Jenkins' list of bank misdeeds

Jenkins’ list of bank misdeeds

The partial list of bank misdeeds (more than 100 to date!) was compiled by Robert Jenkins. Share it and put it on your website or blog just by copy-pasting the code.

Representation of public interest in banking

Representation of public interest in banking

07/12/16 EVENT: What blocks the public and interest groups from participating in banking? This one-day event combines plenary sessions with 8 parallel sessions.

MARTIN WOLF chief economics commentator at the Financial Times

“Finance Watch is exactly what Europe has long needed – an independent, thoughtful and courageous institution whose activities illuminate the necessary steps towards creating a financial system that is not only stable, but properly serves the wider social and economic interest.”


Information evenings, and members of the root tables

Every first Monday of the month, a lecture on “introduction to Monetative, and full of money” with changing speakers is held in the Association office 19 – 21 p.m., and admission is free.
Following the introduction takes place in the same premises, a regular get-together for members. This will allow you to Meet in a relaxed atmosphere, a more in-depth exchange and discussion of ideas and projects.

Next Dates:

Monday, 05.09., 19:00: info evening “introduction to the full monetary reform”
location: Monetative e. V. c/o gallery Gondwana, Merseburger Strasse 14, 10823 Berlin, speaker Klaus Karwat

Members Open Board Meetings

The Monetative Board of Directors typically meets to discuss on the first Monday of each month, current projects and tasks. The Board of Directors meetings are held in the premises of the Monetative , and are for members of the public. The Monetative-General meeting takes place (in the same location) at least once a year, the Board of Directors to be elected, the budget is adopted and the activities planned. It will take part in the Monetative-members, on request, guests can participate in.

Next Date:
Monday, 05.09., 15:00, place: Monetative e. V. c/o gallery Gondwana, Merseburger Strasse 14, 10823 Berlin

External Lectures

07.10., 18 PM: introduction to full money system,
from 20 clock “of Monetary-song evening“, Merseburger Str. 14, 10823 Berlin

14.11., 10-12 am: lecture on “monetary reform, full of money, Monetative” of Lino Zeddies at the westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen

03.12., from 10:30-16:00 meeting of full money reform in Aachen, Germany,
Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Aachen, Frère Roger – Straße 8-10, 52062 Aachen
contact: Detlef Baer –

Workshops & General Assembly

13. November will be an extraordinary meeting of the members following our Monetative Jahrestagung in Frankfurt to take place. More detailed information will follow in a timely manner.

A full money weekend in 2017 will be from 31.3.-2.4. Once again in 2017 in the house of democracy in Berlin will take place.

Past Workshops & MVs 

Annual meetings

Anniversaryung 2016: “The money of the future – cash, Digital Cash, Fintechs?”
12.-13. November 2016 in the Ökohaus, Frankfurt a. m., Flyer with program here.

Last Year Meetings:

Video recordings of all previous annual meetings are to be found here.


Hochrangige Vollgeld-Konferenz in Island

monetary-alternative-systems monetative-island-konferenz-2016

In Island hat gestern am Montag, 05.09.2016 eine hochrangige Konferenz zur Vollgeldreform und Geldschöpfung stattgefunden.
Eingeladen hatten das Büro des neuen isländischen Ministerpräsidenten Johannesson und die örtliche Sektion der KPMG-Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. In Island beschäftigen sich also derzeit die höchsten staatlichen Stellen offiziell mit dem Reformvorschlag.
An der Tagung nahmen unter anderem teil:

  • Martin Wolf, der Chefkommentator der Zeitung Financial Times,
  • Mar Gudmundsson, der Präsident der isländischen Zentralbank,
  • Frosti Sigurjónsson, Parlaments-Abgeordneter und Vorsitzender des Ausschusses für Wirtschaft und Handel,
  • Ásgeir Jónsson, Wirtschaftsprofessor von der University of Iceland.
  • Sigurvin Sigurjónsson, Mitarbeiter der KPMG und Autor des Berichts


“This system is an unspeakable mess”

The FT’s chief economics commentator Martin Wolf brilliantly responded to all those claims. Martin Wolf first challenged the Governor by saying that since the financial system is the monetary system, it’s impossible to separate these two issues. In addition, he emphasized very eloquently that the current system was not stable at all.