Update: 2021-02: 2008 Sub Prime Crisis Fallout costs German Tax Payer more than 70B Euros

Have banks more power than governments? (see HSBC vs the US Government)

It seems like national sovereignty was handed over to the financial markets.

While the economy seems more like a sect and believe-system than sound science.

a detailed list is provided (thanks a lot) by : ProPublica

you better spend or give away for free your money to your children – then on wall street’s mafia organizations – too big to fail – too big to jail.

The German Politician Joschka Fisher said: “It is almost as if banks have discovered communism. If times are good – they make profits – if times are bad – they are too big to fail and they profits come from the government. Whatever they do – the sun always shines.”

Even worse – banks as HSBC are now the official partners of every Mexican drug lord that wants to launder money. Even the US does not dare to take away it’s US-banking license – even when the bank does criminal things and it’s CEO even escapes US tax.

The banks are above the law? The politicians lost control. Governments gave up their sovereignty to the financial market and it’s players.

Alternativlos? (without alternative?) or just the beginning of the next major catastrophe…

what is interesting is that not only banks but also General Motors received state money. EVEN GOLDMAN SACHS!

the broader overview:

  • 976 banks and companies was given state money
  • $626B Total disbursement
  • $390B Total returned
  • $323B Total revenues from dividends, interest, and other fees
  • $87.7B Total net to date
Name Type State Total Disbursed Profit /
Net Outstanding
Fannie Mae Government-Sponsored Enterprise D.C. $116,149,000,000 $46,437,000,000
Freddie Mac Government-Sponsored Enterprise Va. $71,336,000,000 $36,821,000,000
Received other federal aid. Click to see details.
Insurance Company N.Y. $67,835,000,000 $5,025,967,492
General Motors

