German Navy Admiral Schoenbach (Schönbach) has to resign over speaking his mind freely containing the words “respect” and “Putin”

here is the transcript of the this video:

(thanks to & respect to the journalists at “The Guardian” for still doing a great job at journalism, reporting truthfully and speaking truly, while German public broadcasting (tax sponsored!) is trying out suttle lies, because not all Germans speak or understand English fluently, they will have to rely on faulty translations:

German State TV ZDF claims that Schönbach has said: “fears of western countries about an attack of Russia on Ukraine are nonsense”

What Schönbach actually said:

“Does Russia need a tiny strip of Ukrainian soil?”

“No, this is non sense.”


as good as possible transcript:

(audio quality of the video pretty bad)

“my ministers asked me: “What do you think that Russia really wants?”

“Does Russia need a tiny strip of Ukrainian soil?”

“No, this is non sense.”

“Putin puts pressure on it because he can do it”

“He splits European Union.”

“But what he really wants is respect.”

“He wants an eye level respect”

“And my god, giving some respect is low cost, even no cost”

“If i was asked, it is easy to even give him the respect that he really demands and probably also deserves”

“Russia is an old country”

“Russia is important”

“Even we India and Germany, we need Russia”

“because we need Russia against China”

“I am a Roman Catholic, even when Putin is an atheist, but does not matter”

“having this big country even when it is not a democracy as a bilateral partner”

“giving them a chance with the USA on eye-level it is easy workoff

“and it keeps Russia away from China”

“because China needs the resources of Russia”

“and they are willing to give them”

“because our sanctions do not work (?) in the long way”

“but this is foreign policy, it is made by politicians”

“of course we can not agree on what Russia is doing in chechnya (?) and Ukraine”

“the Crimean peninsula is gone and it will never come back”

(the parts of the video that could not be properly understood are marked in italic)

how “independent” are western media?

So are the public tax sponsored broadcasters ZDF and ARD part of a propaganda network that answers to a hq?

A 1984 “Polit Bureau” that signs off on ever word they broadcast?


But as this shows, instead of doing their job: “objective reporting”, they engage in very subtle manipulations of the public (not professional journalism, much more sophisticated than the Soviet propaganda, which was more “obvious”, but still propaganda, fear and war mongering)

So ZDF & ARD are failing at their core job: objective reporting.

In this case: no more tax billions for those institutions, because they are no better or more objective than private tv stations.

in the face of all this warmongering

if u are a bored general or soldier?

declare war on the bad living conditions on Mars!

surviving there will give you the adrenaline needed.

war – huh – what is it good for? – Lockheed Martin & Raytheon

a song that fits: Aretha Franklin – Respect

“What you want”
“Baby, I got”
“What you need”
“Do you know I got it?”
“All I’m askin'”
“Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit)”
“Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home”
“(just a little bit) mister (just a little bit)”

Queen (UK) “all in” on renewables:

Man Who Tells the Queen He Engineers Solar Panels is Stunned When She Orders Some Installed on the Castle

  • Good! But: why only on one castle? why not on all of them?
  • Why does She even need more than one castle?
    • Ever heard of mobile homes or energy self sufficient homes? No?

“A man who told the Queen he was a solar panel engineer when she asked him ‘what do you do?’ was stunned when she later got in touch—and paid him to install some on Balmoral Castle.”

“Businessman George Goudsmit met the Queen at an event and had a quick ’20 second’ conversation with her.”

“She asked the 80-year-old what he did and he replied that he made solar panels.”

“The Managing Director at AES Solar recalls, “As she walked away she turned around and said, ‘maybe I should have solar panels at Balmoral’.”

“He was shocked” -> why that? the tide is rising, it’s about time the rich & powerful do something about the world going to waste.

As if – saving the world – would always be the job of the powerless have-nots-peasants?

As if the rich & powerful are betting there will be golf courses on Mars – if Earth is f***ed.

This is a very risky bet.

As doing that is a mega-project – nobody – not SpaceX – not China – can do alone – just as with climate change – it is a project that mankind has to tackle – together!

But will mankind be able to work together? or indulge in egomaniac luxury senselessness?


It’s the LEAST they could do.

