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How could it look like?

The monetary system – that gives incentives – to be good humans – developing living sustainable lifes – passing on that knowledge of sustainable survival to children and grand-children.

Now Democracy is as corrupted as it is now – mankind desperately needs better ways to cooperate – in peace.

Survival on Mars will be way tougher than on Earth.

Even on our beloved blue “space ship” Earth and a lot of people struggle to survive even on Earth – largely triggered by non-sustainable lifestyles and the ignorance of the rich that derive their riches largely from privileges/rights on possessions (real estate, companies, mines, fishy profit shoveling laws) and powerful to not bring about self-sustainable-change which would free the poor from poverty.

Some try – and i respect those who try – but unless a critical mass does all one can do – to improve survival on Earth and Mars – mankind has no future.


superb documentary “System Error – How will capitalism end?” (Optiz, 2018)#

PS: faster machines are nice – but sufficient fast machines are sufficient/enough – going faster and faster will not rescue the planet – a holistic concept for sustainable survival of life on this planet could.


“Both the publication of the ifo business confidence index

(a survey among 9,000 German firms) and the statistics of incoming orders for the manufacturing sector at the beginning of September revealed a continuation of the economic downturn in Germany that cannot be ignored anymore.

The business climate dropped to 94.3 points – its lowest value since November 2012.

Incoming orders (see Figure 2 below) point to a severe weakness of investment.

These factors, amongst others, further strengthen the now widespread expectation that the Federal Statistics Office of Germany (Statistisches Bundesamt) will announce negative GDP growth for the third quarter of 2019.

Since this would mark the second consecutive quarterly contraction, it means that the German economy would be officially in a technical recession.

The recession in Germany comes at a time at which the only readily available instrument in the Monetary Union (EMU) to fight recessions, namely monetary policy, is not available anymore.

Moreover, German policymakers, the media, and professional economists have imprudently ignored the downturn, so that a discussion about appropriate countermeasures on the fiscal side remained silenced and valuable time was lost.

The repercussions for several fragile member states of the EMU, such as Italy and France, could turn out to be ominous.”

thanks all involved