Auto Company Mich. $50,744,648,329 -$11,393,681,666
Bank of America
Received other federal aid. Click to see details.
Bank N.C. $45,000,000,000 $4,566,857,694
Received other federal aid. Click to see details.
Bank N.Y. $45,000,000,000 $13,448,572,616
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.Y. $25,000,000,000 $1,731,202,357
Wells Fargo Bank Calif. $25,000,000,000 $2,281,347,113
GMAC (now Ally Financial) Financial Services Company Mich. $16,290,000,000 $3,057,502,589
Chrysler Auto Company Mich. $10,748,284,222 -$1,212,849,005
Goldman Sachs Bank N.Y. $10,000,000,000 $1,418,055,555
Morgan Stanley Bank N.Y. $10,000,000,000 $1,268,055,555
PNC Financial Services Bank Pa. $7,579,200,000 $741,344,650
U.S. Bancorp Bank Minn. $6,599,000,000 $334,220,416
SunTrust Bank Ga. $4,850,000,000 $527,323,605
Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Mortgage Servicer Fla. $3,890,756,986 -$3,890,756,986
Capital One Financial Corp. Bank Va. $3,555,199,000 $251,674,702
Regions Financial Corp. Bank Ala. $3,500,000,000 $638,055,555
Wellington Management Legacy Securities PPIF Master Fund, LP Investment Fund Del. $3,448,461,000 $702,530,334
Fifth Third Bancorp Bank Ohio $3,408,000,000 $593,372,603
Hartford Financial Services Insurance Company Conn. $3,400,000,000 $814,403,447
American Express Financial Services Company N.Y. $3,388,890,000 $414,367,308
AG GECC PPIF Master Fund, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $3,352,197,510 $926,471,357
AllianceBernstein Legacy Securities Master Fund, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $3,192,141,738 $562,685,420
BB&T Bank N.C. $3,133,640,000 $159,713,918
Bank of New York Mellon Bank N.Y. $3,000,000,000 $231,416,666
Wells Fargo Bank, NA Mortgage Servicer Iowa $2,932,690,885 -$2,932,690,885
JPMorgan Chase subsidiaries Mortgage Servicer N.J. $2,870,922,644 -$2,870,922,644
KeyCorp Bank Ohio $2,500,000,000 $367,222,222
CalHFA Mortgage Assistance Corporation State Housing Orgs Calif. $2,334,275,483 -$2,334,275,483
CIT Group Bank N.Y. $2,330,000,000 -$2,286,312,500
Comerica Incorporated Bank Texas $2,250,000,000 $322,039,543
Bank of America subsidiaries (incl. Countrywide) Mortgage Servicer Calif. $2,096,033,294 -$2,096,033,294
State Street Bank Mass. $2,000,000,000 $123,611,111
RLJ Western Asset Public/Private Master Fund, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $1,861,578,258 $471,406,351
Invesco Legacy Securities Master Fund, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $1,742,880,000 $576,938,945
Marshall & Ilsley Bank Wis. $1,715,000,000 $229,772,916
Oaktree PPIP Fund, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $1,666,904,633 $291,426,775
Blackrock PPIF, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $1,581,184,800 $436,178,172
Northern Trust Bank Ill. $1,576,000,000 $133,623,333
Chrysler Financial Services Financial Services Company Mich. $1,500,000,000 $25,367,458
Marathon Legacy Securities Public-Private Investment Partnership, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $1,423,550,000 $399,600,628
Zions Bancorp Bank Utah $1,400,000,000 $253,361,111
Huntington Bancshares Bank Ohio $1,398,071,000 $196,285,810
Discover Financial Services Financial Services Company Ill. $1,224,558,000 $239,690,844
Select Portfolio Servicing Mortgage Servicer Utah $1,221,828,742 -$1,221,828,742
Nationstar Mortgage, LLC DBA Mr Cooper Mortgage Servicer Texas $1,157,139,217 -$1,157,139,217
Florida Housing Finance Corporation State Housing Orgs Fla. $1,035,436,884 -$1,035,436,884
Synovus Financial Corp. Bank Ga. $967,870,000 $222,744,526
Lincoln National Corporation Insurance Company Pa. $950,000,000 $259,851,873
Popular, Inc. Bank Puerto Rico $935,000,000 $285,279,999
