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as long as people “earn” (generate claims on sum x against others) more money just because you own something (Land Lord), as if you work, this System is not only unfair but dysfunctional – to work does not pay off – but work is the only thing that gives the fiat-paper-money value.

So by being lazy –  the super-rich devalue the money.

It creates a dysfunctional society of super-rich and super-poor – both lazy.

Because the super-rich do not have to work (and thus don’t) and for the super-poor it does not pay off to work, because they would barely make the minimum income.


in German:

So lange mit “Besitz” (Land Lord) mehr Geld verdient wird, als wenn mit Arbeitet, ist dieses System nicht nur ungerecht sondern dysfuntional/kaputt.

Es entsteht zwei Schichten die beide Faul sind: Die Super Reichen, und die Super Armen.

Gleichzeitig zerstört sich der Kapitalismus selbst: Weil wenn sich nicht lohnt für Geld zu arbeiten, verfällt der Wert des Geldes, weil niemand für dieses Geld (weder die Super-Reichen noch die Super-Armen) tatsächlich arbeitet.

Jetzt gibt es zwei möglichkeiten: Arbeit muss sich wieder lohnen, dazu müssten natürlich Jobs geschaffen, statt abgebaut werden, man müsste den Menschen eine Perspektive aufzeigen (“wenn Du das machst kannst Du Dir in 5 Jahren einen Tesla leisten” ($35.000)).

Weil ohne Perspektive wird sich niemand groß Bewegen.

Gleichzeitig müssen die Massen zur Selbständigkeit erzogen werden, d.h. man muss wieder spüren, dass es auf diesem Planeten vor allem um eines geht: Um’s NACHHALTIGE (!) Überleben.

Deswegen wäre es sehr wichtig, den Massen beizubringen sich nicht auf Staat ECB und Co zu verlsasen, sondern jedes Land, jede Gemeinde und jede Familie sollte jeden Euro und jeden Dollar in ihre Selbständigkeit (Trinkwasser, Nahrung, Wohnraum, Energie, Sicherheit) und Unabhängigkeit stecken.

Wird das nicht gemacht ist die Katastrophe vorprogrammiert.

Dass jeder sein eigenes Trinkwasser, Nahrung, Heizung “providing for the family” auch ohne Geld sicherstellen kann, weil man sich nicht auf korrupte zentralistische Systeme verlassen kann.

Diese Unabhängigkeit, welche viel Arbeit ist,  kann man doch auch einem Armen nicht verwehren?

give me a monopoly on food or water or energy or air or land or the sun… and i get rich automatically.

many people (not the healthy and the rich) have legitimate grievances.

the left blames neoliberal capitalisms and the  deregulation they advocate (it’s called “freedom”), neoliberals (of course) blame the state/government/laws.

so if something goes wrong – nobody wants to take responsibility – but rather just finds some reasons to blame it on someone else (scape goat principle).

you know what REALLY would help?

  1. have your own water well for fresh water (so you do not have to pay Nestle for it)
  2. have your own hectare of furtile land, grow your own food and reuse your own seeds (so you do not have to pay anyone for it, not even Monsanto)
  3. produce your own electricity (so you do not have to pay anyone for it)

who – left, right and neoliberal can NOT agree with those three points?

It enhances peoples freedoms and independence.

And i thought – freedom and independence is what neoliberals want. (hopefully for everybody not only for themselves, that would be selfish and egoistic)

All parties – government – banks – private households should enable and work towards this or get out of the way.

i close with this funny cartoon:

you can also have it in French:

everything lives off a balance:

if things get out of balance – it’s always bad – buildings collapse, nations collapse, ecosystems collapse, the human body collapses if blood is accumulating to massively at one spot or maybe going into areas where there should be no blood at all (brain stroke) leading to death or paralysis.

everything depends on balance

Bernard Lietar once said, our monetary system is prone to failure because it is not an ecosystem of many systems and currencies – but rather for the sake of efficiency (as if efficiency would solve all problems) it becomes highly instable. (no bio diversity)

the whole picture

there are many micro cosmos on this planet – and if you not have never seen and lived at least a hand full of them (you need to at least spend one month in a country/in a micro cosmos to actually understand and “feel” what is it like to live like this) – then you only see a small glimpse of what this world is like – you do not have the full picture – just a section – if you want to understand the world (and hopefully change it to the better) – this section is not enough – otherwise you live in (worst case unsustainable) bubble.

why is sustainability important?

Because unsustainable means: it is going to end.

Even the life of your children.


The rich lock themselves away – they are too afraid to share the streets with the poor (and in the worst case rush from one appointment to the next).

At the same time they dream about freedom.

