it is funny…

one of the most extraordinary interviews – ever.

Charlie Veitch – aka philosopher and crazy love police megaphoning activist – interviewed Jacque Fresco in London who just came back from a trip to India.

What Jacque reveals is a logical – compelling – and obvious – but it is in the “obvious” where things are hidden in “plain sight”.

During WW2 and the 3rd Reich, it was nothing unusual to be a Nazi in Germany.

If you were brought up that way (and children ALWAYS consider their upbringing as “normal”, believe that every child probably grows up like this) you would consider it normal to be a Nazi, with all it’s consequences and believes.

As men we like beautiful women – if a beautiful women tells you “stop thinking so much about the stars/the system/the world – rather be successful in the system” (no matter how insane it is).

Women like successful men – no matter how mad the system is (?)

Which translates as: “I know i said i don’t care about money – but then in the end – if you are not (“normal” in system terms) making a decent career – i don’t like you (and maybe my subconsciousness realized that your immune-system (by the smell of sweat) is not well combining with mine, but that is a different story) so i break up with you”

I still remember that my grand mum (!) regarded a man being accepted into the SS (Hitler’s elite soldiers) as something good.

“he was accepted into the SS” equals to “he must be a guy of good qualities”

well… history told a slightly different story. Hitler himself would not have been accepted into the SS, he was too small.

Veitch: “if you want to be effective you have to be non-violent”

Hitler picked people for their psychopathic qualities – not being able to distinguish between right and wrong – and therefore having “well working” machines – not humans.

It’s the same with the current system, welcome to the 4th (invisible) Reich of economic warfare and utter self-destruction

What women do with this behavior and set of believes – is – they setting incentives for men to become “assholes” aka “good” economic contract killers.

Only THEN they are accepted, valued, honored, liked and married – at the same time – women – expect their men to be loving, caring, kind to THEM and their children and be home for birthday and not fuck their secretary on Christmas.



After a second girl broke up with me because of my “lacking qualities” in the 4th Reich, i came to the conclusion:

  • I am good as i am!
  • Charlie Veitch – being a little too aggressive maybe now and then – is GOOD as he is
  • it is GOOD to think about the (monetary, finance) system
  • it is GOOD to think about how society “works” or why it not working
  • it is GOOD to be a philosopher
  • it is GOOD to think about the nature of (hu)man
  • it is GOOD to repair and recycle stuff as good as you can
  • it is GOOD to think about this planet
  • it is GOOD to think about our ecosystem
  • it is GOOD to think about the stars and planets that might still be out there to be discovered.
    • Snowden, Assange and Elon Musk can be regarded – as one of the few heroes of this century
    • they helps say “hey, mankind is more than a bunch of egoistic assholes”
    • they help us see the positive potentials that humans and technology can have for society
    • good thinks are build and happening

what i like to see in man and woman is “species-wide-awareness” (for the GOV and CEOs: SWA X-D) in the cultural mainstream.

Men are adventurer – they want to discover mars – but also other “landscapes with boobs” (far from home)

Cars that consume less – should be sexy – consuming less – as a lifestyle – should be sexy – because – on an finite planet – there is no niche for your children to enjoy any life of quality – if they are out of (finite) resources.

Actually women not realizing this – not changing their believe-system – not only “accidentally” endanger their children (by useless wars over finite resources) but also discredit themselves as short-sightened idiots and their whole gender. (yes some are different, but i know only two elder women, that came to realize the madness and are actively pushing against it)

This has NOTHING to do with IQ, it has to do with consciousness. (there are plenty of men with massive consciousness deficits, not only woman)

I claim now – that women would have the power to change mankind – by rethinking their believe-system and setting the right incentives.

If not – mankind (could) very well be doomed. (depending on if climate change will really eradicate all life on earth in the next 300 years)

Of course – nobody is to blame – the believe system is ingrained in every one of us – and everyone of us is victim to psychology.

It depends on how they were brought up – how they were educated or if they were sexually abused and neglected – in the worst case by their own egocentric psychopathic fathers, because their mother selected a “man of good qualities”.