First Horizon National Bank Tenn. $866,540,000 $170,927,405
Ohio Homeowner Assistance LLC State Housing Orgs Ohio $734,762,067 -$734,762,067
CitiMortgage, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Mo. $701,564,055 -$701,564,055
Michigan Homeowner Assistance Nonprofit Housing Corporation State Housing Orgs Mich. $650,846,547 -$650,846,547
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency State Housing Orgs N.C. $611,723,211 -$611,723,211
M&T Bank Corporation Bank N.Y. $600,000,000 $135,435,911
Illinois Housing Development Authority State Housing Orgs Ill. $588,619,080 -$588,619,080
Associated Banc-Corp Bank Wis. $525,000,000 $71,539,173
First BanCorp Bank Puerto Rico $424,174,000 -$192,792,919
CIT Bank, N.A. Mortgage Servicer Calif. $423,659,022 -$423,659,022
City National Bank Calif. $400,000,000 $41,916,666
Webster Financial Bank Conn. $400,000,000 $57,083,286
Fulton Financial Corp Bank Pa. $376,500,000 $40,135,625
SBA Security Purchases SBA Security Purchases D.C. $368,145,452 $8,602,850
TCF Financial Bank Minn. $361,172,000 $17,375,699
UST/TCW Senior Mortgage Securities Fund, L.P. Investment Fund Del. $356,250,000 $20,986,495
South Financial Group Bank S.C. $347,000,000 -$200,034,670
Wilmington Trust Corporation Bank Del. $330,000,000 $39,920,833
New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency State Housing Orgs N.J. $325,513,704 -$325,513,704
GMAC Mortgage, LLC Mortgage Servicer Pa. $309,559,668 -$309,559,668
East West Bancorp, Inc. Bank Calif. $306,546,000 $46,176,420
Bayview Loan Servicing LLC Mortgage Servicer Fla. $305,031,818 -$305,031,818
Sterling Financial Corp Bank Wash. $303,000,000 -$181,242,791
Citizens Republic Bancorp Bank Mich. $300,000,000 $81,395,557
Susquehanna Bancshares Bank Pa. $300,000,000 $28,991,401
Valley National Bank N.J. $300,000,000 $18,400,781
Whitney Holding Corp Bank La. $300,000,000 $43,733,333
UCBH Holdings Bank Calif. $298,737,000 -$291,226,980
First Banks, Inc. Bank Mo. $295,400,000 -$175,186,740
GM Supplier Receivables, LLC Auto Company D.C. $290,000,000 $65,403,673
Homeward Residential, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Texas $280,490,773 -$280,490,773
Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation State Housing Orgs Ore. $280,042,786 -$280,042,786
GHFA Affordable Housing, Inc. State Housing Orgs Ga. $267,983,000 -$267,983,000
New York Private Bank & Trust Corp Bank N.Y. $267,274,000 $79,520,006
Flagstar Bancorp Bank Mich. $266,657,000 $11,204,056
Arizona (Home) Foreclosure Prevention Funding Corporation State Housing Orgs Ariz. $261,280,261 -$261,280,261
Ditech Financial LLC Mortgage Servicer Minn. $258,140,745 -$258,140,745
Cathay General Bancorp Bank Calif. $258,000,000 $71,874,444
SC Housing Corp State Housing Orgs S.C. $258,000,000 -$258,000,000
Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority State Housing Orgs Ind. $253,306,647 -$253,306,647
Wintrust Financial Corp Bank Ill. $250,000,000 $50,704,730
PrivateBancorp Bank Ill. $243,815,000 $44,400,576
Tennessee Housing Development Agency State Housing Orgs Tenn. $235,315,593 -$235,315,593
SVB Financial Group Bank Calif. $235,000,000 $18,929,027
Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Mortgage Servicer Colo. $229,383,760 -$229,383,760
International Bancshares Corporation Bank Texas $216,000,000 $45,538,650
Trustmark Corp Bank Miss. $215,000,000 $21,287,500
Umpqua Bank Ore. $214,181,000 $17,975,554
Washington Federal Inc. Bank Wash. $200,000,000 $20,749,985
MB Financial Bank Ill. $196,000,000 $33,613,071
Pacific Capital Bancorp Bank Calif. $195,045,000 -$26,561,211
First Midwest Bancorp Bank Ill. $193,000,000 $29,528,332
Kentucky Housing Corporation State Housing Orgs Ky. $184,500,000 -$184,500,000
