shocking new study (by UK-US-tobacco industry): youth would like to live in the “good old past”

When wars were far away…

When marlboro man could ride smoking through TV and cinema landscapes (a Cinema was a place where people came together to PAY for a movie and watch it together with others. Corona killed ’em)… sure… “glorious” days.

Behind this “world view” MIGHT be a very important feature of the nature of the human brain itself: to forget, what is bad, to cherish what was good.

If it would be the other way around… everyone would die of depression within months.

To forget all the bad that happened (e.g. Vietnam war happened in the “good old” days of the 1960s with “good old” (massively corrupt) US presidents as Kennedy (1961, killed, because not corrupt enough), Johnson (1963), Nixon (1969), Reagan (1981), Bush Senior (1989)…

“When asked why they preferred to live in the past, 42 percent of respondents across all age groups said that cohesion had been greater in the past.”

ok take this with a pinch of salt… because it was financed by UK-US tobacco industry aka “Luky Strike” (British American Tobacco (BAT))… how reliable is that info eh? X-D

“In the past” it was (probably) not better, but different, because in dire situations, without working together, nobody would have survived in the past.

Going back to the stone age: When someone was expelled from the group… it meant (almost) sure death.

Now is a different story, with laws by democracies ensure capitalism maximum freedoms (in principal good but often recklessly abused for profit as in the case of Amazon paying ZERO taxes), but at the same time, the system “forgets” about fostering solidarity, that this does not happen by itself,  allowing and even rewarding individuals to be maximal egoistic (bad) and thus resulting in whole nations living maximal alone.

The world is not that complicated: the earth circulates around the sun, the rich get richer, the poor poorer because they pay higher taxes than Jeff Bezos… as simple as that…

Manfred Spitzer: Loneliness – the unrecognized disease: painful, contagious, deadly (German Edition)

#wtf, no translation of this book yet?

2021: Amazon in Europe: turnover € 51 Billion, taxes €0

#wtf? how can it be?

This is not just massively unfair towards ANYONE paying taxes in Europe (self employed are asked to pay 40% taxes on income, employed income tax depends on “tax class”), it is also damaging democracy, because it shows how injustice happens in front of EVERYONE’s eyes and democracies are UNABLE to do anything about it? (I look at you Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland).

“In the past” it was (probably) not better, but different… “When asked why they preferred to live in the past, 42 percent of respondents across all age groups said that cohesion(group solidarity) had been greater in the past.” Yes, because you can’t survive in a crisis/hardship without cohesion. The world is not that complicated: the earth circulates around the sun, the rich get richer, the poor poorer because they pay high taxes Amazon does not pay taxes…

Also, the current system is not made for people, but by money (the top 1%) for money (the top 1%)

otherwise we would now have the 1 day week, if you do not believe me, check out Prof Dr Christian Kreiß

Note of the warning: yes, Prof Dr Kreiß has already spoken at some dubious Corona events (probably out of panic that the economy is collapsing completely due to lockdown… Corona was actually more devastating for economic growth (!) than the 2008 financial (banking lending too much housing bubble speculation) crisis) he has to be careful, otherwise he discredits himself.

economic inequality dividing nations

By the way, also a very interesting observation in the East/GDR: due to the reunification, the Ossis have become more unequal (some now drive fat BMWs instead of Trabbi and others just drive…. nothing…) CURIOUSLY, this now ensures that former neighbors who got along well back then… now don’t talk a word to each other… Also bad for the better off BMW driver, who is very sad about this fact.

crisis as opportunity for change: time does not run backwards, only one way: forward in creative ways

Trump & Putin, both try to dial back time to the glorious 1960s.

Where black people were not allowed to rent buildings and the Soviet Union could enslave large parts of Europe.

One of THE BIGGEST responsibilities of the older generations (those born before 2000) is, to ensure, that all young people born after 2000

  • ARE EDUCATED for a broad world view & sustainable survival on this pale blue dot Earth
    • the mindset of the youth should be: IF YOU DON’T DO IT, NO ONE WILL
  • SEE THE WORLD: give them cheap travel tickets around the world, so they can see the world from multiple angles… (one sided views are very dangerous traps)
    • this can mean for the elderly to give up powers, privileges and possessions BEFORE DEATH at the age of 100


passing the great filter of self destruction

Dear Aliens, if you read this, now would be a perfect timing for your Earth invasion.


Because then Russia MIGHT stop killing in Ukraine and the whole mankind would unite against the aliens.

But as Elon citing Carl Sagan  correctly points out, we, mankind, have to fix this ourselves, prevent ww 3 ourselves, can not rely on aliens to fix this “filter” for us.

the universe does not care: “who owns the sandbox”

imagine Biden, Xi and Putin being 3 toddlers in a sandbox, throwing sand at each other.

everyone wants to “dominate” the sandbox. (control all the sand molds)

To achieve this goal they go great lengths and sacrifice thousands and thousands of innocent lifes. #wtf

will he invade or not: yesterday it used to be funny…

… now the world is speculating: WHY Putin is so evil.

Dr Evil Putin Meme

Western hostilities mean Eastern Friendships


“In a telephone conversation with Putin, President Erdogan emphasized that the complexity of the problem, and even more so the military conflict, is not beneficial to anyone,” the statement said.

translated from

for some in the West: peace is bad for business

for Ukraine it would be wise to back off and not further escalate the tensions (even under US pressure).

state money for private pockets: for industrial military complex: cold war 1.0 was great “win” (military budget 7% instead of now 3%)

The “great filter” (of civilizations) Elon was talk-tweeting about so often,

is, what drives him forward, to make mankind multiplanetary, and as the non-stop crisis mode of mankind shows, it is DESPERATELY NEEDED, if mankind wants to survive as a species.

And nature would want that.

There is a theory, why mankind (up to now) did NOT make contact with alien species, exactly because of this self destruction problem (by war or overuse of finite resources).

No doubt there are alien civilizations out there.

But one of the “great filters” is, that as soon as an civilization reaches a certain technological level, it might blow itself up (on purpose (war), or by accident (Fukushima)).

During first cold war 1.0 mankind developed that technological capability, but luckily, it was not used.

This is not in anyone’s intention and also not in nature’s intention.

the universe does not care, if mankind survives. but every single one of us should care.

Declare war on hostile living conditions on Mars, not on each other.

Because life is precious in the universe.

Don’t waste it. Please someone tell all those war mongers.

this post was overwritten with – nothing – emptiness.

As empty as the words of Putin.

Who kept meeting with nation’s leaders for dialogue – while already knowing – what he will do – murder many 10.000 men, women and children in the most brutal AND stupid way to topple a disliked government.

(there are at least 2x ways to change a foreign government that would be more intelligent and that even Lenin & Stalin employed… but well hewego 2022).

The fact western leaders were willing to meet with Mr Putin – means – they all thought – he was more intelligent – but Russia was arrogant and with a steel hammer tries to hammer it’s little brother Ukraine, not without hefty losses also amongst the Russians.

And someone in the US pentagon and in UK is cheering, finally, after Afghanistan, kick the Russian’s ass.

UK says Putin has gone ‘full tonto’ and we can ‘kick his (backside) aka ass

“Germany turns tough toward Russia over Ukraine invasion”

Finally: the world realized, how evil the Russians really are and unite against them and buy loads and load of US arms.

#congratulations all involved #catastrophe