(SME (Smal and Medium Sized Enterprises)) they do not have much confidence in Germany’s economic future

“SMEs prefer to finance their spending by using their own resources because they are not sure future profits can pay back new loans.

Businesses used to accept some risk by taking out loans to finance their projects. But this is becoming less common because the success of new projects is increasingly uncertain, especially in light of stagnant and even decreasing economic growth in Europe.”

If you substitute the word “growth” into “sustainable living” – then we come closer to a solution.

This is a very accurate analysis of the situation – and it has A LOT TO DO WITH THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM SOMEONE CAME UP WITH AND FORCED US TO LIVE IN. (You can’t say Mario Draghi was elected democratically… because he is not in any party besides Goldman-Sachs)


So the SMEs are using up their savings, their substance… and then what? 1929 revival party?

What is the Goldman-Sachs Draghi plan? A third Reich? World War 3 with Russia?

Overthrow of the government and installing a pro-Russian or pro-Washington dictatorship? (Hey Putin? What about a putsch?)

I do not know about you – but i would like to avoid the “usual” 1929 civil war and survival revival “party”, that economists probably say is “normal”? (Ups and Downs… Life and Death… last downer killed 60 million people.)

What would J.P. Morgan do? After all – there are limits and endless growth is not a blessing but like cancer – a disease – killing the patient.

He often knew how to fuck things up and make profit at the same time.

banker-j-p-morgan-i_like_a_little_competitionYou could also say: “I like to keep competition small”
or: “I prefer monopolies”

“they” (the SMEs) – just as anyone else – that does not belong to the winners of the Euro-Game (monopoly is just a game with FIAT money) lose trust in the correctness, fairness, effectiveness and long-term functionality of the finance system – that allows multi-national companies and banks to avoid trillions of € and USD in taxes.

Again: Who cares about the social and environmental costs – if it is (again) the 99% that pay? J.P. Morgan shurely not. After all: It’s Darwinism-time! Isn’t it? Wasn’t it all the time?

“But the rain will also fall on you”

Your children might one day want to kill you for being such an egoistic bastard – there a gun can help. Or you just try to keep em stupid FOREVER 😀 (will not work for all). Btw. Stalin’s second Wife should have shot Stalin first – then herself.

Nadezhda Alliluyeva killed herself in November 1932


grave-of-stalins-second-wife-nadezhda-alliluyeva-at-novodevichy-cemetery-bmb4wp While the Soviet-Russian System is “obviously” corrupt – the Western Systems are just as corrupt – but not that obviously.

Pujo Committee, a subcommittee of the House Banking and Currency committee. The committee ultimately concluded that a small number of financial leaders was exercising considerable control over many industries. The partners of J.P. Morgan & Co. and directors of First National and National City Bank controlled aggregate resources of $22.245 billion, which Louis Brandeis, later a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, compared to the value of all the property in the twenty-two states west of the Mississippi River.[27]


In the end – they laugh you in the face and say: “of course we fooled you – have you really been that naiv?”

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About the Author of the Source article:

Antonia Colibasanu (Stratfor)


Ms. Colibasanu is Vice President of International Marketing at the US geopolitical analysis company Stratfor ( She joined Stratfor in 2006 as a regional consultant before joining the company’s reseantonia-colibasanu-stratfor-vicearch department. Ms. Colibasanu is also an associate lecturer in the International Relations department of the Romanian Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. The courses she teaches include Research Methodology, Economic Growth and Development and International Organizations and Diplomacy. Antonia Colibasanu is also the founder of Books for Peace, a non-profit organization focused on promoting peace through education and culture.





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“Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence”


The Sam Adams Award is given annually to an intelligence professional who has taken a stand for integrity and ethics. The Award is given by the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence,[1] a group of retired CIA officers. It is named after Samuel A. Adams, a CIA whistleblower during the Vietnam War, and takes the physical form of a “corner-brightener candlestick”.[2]

Ray McGovern established the Sam Adams Associates “to reward intelligence officials who demonstrated a commitment to truth and integrity, no matter the consequences.”[3]

The 2012, 2013 and 2014 Awards were presented at the Oxford Union.[3][4]

  • 2002: Coleen Rowley[5][6]
  • 2003: Katharine Gun, former British intelligence (GCHQ) translator; leaked top-secret information showing illegal US activities during the push for war in Iraq[7]
  • 2004: Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator; fired after accusing FBI officials of ignoring intelligence pointing to al-Qaeda attacks against the US[8]
  • 2005: Craig Murray,[5] former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan who blew the whistle on UK complicity in the Uzbek government’s use of torture and involvement in extraordinary rendition
  • 2006: Samuel Provance, former US Army military intelligence sergeant; spoke out about abuses at the Abu Ghraib Prison[9]
  • 2007: Andrew Wilkie, retired Australian intelligence official; claimed intelligence was being exaggerated to justify Australian support for the US invasion of Iraq[8]
  • 2008: Frank Grevil, Danish whistleblower; leaked classified information showing no clear evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq[10]
  • 2009: Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell and Iraq War critic.[5]
  • 2010: Julian Assange, editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks[11][12]
  • 2011: Thomas Andrews Drake, former senior executive of the US NSA; Jesselyn Radack, former ethics adviser to the US Department of Justice[13]
  • 2012: Thomas Fingar, former chairman of the National Intelligence Council[2]
  • 2013: Edward Snowden, leaked NSA material showing mass surveillance by the agency, sparking heated debate[14][15][16]
  • edward-snowden-gets-sam-adams-associates-for-integrity-in-intelligence-award-price
  • 2014: Chelsea Manning,[17][18] a United States Army soldier who was convicted in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses
  • 2015: William Binney, a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency turned whistleblower

who wanted to be “great” again?

Donald Trump, president and chief executive of Trump Organization Inc., speaks while announcing he will seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at Trump Tower in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. Billionaire television personality and business executive Donald Trump formally began his Republican presidential campaign today in Manhattan, saying that the United States has become "a dumping ground for other people's problems." Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Donald Trump
Donald Trump, president and chief executive of Trump Organization Inc., speaks while announcing he will seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at Trump Tower in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. Billionaire television personality and business executive Donald Trump formally began his Republican presidential campaign today in Manhattan, saying that the United States has become “a dumping ground for other people’s problems.” Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Donald Trump

reagan-lets-make-america-great-again texas-teaparty-patriots-trump-make-amerika-great-again


Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler wall-street-and-the-rise-of-hitler-by-antony-sutton


It is great to be a banker – Mr Kurt Baron von Schröder – who financed the rise of Hitler and the Nazis – got 3 months prison. That’s it.


3 months – for a banker – that indirectly caused the death of 60 million people.



You can download the book here: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.pdf – Voltairenet

Wall Street Paves the Way for Hitler The Dawes Plan, adopted in August 1924, fitted perfectly into the plans of the German General Staffs military economists.