First Niagara Bank N.Y. $184,011,000 $7,453,618
United Community Banks Bank Ga. $180,000,000 $30,367,527
U.S. Bank National Association Mortgage Servicer Ky. $160,850,677 -$160,850,677
Boston Private Financial Holdings Bank Mass. $154,000,000 $17,224,745
Provident Bankshares Corp. Bank Md. $151,500,000 $30,556,363
National Penn Bancshares Bank Pa. $150,000,000 $17,958,333
Dickinson Financial Corp II Bank Mo. $146,053,000 -$58,593,142
Western Alliance Bancorporation Bank Nev. $140,000,000 $20,365,000
Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation State Housing Orgs Nev. $136,435,596 -$136,435,596
Central Pacific Financial Corp Bank Hawaii $135,000,000 -$59,963,109
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC Mortgage Servicer Calif. $130,267,814 -$130,267,814
CVB Financial Bank Calif. $130,000,000 $6,046,583
Sterling Bancshares Bank Texas $125,198,000 $5,344,485
FirstMerit Corp Bank Ohio $125,000,000 $6,813,194
Banner Corp Bank Wash. $124,000,000 $5,079,862
Chrysler Receivables SPV LLC Auto Company D.C. $123,076,735 $49,671,126
Signature Bank Bank N.Y. $120,000,000 $12,967,606
MidFirst Bank Mortgage Servicer Okla. $116,935,054 -$116,935,054
First Merchants Corp Bank Ind. $116,000,000 $15,383,055
1st Source Corp Bank Ind. $111,000,000 $14,479,999
Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Bank Wis. $110,000,000 -$104,000,000
WTB Financial Corp Bank Wash. $110,000,000 $21,236,874
S&T Bancorp Bank Pa. $108,676,000 $16,240,099
Taylor Capital Bank Ill. $104,823,000 $16,022,174
Mississippi Home Corporation State Housing Orgs Miss. $101,038,832 -$101,038,832
Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Texas $100,807,086 -$100,807,086
F.N.B. Corporation Bank Pa. $100,000,000 $4,023,433
First Busey Corporation Bank Ill. $100,000,000 $12,410,898
Old National Bancorp Bank Ind. $100,000,000 $2,713,888
Park National Corporation Bank Ohio $100,000,000 $19,536,844
TALF LLC TALF Del. $100,000,000 $649,307,823
Pinnacle Financial Bank Tenn. $95,000,000 $16,918,194
Union First Market Bankshares Corporation Bank Va. $92,900,000 $10,080,832
Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation State Housing Orgs R.I. $92,851,573 -$92,851,573
IBERIABANK Corp Bank La. $90,000,000 $2,650,000
Midwest Banc Holdings Bank Ill. $89,388,000 -$88,563,712
Sun Bancorp Bank N.J. $89,310,000 $3,203,970
Plains Capital Corp Bank Texas $87,631,000 $17,621,941
Aurora Loan Services, LLC Mortgage Servicer Colo. $85,863,518 -$85,863,518
Westamerica Bancorporation Bank Calif. $83,726,000 $3,634,236
Integra Bank Corporation Bank Ind. $83,586,000 -$81,635,660
Sandy Spring Bancorp Bank Md. $83,094,000 $12,043,869
Heartland Financial USA Bank Iowa $81,698,000 $12,988,086
BancPlus Corporation Bank Miss. $80,914,000 $10,738,508
Hampton Roads Bankshares Bank Va. $80,347,000 -$72,885,392
First Financial Bancorp Bank Ohio $80,000,000 $7,644,065
Independent Bank Corp Bank Mass. $78,158,000 $3,318,093
PennyMac Loan Services, LLC Mortgage Servicer Calif. $77,732,499 -$77,732,499
Columbia Banking System Bank Wash. $76,898,000 $9,923,419
TowneBank Bank Va. $76,458,000 $12,119,166
Litton Loan Servicing LP Mortgage Servicer Texas $76,324,760 -$76,324,760
Bank of the Ozarks Bank Ark. $75,000,000 $6,004,166
Texas Capital Bancshares Bank Texas $75,000,000 $7,777,816
WesBanco Bank W.Va. $75,000,000 $6,050,697
Metropolitan Bank Group Bank Ill. $74,706,000 -$47,533,274
Old Second Bancorp Bank Ill. $73,000,000 -$41,576,763
First Place Financial Corp Bank Ohio $72,927,000 -$65,917,905
Green Bankshares Bank Tenn. $72,278,000 $2,364,857
Independent Bank Corporation Bank Mich. $72,000,000 $9,004,000
BankUnited, N.A. Mortgage Servicer Fla. $71,207,997 -$71,207,997
Virginia Commerce Bancorp Bank Va. $71,000,000 $47,453,139
