how did it all begin?

the “trade union” EU was started by coal and steel companies – partly as a peace project (because the one who controlled steel and coal could build and ship more weapons) – partly as a free trade project (money, money, money).

in 2018 the EU feels like a abstract monster living in abstract Brussel – far away from the people it makes laws for.

The EU has democratic deficits in it’s construction – only a small amount of people can propose laws – the parliament (750 people) can not propose laws – only veto them –  the 28 people of the european commission (EC) actually have all the power – “it alone has legislative initiative in the EU” (src)

President Jean-Claude Juncker
First Vice
Frans Timmermans
Vice Presidents

It feels like a money-controlled Union – and via money and debt it was how self appointed power greedy “elites” tried to hold the construct together – to be used as a powerful geo-economic trade weapon against whoever threatens the “elites” power.

how the euro currency came into existance

after the collapse of the soviet union – the DDR (East-Germany) wanted to unite with West-Germany again (1989, fall berlin wall).

But Mitterrand (President of France at this time) feared that Germany – again – could become too powerful – and yes there are power-addicted politicians in every country also in Germany – so he accepted German unification of East and West only – if Germany would abandon the “Deutsche Mark” and France and Germany would share the same currency – the “Euro” currency – with one cental bank in Frankfurt (why in Frankfurt? Why not in Brussels?) to rule them all – was born.

Kohl (at this time Chancellor of Germany) accepted the – unofficial – deal.

lured into catastrophe – leading with fear?

“In 1977, Francois Mitterrand, then the leading opposition politician in France, told the magazine Nouvel Observateur: One has to be careful not to turn the common market into a mere free trade zone. Neither Greece nor Spain are in a position to join the Community.” (src)

And Mitterrand was right – Greece WAS not ready to join – but Goldman Sachs helped to fake the balance sheet of the country to make it look like it as – we all know how it ended with severe austerity that let to poverty and suicide and gave rise unemployment – protests – right wing populism in Greece.

“Everyone dances as long as the money-music plays – if the money-music stops (no credits/loans are given out anymore) – the party stops”

Who is the troika?

European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) demand the harsh austerity program from Greece because it can not “pay back” the (mostly private) banks.

even worse: no cooperative trade – rather trade war and power projection by money and debt?

“The German government has long been accused by critics of profiting from Greece’s debt crisis.

Now there are some new numbers to back it up: Loans and bonds purchased in support of Greece over nearly a decade have resulted in profits of €1.34 billion for Germany’s finance ministry (Scheuble) which confirmed the number in response to a parliamentary query from the Green Party, according to a report by German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.” (src)

But this time – the way back – Grexit – regaining the right to print their own “Drachma” money

seems harder and Mr Varoufakis (the then Finance Minister of Greece) fears the market could speculate against Greece if they would plan to get their national currency back. (!? not 100% sure how this is supposed to work but okay)

“Another shameful distortion of what I said (evident to anyone who actually reads the article. My line “we must be prepared for Grexit in order to fend off Grexit” was presented as “Greece must ditch the euro”. Trump has nothing on you when it comes to wilful distortion”

An interesting fact: Long serving Ex-Minister of Finance of Germany Scheuble spoke with Varoufakis and told him – Greece is made an austerity-example to put pressure on France – to pass whatever law – banks love?

Scheuble: “i needs the troika in Paris”

Macron – now seems to feel the pressure of those financiers – and out of fear to become like Greece – follows the neoliberal orders and imposes more and more austerity / exploitation on the French people – knowingly – that it did not work for the Greek economy – and it will NOT work for the French economy.

it used to be called theft – now it is called reform

they say: you can’t have a better life – there is not enough money for everybody – but there is always enough money to save the financial system when private banks are about to collapse.

it is simpled printed by the ECB and lend out to those banks for 0%.

That is how capitalism works: Exploitation

But as everybody knows – the French Revolution started in France.

Macron was educated at elite-academy École Nationale d’Administration (ENA), and served 4 years as  Investment banker for Rothschild & Cie Banque.

In 2014 he attended the Bilderberg-conference.

So you can tell there is something fishy going on – and he is NOT with the people – but with financial criminals.

all the more or less corrupt members of the European Commission 2018

Former Commissioners

… in which asholes and psychopaths “earn” the most money and rule the world and turn earth into hell.

After decades of lobby-controlled-democracy – democracy in Germany is weaker than ever.

Jürgen Trittin (also GreenParty) “Niemand kann dauerhaft gegen den Markt regieren” “You can not make politics against the market (forever)”

After all even Socrates believed only the “noble” and the rich shall rule – because people are “too stupid” to rule themselves.

After 2008-subprime-crisis and 2015-refugee-crisis – it just takes another 1929-like finance-economic bank failure crisis – to give all power to extreme-right.

Most (99%) of non-extreme-right politicians are not aware of their massive responsibility of averting another 1929 and the right-wing and possible war fallout.

Most (at least 95%) are egoistic bastards that do not care about anything but their own pockets.

Best example: Joschka Fischer – from activist to lobbyist – lobbyist for what?