]

… was about to post something funny here… but can not… this matter is too serious.

fire your kindle… fire your nest… fire Alexa… fire Siri… fire Google… fire Microsoft!