Alabama Housing Finance Authority State Housing Orgs Ala. $71,000,000 -$71,000,000
Alpine Banks of Colorado Bank Colo. $70,000,000 $3,129,161
Flushing Financial Corp Bank N.Y. $70,000,000 $3,904,166
Southwest Bancorp Bank Okla. $70,000,000 $15,247,569
Superior Bancorp Bank Ala. $69,000,000 -$64,016,667
Nara Bancorp Bank Calif. $67,000,000 $14,249,316
PNC Mortgage Mortgage Servicer Ohio $66,391,456 -$66,391,456
First Bancorp Bank N.C. $65,000,000 $9,518,906
First Financial Holdings Bank S.C. $65,000,000 $3,141,972
SCBT Financial Corp Bank S.C. $64,779,000 $2,515,638
Fay Servicing, LLC Mortgage Servicer Ill. $64,599,494 -$64,599,494
CoBiz Financial Bank Colo. $64,450,000 $8,907,086
New Penn Financial, LLC dba Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Mortgage Servicer S.C. $63,380,276 -$63,380,276
Wilshire Bancorp Bank Calif. $62,158,000 $6,651,170
Standard Bancshares Bank Ill. $60,000,000 $15,757,163
Lakeland Bancorp Bank N.J. $59,000,000 $9,260,833
Great Southern Bancorp Bank Mo. $58,000,000 $14,274,419
Liberty Bancshares Bank Ark. $57,500,000 $10,691,967
MainSource Financial Group Bank Ind. $57,000,000 $5,949,121
Lakeland Financial Corporation Bank Ind. $56,044,000 $4,473,713
Center Financial Corp Bank Calif. $55,000,000 $10,889,583
Community Bancshares Of Mississippi, Inc./Community Bank Of Mississippi Bank Miss. $54,600,000 $8,342,099
WSFS Financial Bank Del. $52,625,000 $5,015,859
NewBridge Bancorp Bank N.C. $52,372,000 $17,715,061
Ameris Bancorp Bank Ga. $52,000,000 $7,637,438
FNB United Corp Bank N.C. $51,500,000 -$38,750,089
U.S. Century Bank Bank Fla. $50,236,000 -$37,165,592
BancTrust Financial Group Bank Ala. $50,000,000 $10,451,155
Home BancShares, Inc. Bank Ark. $50,000,000 $7,480,555
Seacoast Banking Corp Bank Fla. $50,000,000 -$954,530
State Bankshares Bank N.D. $50,000,000 $8,008,472
First South Bancorp, Inc. Bank Tenn. $50,000,000 $15,432,452
First American Bank Corporation Bank Ill. $50,000,000 $15,558,531
Yadkin Valley Financial Corp Bank N.C. $49,312,000 $3,071,419
Fidelity Southern Corp Bank Ga. $48,200,000 $35,488,022
The Bancorp Bank Del. $45,220,000 $7,410,660
MetroCorp Bancshares Bank Texas $45,000,000 $7,837,096
Cadence Financial Corp Bank Miss. $44,000,000 -$2,015,937
Exchange Bank Bank Calif. $43,000,000 $4,294,527
Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC Mortgage Servicer Calif. $42,754,076 -$42,754,076
Southern Community Financial Bank N.C. $42,750,000 $4,156,250
Sterling Bancorp Bank N.Y. $42,000,000 $5,869,108
First Community Bancshares Bank Va. $41,500,000 $1,339,002
PremierWest Bancorp Bank Ore. $41,400,000 $1,046,500
Capital Bank Bank N.C. $41,279,000 $3,973,104
Berkshire Hills Bancorp Bank Mass. $40,000,000 $1,961,130
Heritage Commerce Corp Bank Calif. $40,000,000 $6,901,266
Reliance Bancshares Bank Mo. $40,000,000 $6,049,131
Peoples Bancorp Inc. Bank Ohio $39,000,000 $5,701,557
Cascade Financial Corp Bank Wash. $38,970,000 -$21,291,100
OceanFirst Financial Corp Bank N.J. $38,263,000 $2,258,918
QCR Holdings Bank Ill. $38,237,000 $6,049,569
Eagle Bancorp Bank Md. $38,235,000 $6,612,155
Bridgeview Bancorp Bank Ill. $38,000,000 -$24,440,526
Financial Institutions Bank N.Y. $37,515,000 $6,258,719
Servis One, Inc. dba BSI Financial Services Mortgage Servicer Pa. $37,340,335 -$37,340,335
First Defiance Financial Corp Bank Ohio $37,000,000 $16,610,301
TIB Financial Corp Bank Fla. $37,000,000 -$23,555,641
State Bancorp Bank N.Y. $36,842,000 $5,676,029
Fidelity Financial Corp Bank Kan. $36,282,000 $4,684,780
West Bancorporation Bank Iowa $36,000,000 $5,195,000
Trinity Capital Corporation Bank N.M. $35,539,000 -$894,525
Marquette National Corp Bank Ill. $35,500,000 -$1,664,053