Crown Estate Scotland goes Windenergy

While it is a good thing, UK-Scotland goes windenergy, the question remains, as with all big energy projects:

  • how can peasants participate in this? (the “have nots” by birth)
  • what is in it for the peasants?
    • cheaper electricity?
    • maybe a reduction in taxes?
    • no?
    • nothing? (again)

The wishful longing for a “Good King & Queen” that “fixes it all”

Good Kings & Queens care bout their people.

Actually that was the idea behind voting for Trump.

But just as Hitler, Trump was no good King, rather behaved like a reckless wracking ball.

Example: The German General Bismarck hated democracy and was loyal to the King, even when the king was incompetent, mismanaged Germany, lost WW1, while giving Bismarck the clever but also ruthless general – the boot (dismissed).

  • Imho all monarchs and dictators of this planet, that feel just a bit responsible for the people & land (which ought to belong to the people too) of whom they derive their wealth
  • shall once a year, publicly transparently, present, if they “did their job” and have acted beneficial to the country – or not (exploitational)
  • sum up: what they took from the country (to buy yachts and castles)
  • and what they have have done for the country
  • to proof they are not – excuse me – feeding on others – living on century old privileges – while living in luxury while others hardly survive the day (yes it is that harsh in an stupid economy of non-sustainability)

WindEnergy: yes please!

  • “The largest of the projects offered is the project for the construction of a floating wind farm with three GW by the Scottish subsidiary of the Spanish energy company Iberdrola, Scottish Power Renewables.
  • This is followed by a 2.9 GW project with foundations rammed into the ground on a similar scale, which the British oil company BP is planning together with the Baden-Württemberg energy supplier EnBW, as well as a 2.6 GW project by the Scottish energy supplier SSE Renewables for a floating wind farm.
  • The Bavarian project planning company Baywa is also involved with a wind farm project of almost one GW with floating turbines.
  • The bids of the project developers include the payment of an option fee to Crown Estate Scotland. (effectively the UK Queen?)
  • The winning bids resulted in such option fees ranging from £10Million for 450 MW to £86million for 2 GW.
  • In total, the bids add up to £700million, which will eventually flow from the authority to the Scottish government.
  • If project developers withdraw a project before the final agreement, the next best project that has not yet been awarded will move forward, as Crown Estate Scotland explains.”

auto translated from:

“Crown Estate Scotland is the public corporation of the Scottish Government responsible for the management of land and property in Scotland owned by the monarch in right of the Crown.

The monarch remains the legal owner of these assets

So the UK is still pretty much in the middle ages, u must be kidding me.

Revenue Increase £1.9 billion (2018) (why not more recent data? afraid of the peasants reaction?)
Increase £329.4 million (2018)[1]
75% to HM Treasury
25% to The Monarch (that is £82.35 million)
AUM Increase £14.3 billion (2018)
Owner Queen Elizabeth II
(in right of The Crown)

    • Elon says “I am not Satoshi Nakamoto” (the “inventor” whitepaper ghost writer of bitcoin) (many people have claimed to be Nakamoto to get famous)
    • What is the current monetary system? (FED, ECB)
      • Elon: “a bunch of mainframes running ancient cobol”
    • What is money?
      • Elon: “a database for resource allocation”
      • comment: yes, that is what money should be and those resources should be allocated in a way that makes sense – sense like: ensure the sustainable (ongoing) survival of mankind – but it is not – it is: whoever is sitting closest to the FIAT money printing press, is getting “rich” (allocates a senseless amount of resources for himself/herself/family while starving the rest of the planet)
      • it is broken broken broken: FED buys “value”papers issued by companies $ 120 billion A MONTH (!) with self-printed money
        • while telling the people “it’s okay” or it will be “temporary” (La Guarde ECB), because the THEORY is: if banks print money and give it to banks for buying stocks (trade paper against paper) there will be no inflation, in 2021/2022 everyone knows: ANOTHER DAMN LIE TO EXPLOIT PEOPLE!
      • Elon falesly (like 99% of all people) think the goverment makes the monetary rules and prints the money, guess what, that is not true, the privilege of seniourage (the right to print money) was taken away from the government (the state) to a “independent” entity, because the government would probably missuse this privilege and print too much money, well exactly what is happening now X-D
        • Old French seigneuriage, “right of the lord (seigneur) to mint money”
    • What is good about bitcoin and fundamentally different to the current monetary system: it is distributed, not centralized (anyone with computers and energy can run it)