Erdogan just as Putin wants to show how strong men they are.

Also Erdogan and Putin want to use the “rally behind the flag” effect to win the next election. (last election was not so great for Erdogan, as economy was weak)

said it before and i say it again: ANY PARTNERSHIP WILL TURKEY WILL BITE YOU IN THE ASS!




In middle ages Christianity there were only two groups killing each other over power money and land: Protestants and Catholics.

Luckily this is a pretty long time ago, but it is still up to date in Islam – it seams – the culture of Islam is stuck in the past.

In Islam it is even more complicated than in Christianity, many more groups fighting each other – officially over who is the legit successor to prophet Mohamed (“by prophet is bigger than your’s”)

In-officially – it is – of course always about power, land, money, resources, women and so on.
  • Sunnits (radical strict islam)
    • for example: Saudi Arabia
  • Shia (radical strict islam)
    • for example: Iran
  • Alawites (moderate islam)
    • for example: Assad, Syria, Kurds (no country)

long story short – Erdogan is also Hanefi (Sunni strict islam). (

Radial islamist who want to live in the middle ages – please go to Afghanistan – there your dream is already reality. (do not complain about how fucked up this country is… it is what you chose!)

The West can not grant people that want to live in the middle ages  human rights – because human rights did not exist – in the middle ages.

Please come develop and learn mankind – if you can – if you can not – mankind is already lost.

Back to the situation:

Assad probably promised the Kurds their own state – when they help him fight (this was the first mistake and it is not even sure he will keep his promise, if at all, it could be possible to give them land in the very East, far far away from Turkey, but not near Turkey).

Erdogan wants to prevent this.

The Turks hate the Kurds so much – nobody knows why but it is going on for a long long time – you could say – they hate each other out of tradition.

Is Erdogan really willing to go to full scale war with Syria backed by Iran and Russia for this?

Hopefully not.

So Erdogan tries to draw the Western powers into the conflict – which is very very dangerous as this could lead to direct confrontation between NATO and Russia (yes Mr Friedman and Israel would love that ).

What does the mighty Turkey have to fear from a bunch of Kurds?

Or is it about religion? (if yes mankind is really still in the very dark middle ages)

Erdogan is pro radical islam favors ISIS over moderate Kurds that fight for equal women rights – so it would be time for Turkey to evolve and come back from the dark middle ages or be internationally isolated in any possible way and denied cooperation.

Please Erdogan and all other radical islamists:


US, EU, NATO and BRICs – de facto the whole world – should be very strict with strict islam (in this case Erdogan).

Erdogan out of greed for power is playing a very dangerous and aggressive game, that could spark a world war like conflict, so the West needs to act now:

  • halt all trade with Turkey, especially weapons trades
  • place immediately and hefty economic embargo (Turkey is very trade dependent)
  • freeze all foreign assets
  • no easy Visums for people with Turkish passport
  • EU: freeze the 6 billion € promised to Turkey to manage the refugee crisis (US and EU should team up to handle the influx of refugees in a sustainable and positive for US and EU way, after all it is the US middle east war games that caused the mess).
    • grant them asylum for 3 year (if refugee is cooperative, will have to be renewed every 3 years) and human rights (not existing in their home country so this is already an improvement)
    • be strict on radical islamists: any refugee who shows sign of radical islamism or crime shall be deported to Syria (and maybe even handed over to Assad) immediately.
    • refugees should work for the native people – so the native people can see the benefits of having refugees.
    • refugees should be able to get their own land to grow food on it

“This new policy of Turkey understands only those who understand Turkish domestic policy.

On the one hand, it is religiously motivated.

Erdogan, the pious Muslim brother who granted asylum to many brothers who became too uncomfortable in Egypt after the fall of the Morsi regime, strives for a political Islam as a role Model for Turkey and for a stronger role within the Arab-influenced States.

This is not new, many have just not seen it.

But there were various domestic political moves that showed a departure from secularism.

Those who strive for Islamic profiling also see the conflict hot spots of Syria and Libya as an opportunity to make their mark.

This goes hand in hand with a fantasy of great power, as Erdogan and many AKP representatives have.

Turkey is a player and not a petitioner in the sense of an EU accession candidate.”

Erdogan would not be the first power hungry man to throw the world in conflict of senseless killing.

The Turkish people can stop the disaster by voting against him.

“The head of Turkey’s leading KONDA polling company said that it is likely Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) will lose İstanbul and Ankara in the local elections in 2019 and Turkey will be heading for the polls again in 2020 for general elections, independent news site Diken reported.”


if those paid best in capitalism (bankers, lawyers, financial people, insurance people)

add nothing in value to society, mankind, mother earth (pachamama)

but quiet in contrary exploiting mother earth and the rest of mankind

then capitalism is a cancer to itself

fundamentally flawed and doomed to it’s own destruction

and maybe even the destruction of all life

in no way (unless people are very naive) is it (in the current form) a system that will bring happiness to everybody

what could be more sustainable and democratic alternative concepts?

