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Prof Dr Kreiß   says that 550 Billion USD/€ are transfered not because someone worked hard, but because someone owned something. (pay without work)

i say, if it is possible just by “owning” something/company/property to make MORE MONEY than if you would work your ass off, than this economic system is funamentally broken and people have every right to demand their independence from it, because then it is just the same as with kings and queens and nobility in the middle-ages.

Prof Dr Kreiß sagt, dass jährlich 550Mrd€ an leistungslosem Einkommen/Renten/Mieten/Gebühren von Arm nach Reich fließt.

Egal wie viel Reich leistet. Reich = die die etwas haben, von denen die nichts haben.

Ich behaupte, wenn es möglich ist, nur mit “NICHTS TUN” d.h. nur mit Besitz Einkünfte zu generieren, dann ist diese (sonst so auf Leistung fixierte und optimierte) DYSFUNKTIONAL/DEFEKT!

… dann ist an diesem Wirtschaftssystem MASSIVE etwas faul, ein KLARES FOUL-SPIEL an der Menschheit.

Wenn andere mit NICHTS TUN MEHR VERDIENEN, wie wiederum andere, welche sich den ARSCH aufreißen, dann sind wir im feudalen Mittelalter.

Prof. Dr. Christian Kreiß: Die Bereinigung 1914 war der WeltKrieg – cui bono? wer profitiert? 10 Jahre Finanzkrise – ist sie überwunden oder steht eine neue bevor? – Wer profitiert von Krisen?

low high – it is as international as and has been on this planet before

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is the monetary system itself not only creating bubbles and crisis but THE biggest single factor for inequality?

( i don’t know. just asking )

rising rates lowering rates… it does not matter, there is no solution within the current system.

the real question at hand is: how to create a financial monetary system that brings about the best qualities of man(kind)?

this is the ONLY way the 45th President of the United States or any other government could possible make their country “Great”.

But unfortunately it’s not on the RADAR of most politicians/businessmen, because of successful decades long brainwashing of the 4th Reich.

They were always on the winning side of monopoly – so they never cared about if the game makes any sense at all, giving them the “feeling of being importance” – when actually their actions might be damaging to society, mankind and the ecosystem.

  • empathy instead of psychopathy
  • balance instead of dominance
  • cooperation instead of egoism
  • friendship instead of war
  • helping humans/entrepreneurs become positive/successful contributors to society, rather than have young people lost to drugs and satanism
    • those that actually contribute positively to society should earn MORE than those that destroy society (right now it is the other way around)
  • having everyone work hard to reach and use their full potential (brainnnnnz)
    • not only in terms of profit but also human values
  • innovation
    • look at Musk, with way less money than Bill Gates or Bezos he contributes way more to mankind than those two ever did
    • give creative people the ability to realize their ideas instead of trying to turn them into well running machines (they never will run that well)
    • “Key patents held on the MP3 audio format expired last month – and it’s taken three weeks for anyone to notice.” (src)
  • a school system that actually respects the needs of humans – not the need of the system for well trained dogs
  • fairness, transparency over injustice, exploitation and deals behind closed doors
  • smaller “kingdoms” with more DIRECT participation of larger parts of the public (the dumb ones and the intelligent ones, not necessarily EVERYONE) in decision making
    • look at iceland and switzerland, these are smaller democratic boats that are more direct and agile in decision making
    • EU/Brussels is the exact opposite, while it’s an good idea “people that depend on trading with each other do (usually) not shoot at each other” it gives the feeling of decision making being “off shored” / out of reach / votes and voices lost somewhere in Europe.
  • making every human being a sovereign entity
    • that actually benefits from automation / new tech by
      • owning it/sharing it – freeing up time for important “human” issues like family and education of children, that machines do not care about
        • in the 1970s economists believed if efficiency continues like this – people will work one day a week at the same quality of living, well the exact opposite happened and i blame the financial system for it (e.g. fiat currencies being without value, if slaves do not bow down to it)
    • support true freedom of man in terms of a self sustainable self determined living in balance with the ecosystem in terms of food / energy / housing / transportation, where you are free to trade your time for money and not forced to trade your time for money to survive (leads to a lot of new problems like crime)

anything else will get mankind killed.

like in this song: “everything can become better”

so: what is the problem with 0% interest rates?

Steve Bannon mentions it “this can not work” in his speech in Switzerland.

Depending on the nation – people will lose “faith” in an 0% FIAT currency having value – sooner (USA) or later (Europe).

After ww2 the “Deutsche Mark” was a FIAT currency many economists believed can not work. It worked. The Euro and the Dollar (since 1972) is building on that experience, only difference $ tries to back it up with secret Saudi Oil only for $ business deals, so called (now heavily eroding) “oil standard”.

$ and € as most other currencies nowadays are FIAT currencies that have no intrinsic value (they are not gold) and they can not be traded to gold/silver/corn/oil/whatever stored at central banks or private banks at a fixed rate (it used to be $35 per 1 ounce of Gold!)

So all the “value” it has – is in people’s believes being able to buy bread for it the next day after work.

0% interest rate suggests:

  • banks now officially print money for free and buy the planet, creating massive speculation bubbles, that when the bubble bursts, the whole system collides (2008 subprime revival party)
  • people will ask: “why the heck should we work our asses off for a piece of paper, that YOU just print?”

the central bank interest rate is sometimes also called “the cost of money”.

So central banks and bankers in general face this dilemma:

  • raise interest rates
    • every economy even that of the US crashes – if “the music stops” there are no new loans created and given to entrepreneurs/companies/the state, that is what Trump is so afraid of
      • in a fragile not-really-growing economy risk an economic crash with private banks stop lending to entrepreneurs/companies that want to be innovative and create jobs
    • a finite planet can not have infinite growth, right now the industrial west has almost 0% growth since years (which is nothing bad for the ecosystem earth (less products sold, less waste in the oceans), but bad for interest-rate based private banks that heavily invested into real estate and want to charge ever-growing rents, you can not get interest from a company that does not grow, you can not get higher rents from people that earn less and less, empty houses do not earn money.
    • private banks crash first, because they are allowed to create loans out of thin air, that they can not pay back themselves (i still wonder why banks could not just lend to themselves and thus refinance infinitely to the point of massive inflation X-D)
  • keep interest rates at almost 0% or even go negative
    • people might say “why work hard if banks just print it or even get paid for taking a loan, why can’t i get paid for taking aloan?” loss of faith in the value of the FIAT currency
    • private banks’s main source of income – interest on loans is missing – so they compensate that with charging their customers all kinds of fees (i pay 70€ at GLS JUST to have an BANK ACCOUNT!) which then have less money to spend on stuff

in both ways: it seems to be the end of a ponzi scheme, where some people (the “nazis”) believe to be “better” more “clever” than the rest.

when actually – they are not.

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Born and raised in Mannheim to South African parents of Indian, German and Irish descent, Naidoo worked in several jobs in the food and music industries before relocating to the United States in the early 1990s, where he released his first full-length English-language album Seeing Is Believing under his stage name Kobra in 1994.

He currently resides in Heidelberg in his native Germany (src)