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Second world war – 60 million dead – was it all a bloody scam by speculators/investors and industrialists?

While some count the dead – others count the profits.

Hey – super rich: instead of sending the poor off to die in useless phony wars – causing infinite amount of trauma and suffering – what about giving every family a piece of land to farm it by hand – creating a lot of manual labor – so the poor people have “something useful and meaningful to do” – civil unrest prevented.


It does not matter who you vote for

Woodrow Wilson  was elected USA president – because he promised his people to keep them out of the war – 5 months later the USA joined the war against the central powers – German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria.

He said German philosophy was essentially selfish and lacking in spirituality.

When I spoke of the Kaiser building up the German machine as a means of maintaining peace, he said,

“What a foolish thing it was to create a powder magazine and risk someone’s dropping a spark into it!”



  • E. M. House, Intimate Papers of Colonel House, Vol. 1 ̃1912-1915 edited by Charles Seymour, (1926) vol 1 p 299, dated August 30, 1914

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Weapons are no security

He said German philosophy was essentially selfish and lacking in spirituality. When I spoke of the Kaiser building up the German machine as a means of maintaining peace, he said, “What a foolish thing it was to create a powder magazine and risk someone’s dropping a spark into it!” (src: Wikipedia)


“Food giant Nestle said Monday it is paying 25m Swiss francs ($14.6m) into a settlement with Holocaust survivors and Jewish organizations to meet possible claims over use of slave labor during World War II.

“It is either certain or it may be assumed that some corporations of the Nestle Group that were active in countries controlled by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime employed forced laborers,” the group said in a statement.

It said it would contribute to a $1.25bn settlement agreed by Switzerland’s two largest banks.”


In the year 2000, the company Nestle has transferred more than 14.5 million dollars into a dedicated fund in an effort to compensate the survivors or survivors of the holocaust. The company admitted that in 1947 took over the company, which during the war using forced labour and also stated that certain subsidiaries of Nestle Group have been active in countries dominated by the nazi party. Nestle helped with the financing of the nazi party in Switzerland in 1939, and received a lucrative contract for a complete supply of chocolate for the German army during the second world war.

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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss AG is a German manufacturer of men’s and women’s fashion and perfumes. Currently operated by Hugo Boss at least 6 of the 100 points of sale in 110 countries of the world. The company was founded in 1924 in Germany. Due to the adverse financial situation in Germany, but in 1930 she got into bankruptcy. Itself Hugo Boss was a member of the NSDAP. Before and during the second world war the company proposed and produced uniforms for members of the SA and the Hitler youth and later also for the soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, as well as for the other state components, including SS.


Fanta is historically the second beverage company Coca-Cola after the Coca-Cole. Originated in Germany in 1941. Tasty orange drink was originally designed specifically for the nazis. The raw materials for the production of Coca-Cola was during the war, difficult to deliver, the manager of Coca-Cola Germany, Max Keith, therefore, came up with a new drink that should arise from the available ingredients. And Fanta was in the world. In 1941, then was Fanta presented on the German market.


According to the documents of the us National archives subsidiary of Eastman Kodak traded with nazi Germany, and even after America declared war. Kodak in Germany are reportedly using slave labor of prisoners. Race Kodak in Stuttgart had eighty workers-slaves and enterprise in Berlin even 250 slaves. Wilhelm Keppler, a personal economic adviser of Hitler, was known as “the Kodak Man” for the personal and working connections with the company. The company also produced triggers, detonators and other military goods for the Germans.



The strategic alliance between IBM and nazi Germany lasted from the first weeks after the onset of Adolf Hitler to power until the last weeks of the second world war. As the Third reich embarked on its journey of conquest and genocide, the work of IBM and its subsidiaries on the technologies that step by step allow add, sort, and eventually even to identify the Jews. It was a huge task, during which it was necessary to process a whole pile of information and that is literally said about the processing of the computer. In 1933 but the computer of course did not exist.Existed but the technology Hollerithových punch cards, which used IBM. Arose because of the trade agreement the european branches of IBM, mainly the German, with the regime of Adolf Hitler, the complete ensuring of the technological management of the processing of personal data. This technology to the nazis to help and facilitate the selective prosecution of selected groups of people, who ended in concentration and extermination camps.



American entrepreneur, a pioneer of the automobile industry, Henry Ford sponsored its own newspaper, which published a propaganda article in which he blamed the Jews of the first world war. In the twenties he wrote the book the International Jew: the World’s problem and the funding helped spread the Protocols of the elders of zion. In Germany he founded a branch of the Ford Werke AB and supplied the German military trucks and civilians a modified version of the model T. Hitler sent every year on my birthday, 50000 dollars and all the proceeds from the sale of Ford cars in Germany devoted to the NSDAP.Ford acquired in 1938 Meritorious order of the German eagle, the highest medal nazi Germany, which was awarded to German to foreign citizens. Ford produced one-th



The owner of the company BMW Günther Quandt used in their factories the prisoners from the concentration camps as slave labor. Already in may 1933 also joined the nazi party, thanks to which he earned from the state a number of lucrative contracts. During the war, then then the company has further expanded, Quandt acquired a few of confiscated jewish enterprises. In 1937 he was Quandt incorporated into the elite business groups deemed most beneficial for the supply of the third reich. During the war, producing batteries for submarines and rocket launchers, rifle Mauser, ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles.Günther Quandt was in 1946 arrested by the allies and interrogated, to post-war processes with German industrialists kolaborujícími with the nazis, as were the owners concerns Flick or Krupp, but included was not. In 1948 he was released from custody. Quandt was the first husband of Magda Goebbelsové.


German carmaker Audi in 2014, she admitted that her predecessor in the second world war abused in a large prisoner of the concentration camps into slave labor. Audi during the war was called Auto Union – and it is this company with the nazis, concluded an agreement which allowed her to get the 3700 prisoners on unpaid work. Historians Martin Kukowski and Rudolf Boch reveal that the nazis for a car built seven labor camps. Auto Union to the slave labor used more of 16,500 workers who have not been interned in the nazi camps.You have worked in Zwickau and Chemnitz in Saxony and the other 18,000 people otročilo in Bavaria, where 4 thousand of them in inhumane working conditions died. The authors of the report also found that when one of the workers was not medically able to work, the carmaker sent him to a concentration camp for execution. Some of the factories of the Auto Union started during the war to produce instead of cars, tanks and aircraft engines.


Tens of thousands of forced laborers. whether civilians, prisoners of war or people from a concentration camp used also the carmaker Daimler-Benz, maker of Mercedes Benz cars. The company produced aircraft engines and components, which have been used for navy, air force and army. The carmaker also repaired military vehicles.


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