What kind of freedom did they expect to find in this bubble?

consciousness is the compass

It is absolutely paradox and even worse: In the worst case their consciousness is not well trained, hence they are lost without a compass.

They do not even know what makes them truly happy.

There is a meditation (and any true guru will teach this for free) that is about breathing it is called: vipassana and it is exactly for this: to enhance your awareness.

In my humble opinion every human being shall do this for 10min a day one month straight.

Everyone can spare 10min a day. No excuses.

It is rather a question of: are you willing to.

nothing to trade:

the “problem” of the poor is that they have nothing to trade with “the market”.

It could be that they do not know what the market needs or even that the market currently does not need a lot of humans to operate. (machines/robots/software replace human labor)

Someone even said, maybe it is good to have some unemployment because this is free time people can use for something else… well… it’s not so funny if you have to spend this time under a bridge in the winter because you have nothing to trade with the market and the market does not want to give you a home for free.

no child is born and says: “i want to be stupid, poor and dependent on subsidies”

every child wants to develop it’s full potential.

nobody is born and says “i want to become a waiter”

everyone wants to develop one’s full potential and become a rockstar. (of course)


In a world where people do not understand or care about the problems of others – is a reckless – ignorant – and (worst of all) unsustainable world – unsustainable means: it is going to end.

that will inevitably lead to violence, uprisings, revolutions and even war.

Fun fact: even the rich – do not want their factories, banks, cars, properties to be leveled.

So let’s come to a solution!

Any government that is not working towards a solution for all – shall step aside.

Do you expect the market will fix this by itself?

I don’t think so – the market is partly an autonomous program that only cares about it’s numbers (profit) at worst it’s a stupid unsustainable game without meaning played by “big boys” that only care about – if they can get their own private jet yacht golf course etc.

Only people that have seen and lived many micro cosmos can understand the problems of mankind and work together with others to fix it before it becomes a catastrophe for all.

The rich are so afraid to sit down at the table with the poor or even walk the streets and in poor shoes for one month.

the rich: I challenge you:

live one year poor. And you will see the world with a different view.

You will understand mankind better.

With rich i mean:

  • people that can not remember when they cleaned their own bathroom the last time (because they pay others to do it)
  • and/or managed to generate (legitimate or illegitimate) claims to charge a someone or some company or institution (state) a certain amount of money per month/year.
    • after all the monetary system is a law system, hence lawyers know how what they can claim and how to generate the claims out of the system.

legitimate grievances and race discrimination:

Actually all the whole race discrimination thing (that leads to hate and violence) – is about unsustainable concepts for survival.

If the Africans could survive sustainable in their country – they will never leave it – because they love their home country just as (usually anyone else) does.

But there is resource discrimination – the wealth from trade of oil of Nigeria is not well distributed – the soil in many countries is so expensive – even if the unemployed would like to “back to farming” they can not – because they can not afford the land – making them completely dependent on insecure jobs and unstable monetary systems.

  • usage of non-renewable resources plays an important role as well:
    • this planet has nice spots and places – fruitful hectares of land (good to grow food) and barren deserts (good for solar power)
    • but not everyone is entitled to use them, you will need land-rights, the right to build a house on the land – everyone needs a house so how can you not allow people to build one?
    • even worse: some of those resources will never come back (oil, gas) they are not renewable – which will create violence and conflict if nations demand on them for survival (to go to work, to generate income).
    • poverty is still the #1 factor for refugees to flee a country and they do in masses to knock down  the doors of western nations where they get into conflict with the poor (mostly white) people already living there (i have witnessed this first hand)
    • a key factor is to enable people to live sustainable lives – not block the development – because of short term financial gains (the worst way to do business really… imho this should be investigated by the secret agencies and people should get seriously jailed for it, it’s a crime against all of mankind)
    • to replace finite resources (like fire wood) with renewable resources (like solar power) e.g. for cooking – how to proliferate the technology to the poor so they will stop chopping down all trees on this planet to cook their meals? (like they have done for centuries… but if they do not change, they risk of getting even poorer by worsening their micro climate (trees produce shade which let’s rain soaked soil stay wet longer, allowing more plants to grow) and degrading the soil by erosion leading to more refugees and human misery.

live long and prosper! Everybody!

… and please, walk in each other’s shoes for one month otherwise the poor will not understand the rich – and the rich will not understand the poor and things escalate very violently.

it does not have to be this way – again and again.

If all sides are dedicated to constructive behavior – we can sit down – talk – solve the problems peaceful instead of being stupid and jumping at each other’s throats.

Not even the rich will want that – because they also do not want their palaces to be leveled by war and burned down by violence or their friends murdered by a mob.

So i urge you: please homo sapiens be sapient (wise) and come up with better solutions – better for everybody – better for the planet – better for mankind.

Don’t stay stupid out of fear!