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Reinventing organizations (book)

“A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness” is a book written by Frédéric Laloux and published in 2014.

It lists the different paradigms of the human organizations through the ages and proposes a new one: Teal organisation.

The latter is built on three pillars related to wholeness, self-management and evolutionary purpose.

by Frederic Laloux

George Bush vs Pink “hard work”

Well in capitalism “hard work” translates as YOU work MORE for LESS PAY.

Even better: you work WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT AT ALL.

Would you do that?

Of course not – you would defacto enslave yourself and society would be catapulted back into Roman midevel times where slavery was “normal”.

Investor Carl Icahn: “We have this tremendous wealth gap that will lead to a populist movement”

“corporate America is really like feudalism – it is much more similar to feudalism than a democracy. They even use metaphors for it”

“think of the CEO and the board as the feudal lord – they surround themselves with mercenaries (lawyers) to protect them – barons (investment bankers) ”

What is Feudalism?

Feudalism was a combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries.

Broadly defined, it was a way of structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour.” (src: Wikipedia)

Hard work is good if it actually helps you towards YOUR goal.

But if the goal of others are:

  1. to enslave you
  2. keep the value of a FIAT (printed colorful paper  and digits on harddisks) currency such as USD and EUR UP (no intrinsic value, only psychological value)

Instead of working for money to buy food – access to land assumed – you could grow it directly.

At some point of exploitation – this will be less work than via the monetary system – despite the monetary system having all this hyper efficient machines and automations plus: it gives you true INDEPENDENCE.

About Carl ICahn:

Jan 7, 2019: “i said this for 20-25 years – do something but corporate governance – make corporations accountable – if you put the right guys in these companies – i think it would solve many problems – productivity – wealth gap”

ps how to tell if someone is rich?

ask him/her when was the last time you cleaned your own bathroom…

how to tell if someone is filty rich?

ask him/her when was the last time you cooked a meal?

unaired fox news interview between Tucker Carlson with Rutger Bregman Blows Up!

Bregman: Poverty is NOT a LACK of CHARACTER – poverty is not a lack of knowledgeit is a lack of cash

1978 Dec 5 Tu – Margaret Thatcher – Interview for Catholic Herald: “Nowadays there really is no primary poverty left in this country.

In Western countries we are left with the problems which aren’t poverty.

All right, there may be poverty because people don’t know how to budget, don’t know how to spend their earnings, but now you are left with the really hard fundamental character—personality defect.” (src)

we need more truth speaking historians as these – may he be rewarded – but i guess in the short to medium term – he will be punished by the current system.

  • you can compare it to a new computer that is running 10x heavy programs at once
    • gets slower and slower, makes errors, freezes, not because it is a bad computer, but because it has too much to do at once, the poor have the same problem
  • the poor make dumb decisions not, because they are living in a context in which anyone would make dumb decisions
    • this is why so many of our anti poverty programs don’t work
  • we often treat the symptoms but not the underlying causes
  • basic income guarantee

basic income experiment results Canada : Basic Income Guarantee

problem: i believe the super clever people in control of the privatized monetary system consisting of colorful paper and digits on an harddisk – have been printing billions and billions to buy this planet, it will make EUR and USD value collapse sooner or later (75 Trillion USD in risky shadow banking system about to implode) – and hence you would again have to reform basic income towards: basic right to access basic resources as air, water, land, healthcare, energy, communication… THINK AHEAD 😉

“I think BlackRock is an extremely dangerous company…Not that Larry is dangerous…What BlackRock is doing…. What is happening is very dangerous in our markets today,” Icahn said.

He was referring to the rise of structured securities that BlackRock creates like exchange-traded funds. BlackRock manages $US4.7 trillion in assets and is the biggest ETF provider in thr world.

Icahn said that he feels strongly that ETFs are “overpriced” and “extremely illiquid.” He thinks that they are going to “blow up.” (just as the interview with Tucker X-D)

To illustrate his point further, he described a cartoon he had thought of comparing the market to a “party bus” being driven by Fink and Yellen. That bus, he said, would go over a cliff “and hit a black rock.”

CARL ICAHN: “I was telling my daughter, who does my Twitter thing, here’s a great cartoon. You get this party mobile, and everybody in this mobile. They’re all on this party and they’re all having a drink…They’re all having this drink, having fun. And you know who’s pushing that thing? They’re pushing it. It’s Larry Fink and Janet Yellen, pushing that. And they’re pushing the God damn thing, but it got even better…”

SCOTT WAPNER: I don’t think that’s fair.

ICAHN: Can I finish my cartoon? And then you can yell at me. They’re pushing this thing — fair or not, somebody should have said this in ’07. We should say it. This party thing is going. Every now and then, Janet wants — she wants to put the brakes on it. Larry says, ‘No. Let it go.” And the people in the party are yelling, ‘No, no, don’t touch those brakes! This is fun!” They are moving toward this cliff, see. And the cliff is there. And this thing is going to go over this cliff. And you know what’s going to destroy — they are going to hit a black rock. That’s right. That’s what I’m saying. And by the way, I’m not criticising you. You do what you have to do.”

“I said it laughingly,” Icahn said in his new video. “But I will tell you this — I’ve seen this before a number of times. I’ve been around a long time. I saw it in ’69, ’74, ’79, I tell ya ’87, and then 2000 wasn’t pretty. And I think a time is coming that might make some of those times look pretty good.”