I know grandpa ain’t sexy no more… but he is right:

you can’t solve your marriage problems with alcohol – it will get you killed.

I wish i still will see the day that consuming less is considered sexier than consuming more also by women.

It would be terrible if all the “good” philosophers – all the “good” fathers die lonely and without family.

It is important to reproduce system critical sharp thinking, writing and designing of alternative systems or improving existing ones – that can distinguish between good and evil – not by math – but by consciousness.

Charly Veitch has one child 🙂 congratulations revolutionary philosopher! 🙂

wohoo! he will surely help the homeless with all his real estate! (NOT!)

The meaning of life: accumulation?

Contrast: Ex-President Uruguay Jose Mujica

“My whole life has been a life of accumulation”

“money money money i want more money – i don’t even know why – just keep going – i want to build more buildings – many many buildings along Miami… i wanna be greedy… now i wanna be greedy for the United States of America”

“we have to be rich before we can be great again”

“these countries – we are protecting them for nothing”

“some people will say that is not free trade – every single person in this room understands – that this is the right thing to do”

he surely does not care – who prints the money – who lends the money – how does the monetary system work?

it works for him – so he does not care.

… and broker arms deals instead of making poor people richer.

it sounds like the “easy way out” we vote for Trump – he is going to make everyone richer – end of story. We can stay on our couch.

This is NOT how the system of rich vs poor works – it works by exploitation and it will continue to work by exploitation.

If Trump would REALLY want to help his people – he would help them to help themselves.

He would provide them with means to create their own food and energy (not like in 1684, with more automation) – so they can become self sustainable – sovereign citizens – that would be the (literally) empowering of the citizens – that Bannon is speaking about – is it going to happen? – i believe those gentlemen do not have this on their radar! have seen nothing like this up to now.

More jobs that produce more crap to pay a little more money will NOT do it – people also need education – how to use that power-of-money-trade responsibly – or society will keep on exploiting and failing – nothing is going to change.

Would it be “socialist” if people would OWN and OPERATE their own power-generators, cables-batteries, solar-planels, wind-mills, power-stations?

i don’t think so.

Unfortunately with populism it works like this – power-players want to see a populist elected – because they believe he is easy to manipulate for their cause (as all politicians by the way) – then they maybe lose control over him – like Hitler, with “catastrophic” side-effects.

“great archival index of trust turns out to be the discrepancy in income between the richest and the poorest people in a region”

if property (possessing something that gains value because it is scarce and the market says it’s value grows by the day)

earns more money than labor: you get structural inequality

i have to correct the speaker: Germany’s middle class is sold out to investors and left by politics to die – just as in any other country that does not provide good framework for a strong middle class and incentives for people to be self-employed.

Right now law-wise you are way better off as employed (even for little money) than as self-employed:

  • high tax 40% even for one-man-companies/startups
  • governmental health care charges you extra
  • all the risk and compliance is on YOU!
  • banks refuse funding

Currently there is a lot of monopolization and privatization going on in the healthcare system of Germany.

Video uploaded 2016:

Ben Dyson
Ben Dyson
  • 97% of all money is DIGITAL (not Central Bank CASH) and created by banks by new loans.
    • 51% of this money went “straight into property”
      • residential mortgages / office buildings
      • “the higher you push up asset prices, the greater the inequality” = “the single biggest cause of inequality in the world”
      • quantitative easing and 0% rate policies subsidy for banks for select few people who own certain assets
    • 31% financial markets
      • trading commodities / financial markets / speculation
    • 8% credit card consumer loans
    • 8% to businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Boom and Bust” are “build in” in the system
  • QE for people
    • “The Bank of England’s policies are making the rich richer and doing little for anyone else. This needs to change.”
      • would be 6-10.000£ PER PERSON for additional spending and boosting the economy (locally but also abroad, you could by law tell people to only allow to spend it locally)

this is a problem, if banks do not create new loans (basel3) = small businesses run out of money/have no access to current currency (digital or not) = no new jobs = civil war on the streets.

banks say “there is no growth so you don’t get any money” but then everything stops. As if people do not need food – fresh water – electricity – recycling – spaceships.

13. Sep. 2018

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