thinking straight is the greatest gift and super power that mankind has.

concentrate all your brain power on the problems at hand and iterate over it – again and again – with creativity and reasoning – if you can not find an answer – come back 10min later – or the next day.

The large scale classic death economy theme: war and wargames.

Turkey definitely should get kicked out of NATO, NATO itself should be abolished.

Merkel: “clear commitment to NATO”

USA - the Idiot that quit the INF treaty -
Washington != is not USA, it is a part of USA where evil Idiots are that quit INF treaty – the IRAN treaty and the Paris Climate treaty…

The worst thing about the gigantic maneuver “Defender 2020” is, that it will fuel the Russian propaganda machine against the “evil West”.

(not everybody is evil there)

“In April and may 2020, the increased military activities in Germany,” military training area Bergen, in Lüneburg.

watch every day life in Norway NATO exercise:

Main task of the Bundeswehr: sitting around, boredom.

“WASHINGTON — the Defender 2020 in Europe is set to be the third-largest military exercise on the continent since the Cold War, according to Lt. Gen. Chris Cavoli, the U.S. Army Europe commander.”

“fort in the United States to port in the United States,” and then to ports in Europe, and from there to operational areas throughout the continent, including Germany, Poland, the Baltic states, Nordic countries, and Georgia, among others, Cavoli said.”


Russian MTLB in South Ossetia during the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict, 2008. the fighting that took place in August 2008 between Georgia, on the one hand, and the self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia, as well as Russia, on the other.
Russian MTLB in South Ossetia during the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict, 2008. the fighting that took place in August 2008 between Georgia, on the one hand, and the self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia, as well as Russia, on the other.

Why Georgia? Georgia is NO NATO MEMBER STATE!

The situation there is similar – right now – not as bad – as that of Ukraine.

Why does US-NATO want to hold military exercises in Georgia – where violence erupted in 2008?


Absolutely idiotic, can once again only the Americans come up with such a dangerous bullshit.

US-President Wilson (1913 – 1921) already knew:

When I spoke of the Kaiser building up the German machine as a means of maintaining peace, he said, “What a foolish thing it was to create a powder magazine and risk someone’s dropping a spark into it!”

What has improved since then? (I hope) nowadays Bill Gates no longer has to be afraid that Russian Communism will take away his Microsoft, is “only” afraid that he could pay too much tax.

German steel millionaire Thyssen was afraid of communism for that reason – so Thyssen financed Hitler, then ran away to Argentina and wrote a book…


Just hope – that people ain’t that stupid anymore.

But well… who knows…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” (Albert Einstein)

PS: What has capitalism and Israel to do with this?

Will tell you: Capitalists make a shit load of money as NATO states increase their debt transferring loads of € and $ to private pockets that make money with stupid idiots believing the propaganda.

The private mafia has a favorite customer: the state.

A customer for weapons, food and supplies with money paid by tax paying idiots (everybody that is not Amazon, not Apple).

Israel would like to see a weakened Russia, because Russia intervened in Syria to reinstall Assad.

Syria is a direct neighboring state and long time enemy of Israel.


Daily Memo: South Ossetia-Georgia Dispute, China-Germany Talks, Ukraine-Russia Prisoner Swap




The answer is: career and in capitalism

or in other words:

insecurity / anxiety not to survive without sufficient support from the (already mentally ill) money-community

Everybody knows the older the woman/men the worse the genetic material gets, the risk for a disabled child increase, the higher the risk of mankind to die out.

So shiny Coca Cola capitalism without limits: it is a poison for families and: IT’S A TRAP!

(for the WHOLE species)

But who can flee and declare independence from the monetary system?

Almost nobody – small steps are possible – grow your own food – your own water well – your own solar system – your own waste water treatment… well here the problems start… because of pro corporations lobby made laws. (gov corruption in short)

You will need money to buy land to free yourself from money (without governmental support a slow and agonizing process that goes over decades).

The worst: Why are there so many singles?

Unrestricted unlimited everyone will be happy “make believe” capitalism poisons the habitat with chemicals affecting the brains plus systematically breeds  selfishness (this is scientifically proven) and psychopaths and destroys social skills – guess how this affects relationships (in the worst way possible… )

Apple: Social Freezing

the term itself makes me chill.

“With more and more women choosing to have children later in life, many are opting to freeze their eggs.”

it may sound sad but:

In the 14th century, the cause of death for a lot of people was violence, so a lot has improved since then on the “obvious” violence front.

But the “systemic violence” front on a global scale is invisible to the naked eye… except for a few journalists that get shot because of writing the truth, the “systemic violence” of the system goes undetected – against the poorest of the poor but also against children of the West.