3x things ever single one of us can do, to make this planet future proof by minimalism:

  • determine your own carbon footprint by online calculator, e.g. at the UBA – identify the thick pieces and leave ’em out
  • Reduce working hours and take the time off to participate in local / regional self-sufficiency projects
  • clear out the life of mobility, things, services and experiences that are not necessary

src: Prof Dr Niko Peach: 3x Dinge die jeder von uns tun kann

  • die eigene CO2-Bilanz ermitteln durch einen entsprechenden Online-Rechner, z.B. beim UBA
    • die Dicken Brocken identifizieren und weglassen
  • Arbeitszeit reduzieren und die freigestellte Zeit nehmen, um an lokalen/regionalen Selbstversorgungsprojekten teilzunehmen,
  • das Leben von Mobilität, Dingen, Services und Erlebnissen entrümpeln, die nicht nötig sind.

Update: Artikel aus 2015: auf Seite 10: Original Magazin – Zeit für Lebenskultur – Niko Peach Post Wachstum Nachhaltigkeit Wirtschaft – Glücks Magazin – 03_ORIGINAL_Web.pdf

Die Wirtschaft kennt Wachstum – ohne Job- oder Lohn-wachstum. Automatisierung und Computer (immer mehr Effizienz bei weniger Personaleinsatz) machen es möglich. (src)

Siemens möchte trotz steigender Umsatzzahlen 7000 Leute entlassen – weltweit – evtl. stellen Sie 600 ITler wieder ein – davon 200 in Deutschland (“Jubel”) – aber das war es auch schon. (Quelle)

“Über der Lausitz braut sich derzeit ein perfekter Sturm zusammen. Die Braunkohle steht früher oder später vor dem Aus. Das traditionsreiche Bombardier-Waggonwerk in Görlitz wackelt. Und nun will Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser tatsächlich auch die Dampfturbinen-Fabrik dort dichtmachen. Dem Landstrich ganz im Osten Deutschlands, in dem schon jetzt Wut und Rechtpopulismus dominieren, droht der industrielle Absturz.” (Quelle)

Gleichzeitig wird der Kunde abgezockt: Als 1924 den industriellen und speziell die Glühbirnenhersteller darüber nachgrübeln – wie man einer Marktsättigung ihrer Produkte entgegen wirken kann und mehr Gewinn mehr Wachstum erzielen – CEO von Osram gründete das Phoebus-Kartell inklusive Vertrag in Genf – dass alle Glühbirnen Hersteller nur noch Glühbirnen herstellen dürfen die nicht länger als 3 Jahre halten.


GM, Apple und viele andere machten es ihm nach.

Pervertiertes Wachstum – auf Kosten der Menschheit und der Natur – quasi Volksverarschung und ein klassisches Beispiel für die Wirtschaft die mit der Vernichtung von Ressourcen und der Menschheit Profite macht – #DeathEconomy.

Woraus sich quasi automatisch die Scheere Arm vs Reich ergibt oder?

Prof. Dr. Niko Paech: „Befreiung vom Überfluss – Aufbruch in die Postwachstumsökonomie“



creating “REAL” value?

Asking for “meaning” in life?

What is “REAL” value? What is “meaning”?

is killing people “REAL” value? Does it give your life meaning?

why is a real estate agent – buying and selling houses – constantly increasing rent and profit – highly valued and privileged by society?

but the work of a nurse not?

again – ask for the value.

value to whom? to society i assume.

what society? the 1% society? or the 99% society?

Value for 99% of society because anything else would be catastrophic.

All of mankind or parts of mankind?

If there is more money created by owning something than by labor – the whole system is crap.

The 1% depend on the rest 99% to sustain their quality of life, but who has that in mind?

Nobody – the focus is on chasing monetary profit – no room in that mind for anything else – the perfect distraction – the perfect excuse – we destroyed all life supporting systems (like the Amazon forest) – but hey – we did not know and just wanted to have a swimming pool as other people do.

so if i buy a house – (with debt money) – in order to sell it as soon as possible – at the highest possible price.

and i succeed – what value did i add to the 99%-society?


even worse – i just managed to drive up house prices – and houses are not statues – people need them to survive.

even worse – the real-estate-agent – because of lack of consciousness – is completely unaware or selfishly ignorant towards the fact – that he/she is NOT adding value to the 99%-society.

unaware = stupidity, could be changed with education.
ignorance = could be changed by training consciousness, if not it will bring about catastrophe for all – this i can gurantee you.

this debt-money operating system of society (DMOSOS) – is like a zombie – it exists – but for no reason.

their agents are in “zombie” mode – meaning – they continue what profits them – regardless environmental and social costs – even ignoring the fact – that they are working towards their own destruction.

