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uploaded: 2013

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… and why it creates inequality.

Joe Bongiovanni explains how money is created as debt by private banks and how that system heavily favors principles and values that are in direct opposition to those who seek a more just and sustainable world.

We are all playing by monetary rules that were written by our opponents. It’s a game we are bound to lose unless we change the rules.

For more information on HR 2990 visit: http://www.monetary.org

Recommended Reading:

Debt: The First 5000 Years by David Graeber

This video was recorded by Jason Bosch on Friday, September 20th, 2013 in Chicago, IL



The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga

Stephen A. Zarlenga (1941 – 25 April 2017) was a researcher and author in the field of monetary theory, trader in stock and financial markets, and advocate of monetary reform.

Theories on money and banking:
Zarlenga argued that, in a world where “the nature of money is a fiat of the law, an invention or creation of mankind,”[3] even in times of the gold standard, [note 1] the authority to “create money” should be the sole prerogative of a sovereign government.[4]

He supported[5] the distinctions made by 18th century author Henry George between wealth and money,[note 2] between money and credit, and between what George had called “privately-created credit, used in place of money and for private profit” and “government- or publicly- created money for the common good.”[6]

Hence, Zarlenga’s support for the incorporation of the Federal Reserve System, which he considered to be a “private institution,”[4][note 3] into the U.S. Treasury, “where all new money would be created by government as money, not interest-bearing debt”, and “the nationalization of the monetary system,”[note 4] thus ending fractional banking.[4] In an article published in the Barnes Review, to which he also reviewed publications,[7] he blamed the hyperinflation in Weimar Germany on “the privately controlled Reichsbank that created “far too many German marks.”[8]

He wrote numerous articles on the subject of monetary reform along these lines, and, in 2002, authored the book The Lost Science of Money, first published in German in 1999, as Der Mythos Vom Geld – Die Geschichte Der Macht (The Mythology Of Money – The Story Of Power), where he also criticized the European common-currency regime.[1]

(src: wikipedia.org)

Marx already realized it – modern days capitalism is a highly unstable system.

bad if your life depends on the inflow of money – you are basically trusting your life to windows 95 – it could crash any moment – nobody knows when – but everybody knows it will…

…just praying will not do the job.

“Suicides resulted in 828,000 global deaths in 2015, an increase from 712,000 deaths in 1990.[5][13] ” (src: en.wikipedia.org) (+16% in in 25 years, so you can say +0.6% increase every year?)

It’s old news but since 2015 and drowning refugees and raped and even murdered women – it is more present than ever before.

capitalism wants cheap workers – no matter where they are from – so they recruit whoever is willing to enslave him/her more than others.

To capitalism – it is not even important if a migrant integrates well into society or if they learn the language – all that matters if they can clean the floor at the lowest possible price.

Australia: Soon a Chinese colony?

In Australia – the first language spoken could be Chinese, then Hindu then English.

During my visit to Australia i wanted to order a Pizza next to a Tesco shopping center.

The women behind the counter only understood Chinese and was unable to order the pizza.

Seriously – how can you EMPLOY someone in AUSTRALIA that does not speak even basic English?

It just does not work!?

When will those fucking capitalist realize it?

I am furious and angry at those Porsche driving idiots.

The long history of cheap foreign workers that do not speak German in Germany:

Reckless capitalism enables a highly unsustainable race to the bottom creating conflicts between people living in Germany since generations – also in need of a job.

i have witnessed German cleaning companies compete with Turkish cleaning companies on a race to the bottom.

The pretend-to-be-cheaper wins.

If mankind is about money and money only it will become ugly – an ugly society, full of fraud, abuse, violence, conflict, terror and satanism and satanism only.

Real estate “investors” even welcomed the refugees crisis of 2015 because refugees will drive up demand for housing which drives up costs for housing, which is their profits.

in short: those sick bastards profit from pain and misery of other people while completely disregarding the consequences and misery they create – they should experience what they created – be raped and killed by a refugees and have their kidneys sold on the black market.

Even Mrs Merkel said “Multi Kulti has failed” meaning: unchecked open borders – unlimited free trade and out of control migration creates a lot of problems and even  failed states.


It is a well established fact – that Turkish people have (mostly) less problems with tossing trash into the open.

This is similar to Arab people dropping their trash where they stand.

This massively conflicts with respect for nature and German culture of cleanliness.

In this case – sorry – the Turkish culture is lacking behind – not the culture of the ex-Nazis – soon again Nazis because exactly of this mess.

bad case:

Following up to the mass-raping of German woman in front of the Railway station Köln, Mrs Wagenknecht (The Left) publicly said: “if you missuses your guest-right – you lose your guest-right” – which i 100% agree with – people that become criminal while seeking asylum should go to prison straight – have their DNA taken (so next time they try to enter – there is no entry with fake passports possible) and be moved back to their homelands as soon as possible.

For these works Mrs Wageknecht got a cake smashed into her face by pro-refugee activists.

worst case: rape and murder

“Ethnologist and head of the Research Centre of Global Islam at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Susanne Schröter, said that Z. lacked respect for German society, German women, and German police, and spoke of a culture clash, whilst not making a blanket accusation against refugees, Arab men or Muslims. In an interview with web.de, she said that there were no young women in Germany for migrants like him.

She suggested that Germany needed to develop a new approach for dealing with aggressive men shaped by patriarchal cultures.[28][29] She said that the perpetrator had no respect for German society nor the police, and had viewed the girl as nothing but a sex object.[30]

(src: wikipedia.org)

Unfortunately this is also true for most immigrants with Muslim background – they regard German women fit for exploitation but not fit for marriage.

In Munich black refugees from Africa sit around in public parks like monkeys in a zoo without fences – making people feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Even the police patrols the parks only in large groups.

It’s just completely out of control.

Not civil war like out of control – but this still can happen.

While the Arabs once embracing science were ahead of Western culture – now the Arab culture lacks a 1000 years behind.

Obviously this will create clashes of modern values and the middle ages.

The root cause of the refugee crisis is – poverty in Africa – but also the US lead geopolitical wars / interventions for  “democracy” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and soon Iran? (i hope not)

Did i mention the Rockefellers are now exploiting Libyan oil? No? Well now you know.

“LONDON/TUNIS (Reuters) – French energy company Total (TOTF.PA) substantially raised its presence in Libya with the purchase of a 16.33% stake in Libya’s Waha concessions from U.S. Marathon Oil (a Rockefeller Company) (MRO.N) for $450 million on Friday.
Total has been in Libya for decades and holds a production share of 31,500 boe/d in 2017 from concessions in the offshore Al Jurf field and the onshore Sharara field. It also has a share in Mabruk field, which has been closed for several years because of poor security.” (src: Reuters)

This massive injustice sickens me.

Not the refugees are to blame – but the profit seeking bastards who let them in.

What now?