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2015-01: Germany: HURRAY! Minimum Wage 8.50€ per hour.

What Germany does not have in 2014, Australia has since 1904, staggered by age.


1 July 2018[24] $18.93 $719.20 Fair work Decision (Announced 1 June 2018)

2019-03: 18.93AUD = 11.8679 EUR

… holy cow. the AUD suffered some inflation? hence they HAD to rise the minimum wage to compensate the loss in buying power.

x38h per week: 450€ or 1802€ per month MINIMUM WAGE! This is still way better than Germany:

8.5€*38h*4weeks = 1292€ (Minimum Wage full time job!, massive difference of 428€ per Month)

2014-12: 16.87 AUD = 11.2847 EUR

or 640.90 AUD = 430€ PER WEEK! = 1720€ per Month


USA: tries to avoid it

but kind of has it now too

$7.25 an hour on July 24, 2009.[121]

Nearly all states within the United States have minimum wage laws; Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee are the only states yet to set a minimum wage law.[122]

National minimum wage in Australia with effect from July 1, 2014

Item Amount in Australian Dollars (A$) or in percentage (%)
National minimum wage 16.87 A$/hour or $640.90 per week
Casual loading 25%
Special national minimum wage 1: applies to disabled adults where disability DOES NOT affect productivity $640.90 per week (before tax), or $16.87 per hour.
Special national minimum wage 2: applies todisabled adults where disability DOES affect productivity Adults whose productivity is affected by their disability are paid a percentage of the national minimum wage, set in accordance with Schedule A to the National Minimum Wage Order.
Special national minimum wage 3: applies tojunior employees. The minimum wage for junior employees is a % of the national minimum wage and it reflects age as follows: Minimum hourly rate
<16 years: 36.8% $6.21
16 years: 47.3% $7.98
17 years: 57.8% $9.75
18 years: 68.3% $11.52
19 years: 82.5% $13.92
20 years: 97.7% $16.48
Special national minimum wage 4: applies to apprentices.The minimum wage for apprentices is a % of the national minimum wage and it reflects their progression as follows: The minimum wage for apprentices is a % of the national minimum wage and it reflects their progression as follows:
1st year: 55% $9.28
2nd year: 65% $10.97
3rd year: 80% $13.50
4th year: 95% $16.03
Special national minimum wage 5: applies to a trainee who is not an apprentice Minimum wage varies with years of schooling. Currently it varies from A$287.90 – A$585.80 per week. The minimum wage for a trainee is set in schedule E of the Miscellaneous Award 2010.

*level is reviewed but not necessarily increased every year


i am glad there are such brave reporters out there.

Full Movie 🙂

many lost their lives in Afghanistan… Pakistan and other places of this horrible world.

just to bring the rest of the “civilized” world the terrible truth.

this needs to change.

sustainability is a must.

in all sectors of our lives.

even if it means – no Mercedes Benz no more. (not the way they are today, the concept is 100 years old! (coal-steam-engine, oil-engine, (we are here) gas-engine, hydrogen-engine (this is where should have been 30 years ago! but the corrupt-money-system prevents it.) )

Full Movie Backup Link:

maybe we should do it like Putin:

… who has no mobile phone at all.

If any ” Lock “(inventor of the theory of private capital and capitalism) (called in the Film: Zeitgeistmovingforward) can write something that more or less corresponds to reality, then I can also write something:

alternatives to “fowl capitalism” – is not interested in sustainable progress/development/liberation of people from bondage and dependence.

Possible alternative / alternative Society System: Organic Government: (OG)

people join together to form “cells” (max 10-30 people)…. no longer fit like a table (big table suits more people).

These cells are closing again to gather organs. (depending on your skills/specialization/knowledge/subject ) the ultra-braniacs form the brain pool, have to pass ethic, moral and psychopathic test, which decides which direction the journey should go.

that is, intelligence (and thus I mean logic, social competence, and the one that Shawn Achor has mentioned, which is able to use intelligence positively at all) is more important for this post than good looks or Rethorics.

furthermore: sense of responsibility, because: each Organ must in the decisions of the brain a painful “veto “(pain!!!) can be inserted

The brain would probably not decide to run a Marathon if the leg reports “broken”.

Wenn irgendein “Lock” (Erfinder der Theorie von private capital und capitalism) (genannt im Film: Zeitgeistmovingforward) irgendwas schreiben kann, was mehr oder weniger der Realität entspricht, dann kann ich auch irgendwas schreiben:

Alternativen zum “faulen” Kapitalismus (fowl capitalism) – ist nicht an nachhaltigem Fortschritt/Entwicklung/Befreiung der Menschen aus Knechtschaft und Abhängigkeit interessiert.

Mögliche Alternative/alternatives Society-System:

Organic Government: (OG)

Menschen schliessen sich zu “Zellen” (max 9 Leute) zusammen…. nicht mehr wie an einen Tisch passen. diese zellen schliessen sich wieder zu Organen zu sammen. ( in Abhängigkeit von ihren Fähigkeiten/Spezialisierung/Wissen/Fachgebiet )

Die ultra-braniacs bilden den Gehirn-pool, der entscheidet in welche Richtung die reise gehen soll.

d.h. Intelligenz (und damit meine ich Logik, soziale kompetenz, und die von Shawn Achor angesprochene, welche überhaupt befähigt Intelligenz positiv zu nutzen) ist für diesen Posten wichtiger als gutes Aussehen oder Rethorik… desweiteren: Verantwortungsgefühl, denn:

Jedes Organ muss bei den Entscheidungen des Gehirns ein schmerzhaftes “veto” (schmerz!!!) einlegen können.

Das Hehirn würde vermutlich nicht entscheiden einen Marathon zu laufen wenn das Bein “gebrochen” meldet.