(ask the small states like Iceland, the big states do not have an answer – too big to change?)

mankind is at the end of an ice age

mankind adds 100 million barrels of fuel to that end every single day

nobody wants to go back to the dark middle ages

society wise – it feels – we never really left

maybe we are still in – but at the very end of the middle ages

with kings and queens

now being bankers and real estate magnats

constantly raising rents

exploiting the rest of mankind

just as those middle ages king and queens did in taxes

in the end

those middle ages king and queens and even the church

were nothing but real estate magnats

deriving their wealth – not from god – but from invisible – society wise – non sense rights and privileges

everything lives of a balance

why does mankind constantly works towards it’s own destabilization? (greed?)

the truly intelligent humans have a very developed consciousness

the truly intelligent are aware that this path will never bring happiness

they truly intelligent are aware what misery mankind constantly brings upon itself

… and chose a different path

mankind is currently not lacking money or wealth or intelligence or education but awareness and consciousness and mindfulness

without those qualities – mankind will wander in the dark ages forever – searching for happiness (in Buddhist terms, happiness is sustainable satisfaction) in vane

it is very frustrating to teach a stubborn child

be patient

never ever give up

for mankind it takes decades to learn

but mankind can learn

the internet

when used in ethical ways (not in mass manipulative ways… as it unfortunately will be used)

can supercharge learning from each other

Wealth and income inequality has reached, as it did then (1920s), a Dimension in which the power of the rich and the blackmail of democratically elected politicians become so great that democracy threatens to become a Farce.

Inequality, the feeling of being systematically left behind, is also a decisive driving force of nationalism, which is experiencing a Renaissance around the globe.

The promise of a globalized economy that gives everyone a fair Chance has not been fulfilled.

In Chile, for example, where neoliberalism was finally implemented for the first time by a brutal dictatorship forty years ago, there is now a Rebellion against injustice that will spread far beyond Latin America.

In an increasingly irrational world with increasingly irrational political leaders, “Old Europe” is secretly celebrating itself as the stronghold of reason.

But this is a grandiose Illusion.

Brussels is without any intellectual leadership at the beginning of the twenties.

Practically all personnel decisions of the past year, the effects of which partly extend to the end of the twenties, were wrong decisions.

Ursula von der Leyen, to name just the most prominent example, is with her standard mechanical communication exactly the opposite of what Europe would need.”

Everyone wants to succeed – everyone wants to be proud on one’s country of birth

…but here comes the ruthless reckoning with Germany.

If you believe me or not: not all Germans are EVIL.

No mercy for Mercedes though.

The old saying goes: “arrogance comes before the fall”.

And Tesla will destroy Mercedes and VW altogether (with their Chinese partners).

This is not the fault of Tesla – but Mercedes and VW – just like Kodak – CEOs too big too stupid too arrogant to change (despite some glimpses of hope? who is to blame? not even Germans know).

The finest engineers can not build electric cars if their CEOs do not want it – at Kodak – some people even SECRETLY started to work on digital cameras – although the CEOs did not want it.

Gasoline cars now last shorter and consume more than ever.

Mercedes, VW and Porsche should invest into electric startups, the big companies just lack innovation so it seems.

All those CEOs that prevented change (Mercedes was pretty ahead with hydrogen cars) should be investigated by secret service and go to prison for:

  • destruction of jobs and destabilizing Germany
  • destruction of the “Green Germany” image
  • destruction of the Climate
  • fueling of wars in the Middle East and elsewhere (all the oil rich countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran and Venezuela)
  • being ruthless asholes


Back to Flassbeck: “And Germany, the self-proclaimed leading nation, wanders through the Times and firmly believes that it can be a role model for others, because for a few years with its mercantilist policy it has exploited the European Monetary Union at the expense of its neighbours and therefore performed relatively well.”

Hey Flassmen: As i said, not all Germans are evil.

How rapid a transition to renewable energy can take place: Give all people that want to produce their own (solar, wind) energy a 0% loan – and i gurantee you – after only 30 years – 100% of the electricity of USA and Germany will be renewable.

This is exactly what the EEG (Renewable Energy Law) was about.

It would be as easy as this, but once more: Lobbyists and “buy-able” politicians (and other dark and evil forces) torpedoing the project.

Germany is now at 50% renewable electricity.

Stuck in the process half way – thanks to lobby and politicians for sale. (just as Flassbeck describes)

Democracy: works only in small countries?

But Germany and the US might have a similar problem, that Switzerland and Iceland don’t have: too big for democracy to work?

After 2008 USA rescued all banks but one (Lehman), Germany rescued ALL BANKS (idiots), Iceland rescued NONE and still survived.

What i am saying is: the smaller the democratic country – the shorter the distance between government and people – the more likely it is the people actually call the shots – which is what democracy is all about.

Education: it is known since ancient Greece, that Democracy only works with educated people.