Enterprise Financial Services Corp Bank Mo. $35,000,000 $7,801,933
Porter Bancorp Bank Ky. $35,000,000 -$26,716,667
Fremont Bancorporation Bank Calif. $35,000,000 $10,796,066
Encore Bancshares Bank Texas $34,000,000 $5,415,959
The Bank of Kentucky Bank Ky. $34,000,000 $6,091,343
Southern Bancorp Bank Ark. $33,800,000 $2,757,744
First Security Group Bank Tenn. $33,000,000 -$16,684,638
Firstbank Corp Bank Mich. $33,000,000 $5,185,560
Centrue Financial Bank Mo. $32,668,000 -$21,355,222
Pulaski Financial Corp Bank Mo. $32,538,000 $2,657,846
MutualFirst Financial Bank Ind. $32,382,000 $5,226,789
Parkvale Financial Corp Bank Pa. $31,762,000 $11,020,424
Bank of North Carolina Bank N.C. $31,260,000 $3,880,665
Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania Bank Pa. $30,407,000 $6,656,564
Hawthorn Bancshares Bank Mo. $30,255,000 $6,594,509
Bancorp Rhode Island Bank R.I. $30,000,000 $2,341,666
Farmers Capital Bank Corp Bank Ky. $30,000,000 -$3,164,171
First M&F Corp Bank Miss. $30,000,000 $8,224,510
First United Corp Bank Md. $30,000,000 $10,487,948
Spirit BankCorp Bank Okla. $30,000,000 -$18,099,925
StellarOne Corp Bank Va. $30,000,000 $7,191,875
Tennessee Commerce Bancorp Bank Tenn. $30,000,000 -$26,766,667
Peapack-Gladstone Financial Bank N.J. $28,685,000 $3,390,741
Bank of Marin Bancorp Bank Calif. $28,000,000 $2,155,095
Colony Bankcorp Bank Ga. $28,000,000 -$1,519,911
CenterState Banks of Florida, Inc. Bank Fla. $27,875,000 $1,408,302
Intermountain Community Bancorp Bank Idaho $27,000,000 $6,955,519
Alliance Financial Corp Bank N.Y. $26,918,000 $1,438,360
CCO Mortgage Mortgage Servicer Va. $26,747,668 -$26,747,668
Citizens & Northern Corporation Bank Pa. $26,440,000 $2,449,100
Washington Banking Company Bank Wash. $26,380,000 $4,248,344
Patriot Bancshares Bank Texas $26,038,000 $4,402,738
HMN Financial Bank Minn. $26,000,000 $734,787
LNB Bancorp Bank Ohio $25,223,000 $1,939,571
Princeton National Bancorp Bank Ill. $25,083,000 -$22,811,595
Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina Bank N.C. $25,054,000 $2,823,965
First California Financial Group Bank Calif. $25,000,000 $3,810,847
HF Financial Corp Bank S.D. $25,000,000 $1,316,666
Horizon Bancorp Bank Ind. $25,000,000 $4,857,322
Intervest Bancshares Bank N.Y. $25,000,000 $7,927,621
Rogers Bancshares Bank Ark. $25,000,000 -$24,261,979
Shore Bancshares Bank Md. $25,000,000 $358,333
The First Bancorp Bank Maine $25,000,000 $4,734,097
VIST Financial Corp Bank Pa. $25,000,000 $5,710,646
Citizens Bancshares Co. Bank Mo. $24,990,000 -$11,037,619
Vantagesouth Bancshares, Inc. Bank N.C. $24,900,000 $8,915,465
Stearns Financial Services Bank Minn. $24,900,000 $6,595,444
National Bancshares Bank Iowa $24,664,000 -$3,192,912
CBS Banc-Corp Bank Ala. $24,300,000 $3,132,359
Community Trust Financial Corp Bank La. $24,000,000 $4,459,100
Eastern Virginia Bankshares Bank Va. $24,000,000 $4,427,611
Heritage Financial Corp Bank Wash. $24,000,000 $2,953,333
Bridge Capital Holdings Bank Calif. $23,864,000 $4,008,582
Severn Bancorp Bank Md. $23,393,000 $3,756,138
Park Bancorporation Bank Wis. $23,200,000 -$1,179,936
First Citizens Banc Corp Bank Ohio $23,184,000 $2,061,684
TriState Capital Holdings Bank Pa. $23,000,000 $5,642,402
Central Bancorp, Inc. Bank Texas $22,500,000 $8,586,222
Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc. Bank W.Va. $22,252,000 $6,475,239
University Financial Corp, Inc. Bank Minn. $22,115,000 $2,618,727
Residential Credit Solutions Mortgage Servicer Texas $22,060,987 -$22,060,987
Central Community Corp Bank Texas $22,000,000 $3,797,529
Middleburg Financial Corp Bank Va. $22,000,000 $1,287,945
Security Federal Corp Bank S.C. $22,000,000 $3,669,111
Wainwright Bank & Trust Bank Mass. $22,000,000 $1,592,311
