• every government can (instead of moving to over crowded cities for jobs)
    •  pay rural citizens to stay in the countryside and plant trees where
    • the local governments need to designate areas for tree planting
  • on the next climate conference the major CO2 contributors of past and present should be present
  • and they need to come up a number:
    • every year we pledge to designate and finance 1000 hectare (10.000.000 square meters) for (diverse) tree planting
      • and pledge to work those forests sustainably & responsibly
    • the mull berry tree shown above is said to handle droughts well (there are for sure other well suited trees as well)
      • while at the same time providing shade for other plants
      • while at the same time providing humans with very delicious fruits

a lot has been said & studied about the very expensive consequences of climate change (yes there is natural climate change, but human made climate change is on top)

need to talk & implement more solutions!

mulberry tree in the desert:–123708321001774198/

  • In an ideal world, people learn from each other
  • each others mistakes each others successes
  • in an ideal world a system would foster social learning (the “natural” way how humans learn? by example (hopefully drawing the right conclusions) & from each other))
  • a system that incentivises stupidity & mistakes is a stupid system
  • (example the car industry knows people buy cars (unfortunately) mostly by emotions (big 2t SUV that make people feel important) and if the parts are designed to break after 3 years (they hope) to make 25% extra) – if the incentive here is maximum profit – the car companies did everything right – even if they in reality created a complete catastrophe for everyone
  •  if most of mankind have no long term experience what “destroying the planet” means, then they ought to be send on free “school trips” to the parts of the planet that are already polluted & became a desert, than they will understand & hopefully draw the right conclusion, just as EVERY citizen of former GDR (east Germany under soviet rule) had to visit a Nazi concentration camp (it’s optional in West Germany and bet most West Germans born after that 1960s did never visit such a place… Why would they? Its more fun & less depressing at a theme park, but there is also lot less to learn in theme parks)

The No.1 cancer enemy of society is: corruption.

It is in the West  – it is (more obvious) in the East.


In the end this is Western cleptocracy vs Eastern oligarchy (cleoptocracy = oligarchy = when the super rich are in power)

There are very well trained doctors & intellectuals in Turkey (esp in the larger cities), while the countryside’s is still in the middle ages?

Double extremist standards:

While supporting ISIS Erdogan’s Turkey declares anyone that is agains him as a terrorist (sounds familiar? Mr Bush?) and demands (in this case Sweden) to extradite “the top 10” of the opposition abroad.

Whoever allowed Turkey into NATO (EU application failed) & Orban’s Hungary into EU is a good damn moron.

Both are corrupt egoistist that only care about their interest playing everyone like a violin while (of course) never having to stand trial.

simply run a search on Erdogans son

Or a search on Orbans closest political allies and homosexual gang bang drug parties in Brussels.(During corona lockdown!!!)

So: either remove Orban & Erdogan – or remove Orban from EU and Turkey from NATO, doing more harm than good.

Or even better: start something new that does not repeat those mistakes.

"An error doesnt become a mistake" John F. Kennedy OC
“An error doesnt become a mistake” John F. Kennedy OC