Without educated people – Democracy is FUCKED

Why do USA AND Germany then CONSTANTLY CUT THEIR EDUCATION BUDGETS? (thus working on the destruction of Democracy)

Because capitalism LOVES DICTATORSHIPS, SLAVE LABOR and rewards reckless people.

back to Flassbeck:

“The basic principles of a truly new way of thinking are easy to understand.

They are largely based on an image of the economy that is fundamentally different from the kindergarten model of the neoliberals and that of Ludwig Erhard.

It is not the market that is in the leading role in the market economy, but the state.

Only the state can take over the control of the system if the private sector, for whatever reasons, no longer spontaneously does so.

The currently observed private investment weakness with simultaneously high profits of the companies is the classic example of this.

Even internationally, new thinking can only mean understanding that competition between nations is a completely wrong approach.

Germany must say goodbye to its ancient mercantilism, which is expressed in high current account surpluses.

This is the most out of time economic model ever.

For Europe, this means formally overriding the rules of the stability and Growth Pact enforced by Germany and replacing them with a modern, well – thought-out macroeconomic concept.

The Federal Chancellor is right that new thinking is also required in the context of the climate crisis.

But again, it goes against a static picture of the economy, where existing companies are in charge with the help of conservative and Liberal parties.”

original Text in German:

“Die Ungleichheit bei Vermögen und Einkommen hat heute wie damals eine Dimension erreicht, bei der die Macht der Reichen und die Erpressbarkeit demokratisch gewählter Politiker so groß werden, dass die Demokratie zur Farce zu werden droht.

Die Ungleichheit, das Gefühl, systematisch abgehängt zu werden, ist auch eine entscheidende Triebfeder des Nationalismus, der rund um den Erdball eine Renaissance erlebt. Die Verheißung einer globalisierten Wirtschaft, die allen eine faire Chance gibt, hat sich nicht erfüllt.

In Chile zum Beispiel, wo der Neoliberalismus von einer brutalen Diktatur vor vierzig Jahren zum ersten Mal in letzter Konsequenz umgesetzt wurde, beginnt jetzt eine Rebellion gegen die Ungerechtigkeit, die weit über Lateinamerika hinaus Kreise ziehen wird.

In einer zunehmend irrationalen Welt mit zunehmend irrationalen politischen Führern feiert sich das „alte Europa“ klammheimlich als Hort der Vernunft.

Doch das ist eine grandiose Illusion.

Brüssel ist zu Beginn der zwanziger Jahre ohne jede intellektuelle Führung.

Praktisch alle Personalentscheidungen des vergangenen Jahres, deren Auswirkungen teilweise bis zum Ende der zwanziger Jahre reichen, waren Fehlentscheidungen.

Ursula von der Leyen, um nur das prominenteste Bespiel zu nennen, ist mit ihrer mechanischen Standardkommunikation genau das Gegenteil dessen, was Europa bräuchte.

Die Grundprinzipien eines wirklich neuen Denkens sind leicht zu verstehen.

Sie orientieren sich weitgehend an einem Bild der Wirtschaft, das sich von dem Kindergartenmodell der Neoliberalen und dem eines Ludwig Erhard fundamental unterscheidet.

Nicht der Markt ist in der Marktwirtschaft in der Führungsrolle, sondern der Staat.

Nur der Staat kann die Steuerung des Systems übernehmen, wenn die Privatwirtschaft das, aus welchen Gründen auch immer, nicht mehr spontan tut.

Die derzeit zu beobachtende private Investitionsschwäche bei gleichzeitig hohen Gewinnen der Unternehmen ist das klassische Beispiel dafür.

Auch international kann neues Denken nur heißen, zu verstehen, dass Wettkampf der Nationen ein völlig verfehlter Ansatz ist.

Deutschland muss Abschied nehmen von seinem Uraltmerkantilismus, der in hohen Leistungsbilanzüberschüssen zum Ausdruck kommt.

Das ist das am meisten aus der Zeit gefallene Wirtschaftsmodell überhaupt.

Für Europa bedeutet das, die von Deutschland durchgesetzten Regeln des Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspaktes auch formal außer Kraft zu setzen und durch eine moderne, gesamtwirtschaftlich durchdachte Konzeption zu ersetzen.

Auch in Sachen Klimakrise, da hat die Bundeskanzlerin Recht, ist neues Denken angesagt.

Aber wiederum geht es dabei gegen ein statisches Bild von Wirtschaft, wo die bestehenden Unternehmen mit Hilfe konservativer und liberaler Parteien das Sagen haben.”

Wir fordern: kostenloser Nah/Regionalverkehr mit Bus und Bahn und Flexi-Bussen auf H2 Basis!

new years vow:

turn off FOX NEWS and watch the daily show of:

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About Mr Flassbeck:

Heiner Flassbeck is a German economist.

He was state secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance from 1998 to 1999 and chief economist (Chief of Macroeconomics and Development) at the UNO for World Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva from January 2003 to the end of 2012.