A suicidal meaningless lifestyle.

But “fun” – because highly valued by the DMOSOS.

long term – it will not only crash the stock market – but mankind and it’s ecosystem.

this can hardly be labeled “success”.

PS: “the box” is the rule and mode of thinking that was trained by highly intelligent but brainwashed people at universities and schools.

Their self-confidence derived from feeling of importance – being invited to events including drinks and snacks for free – makes them do that.

But what is better?

Being brought up a stupid Taliban?

or a highly intelligent Taliban?

It is still an extremist viewpoint – neglecting the right of existence to anybody that thinks/believes different.

Watch Bernie Sanders tell Alan Greenspan, in 2003, that Americans are not living the way that Mr. Greenspan imagines they are.

Then just 5 years later Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, admits that there is a flaw in his ideology.

944,046 views by 2017.04 – 12696 Likes vs 259 Dislikes equals: 259/(12696/100) = 2% super rich hate what Bernie Sanders just said…


“Thank you madam chairman – Mr Greenspan nice to see you again.

Mr Greenspan i have long been concerned that you are way out of touch – with the needs of the middle-class and the working family of our country. That you see our major functioning our position as the need to represent the wealthy and the large corporations.

And i must tell you that your testimony today – only confirms all of my suspicions – and i urge you – and i mean this seriously – because you are an honest person – i think you just don’t know what is going on in the real world.

And i would urge you – come with me to Vermont – meet real people.

The country clubs and cocktail parties are not real America.

The millionaires and billionaires are exception to the rule.

You talk about an improving economy – while

  • we have lost 3 million private-sector jobs in the last 2 years
  • long-term unemployment has more than tripled
  • unemployment is higher than it has been since 1994
  • we have a 4 trillion Dollar national debt
  • 1.5 million Americans have lost their health-insurance
  • millions of seniors can’t afford subscription drugs
  • middle-class families can’t send their kids to college because they don’t have the money to do that
  • bankruptcy cases have increased by a record-breaking +23%
  • business investment is at it’s lowest levels in more than 50 years
  • CEOs make more than 500 times of their workers make
  • the middle-class is shrinking
  • we have the greatest gab between rich and poor of any industrialized nation

and this is an economy that is “improving” – i hate to see what will happen if our economy was sinking.

Now today you might not have known this – i expect that you don’t – but you have insulted – tens-of-millions of American workers.

You have defended over the years among other things – the abolishion of the minimum-wage – one of your policies – and giving huge tax-breaks to millionaires.

But today you reached a new low that i think – by suggesting that manufacturing in America – does not matter.

It doesn’t matter where the product is produced.

We lost 2 million manufacturing jobs in the last 2 years alone. 10% of our workforce.

Walmart has replaced General Motors as the major employer in America.

Paying people starvation wages rather than living wages – and all of that does not matter to you?

Doesn’t matter if it is produced in China – where workers are making 30 Cents an hour?

Or produced in Vermont where workers can make 20 bucks an hour?

It doesn’t matter – you have told the American people – that you support an trade policy that is selling them out – only working for the CEOs who can take our plants to China, Mexico and India.

You insulted Mr Castle a few moments ago – a good republican – told you that we are seeing not only the decline of manufacturing jobs – but white-collar information-technology jobs.

Forrester Research says that over the next 15 years 3.3 million service industry jobs and 136 billion in wages will move off-shore to India, Russia, China and the Philippines.

Does any of this matter to you?

Do you give one wit of concern to the middle-class and working families of this country – that’s my question.”

Alan Greenspan: “Congressman we have the highest standard of living in the world.”

Sanders: “No we have not – you go to Scandinavia and you will find that people have a much higher standard of living in terms of education, health-care and decent paying jobs.”

Alan Greenspan: “For a major industrial country – we have created the most advanced technologies – the highest standard of living – for a country of our size. Our economic growth is crucial to us. The incomes – the purchasing powers of our workers our people are by far more important than what it is we produce…”

5 years later…

Alan Greenspan: “I found a flaw in the model that i perceived as the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works – so to speak”

Congressmen: “In other words you found that your view of the world – your ideology was not right it was not working.”

Alan Greenspan: “precisely. That is precisely the reason why i was shocked, because i have been going for 40 years or more – with very considerable evidence that instead it was working exceptionally well…”