Philosophie / Philosophy

creating “REAL” value?

Asking for “meaning” in life?

What is “REAL” value? What is “meaning”?

is killing people “REAL” value? Does it give your life meaning?

why is a real estate agent – buying and selling houses – constantly increasing rent and profit – highly valued and privileged by society?

but the work of a nurse not?

again – ask for the value.

value to whom? to society i assume.

what society? the 1% society? or the 99% society?

Value for 99% of society because anything else would be catastrophic.

All of mankind or parts of mankind?

If there is more money created by owning something than by labor – the whole system is crap.

The 1% depend on the rest 99% to sustain their quality of life, but who has that in mind?

Nobody – the focus is on chasing monetary profit – no room in that mind for anything else – the perfect distraction – the perfect excuse – we destroyed all life supporting systems (like the Amazon forest) – but hey – we did not know and just wanted to have a swimming pool as other people do.

so if i buy a house – (with debt money) – in order to sell it as soon as possible – at the highest possible price.

and i succeed – what value did i add to the 99%-society?


even worse – i just managed to drive up house prices – and houses are not statues – people need them to survive.

even worse – the real-estate-agent – because of lack of consciousness – is completely unaware or selfishly ignorant towards the fact – that he/she is NOT adding value to the 99%-society.

unaware = stupidity, could be changed with education.
ignorance = could be changed by training consciousness, if not it will bring about catastrophe for all – this i can gurantee you.

this debt-money operating system of society (DMOSOS) – is like a zombie – it exists – but for no reason.

their agents are in “zombie” mode – meaning – they continue what profits them – regardless environmental and social costs – even ignoring the fact – that they are working towards their own destruction.

A suicidal meaningless lifestyle.

But “fun” – because highly valued by the DMOSOS.

long term – it will not only crash the stock market – but mankind and it’s ecosystem.

this can hardly be labeled “success”.

PS: “the box” is the rule and mode of thinking that was trained by highly intelligent but brainwashed people at universities and schools.

Their self-confidence derived from feeling of importance – being invited to events including drinks and snacks for free – makes them do that.

But what is better?

Being brought up a stupid Taliban?

or a highly intelligent Taliban?

It is still an extremist viewpoint – neglecting the right of existence to anybody that thinks/believes different.

With the capitalism = Fiat money is like a Religion – it only works if enough people believe in it and participate.

Otherwise, the content of = claims = privileges, of the priest looks pretty crappy.

Banks, World Bank, IMF, Black Rock = Churches of Capitalism?

“Beliefs-driven business cycles”

“Over the years, different generations of economists have entertained the idea that beliefs, and beliefs alone, could be powerful enough to set the economy on a path to expansions and recessions solely determined by expectations of rosy times being eventually fulfilled, or otherwise.”


In German:

Mit dem Kapitalismus = Fiat-Geld ist es wie mit einer Religion – es funktioniert nur – wenn genügend Menschen daran glauben und mitmachen.

Ansonsten sieht das Gehalt = Ansprüche = Privilegien des Priesters ziemlich beschissen aus.