simple truths can be very powerful and we consider them to be self evident…üther

“Latest discovery of brain research shows, quiet  stunning facts about “what is the brain”.

Our brain is not solely defined by genes.

You can also not train it like a muscle.

It is way simpler.

Our brain becomes for whatever we use it for with enthusiasm.”

auto translated from blurb of this book:

Not Zombies eat Brains

Money does!

what this means:

there are just as many stupid super rich

as are there stupid super poor

(but the super poor show up on TV, not the super rich, they want to stay anonymous and hide their wealth in panama (a tax haven))

if those that are highly intelligent, do not earn more, than those that are stupid, there will be mass stupidity.

Neither Einstein nor Nikola Tesla (both genius in their fields of expertise (physics and electricity)) became very rich in this system.

Even worse Nikola Tesla died poor and lonely in a f***ing hotel.

“On 7 January 1943, at the age of 86, Tesla died alone in Room 3327 of the Hotel New Yorker. His body was later found by maid Alice Monaghan after she had entered Tesla’s room, ignoring the “do not disturb” sign that Tesla had placed on his door two days earlier.”

At leat Elon Musk knew how to market a genius ;-p

(but he was as hard working as lucky selling his first internet startup to compaq for $10million, then founding PayPal selling it to eBay for $1billion, funding tesla and spacex (both very high risk companies))

everyone deserves to be happy (happiness in the buddhist sense is sustainable lasting satisfaction, be in balance/at peace with oneself and the world surrounding).

consciousness should be considered to be an important part what makes humans intelligent.

without conscious decision making, the most powerful tools (logic is just a tool) are put to bad use that could – in the end – endanger the survival of all mankind.

but who cares, if capitalism turned 90% of mankind into a bunch of ignorant, egoistic, idiotic, individualists that do not care about anything or anyone but themselves.

if those that get paid most, destroy mankind.

this needs to get better, otherwise the motivation if those that try to rescue mankind is seriously damaged and transits to desilution and isolation and “acceptance” of what seems to be impossible to change: the death of all mankind.

the dying out process has already begun with women subconsciously already knowing its going to end bad, no matter the state pays for childcare.

u can print money (if money is paper or digital)

u can not print planets, water, clean air, food or consciousness