First Community Financial Partners, Inc. Bank Ill. $22,000,000 -$3,747,521
Liberty Bancshares, Inc. Bank Mo. $21,900,000 $4,095,453
Blue Valley Ban Corp Bank Kan. $21,750,000 -$272,469
Indiana Community Bancorp Bank Ind. $21,500,000 $5,831,250
Medallion Bank Bank Utah $21,498,000 $2,962,676
BancIndependent Bank Ala. $21,100,000 $3,741,412
FC Holdings Bank Texas $21,042,000 -$1,205,370
AmeriServ Financial Bank Pa. $21,000,000 $3,601,666
Heritage Oaks Bancorp Bank Calif. $21,000,000 $6,241,335
Mercantile Bank Corporation Bank Mich. $21,000,000 $10,631,120
The Baraboo Bancorporation Bank Wis. $20,749,000 -$2,725,169
First Guaranty Bancshares, Inc. Bank La. $20,699,000 $3,360,477
Unity Bancorp Bank N.J. $20,649,000 $7,364,819
United Bancorp Bank Mich. $20,600,000 -$284,075
Citizens South Banking Corp Bank N.C. $20,500,000 $3,072,379
Florida Bank Group, Inc. Bank Fla. $20,471,000 -$11,290,207
Diamond Bancorp, Inc. Bank Mo. $20,445,000 $656,616
First Western Financial Bank Colo. $20,440,000 $702,315
Commonwealth Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ky. $20,400,000 $1,175,016
Market Street Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ill. $20,300,000 $4,129,250
BNCCORP Bank N.D. $20,093,000 $7,050,012
C&F Financial Corp Bank Va. $20,000,000 $5,205,958
Community First Bancshares Bank Tenn. $20,000,000 $3,628,111
First Financial Service Corp Bank Ky. $20,000,000 -$7,663,722
MidSouth Bancorp Bank La. $20,000,000 $2,834,334
The ANB Corporation Bank Texas $20,000,000 $3,234,499
FHA Refinance Program Fund FHA Refinance Fund D.C. $20,000,000 -$20,000,000
D.L. Evans Bancorp Bank Idaho $19,891,000 $3,795,592
Chambers Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ark. $19,817,000 $12,281,304
Community Bank Shares of Indiana, Inc. Bank Ind. $19,468,000 $3,334,282
First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc. Bank Calif. $19,300,000 $2,997,560
Carver Bancorp Bank N.Y. $18,980,000 $1,978,088
Bar Harbor Bankshares Bank Maine $18,751,000 $1,286,514
HopFed Bancorp Bank Ky. $18,400,000 $3,954,146
District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency State Housing Orgs D.C. $18,234,860 -$18,234,860
Sovereign Bancshares Bank Texas $18,215,000 $3,417,669
Peoples Bancorp Bank Wash. $18,000,000 $3,325,250
First Trust Corporation Bank La. $17,969,000 -$2,664,820
ECB Bancorp Bank N.C. $17,949,000 $4,647,773
Security Capital Corporation Bank Miss. $17,910,000 $3,559,670
First NBC Bank Holding Company Bank La. $17,836,000 $3,197,989
Community First Inc Bank Tenn. $17,806,000 -$10,082,487
Community Bankers Trust Corp Bank Va. $17,680,000 $5,455,879
First Northern Community Bancorp Bank Calif. $17,390,000 $2,553,580
OneFinancial Corporation Bank Ark. $17,300,000 -$9,637,007
Southern First Bancshares Bank S.C. $17,299,000 $2,102,365
Liberty Shares Bank Ga. $17,280,000 -$12,280,440
F&M Financial Corporation (TN) Bank Tenn. $17,243,000 $330,766
Northern States Financial Corp Bank Ill. $17,211,000 -$10,768,828
The First Bancshares Bank Miss. $17,123,000 $1,634,712
Bank of Commerce Holdings Bank Calif. $17,000,000 $2,564,028
F&M Financial Corporation Bank N.C. $17,000,000 $3,119,745
First American International Corp Bank N.Y. $17,000,000 -$13,397,858
Guaranty Federal Bancshares Bank Mo. $17,000,000 $4,887,871
White River Bancshares Company Bank Ark. $16,800,000 $2,602,245
Timberland Bancorp Bank Wash. $16,641,000 $2,420,171
Codorus Valley Bancorp Bank Pa. $16,500,000 $2,678,479
First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas Bank Ark. $16,500,000 -$9,929,375
1st Financial Services Corp Bank N.C. $16,369,000 -$7,139,052
Parke Bancorp Bank N.J. $16,288,000 $77,555
Pacific City Financial Corp Bank Calif. $16,200,000 $1,526,384
Valley Financial Corp Bank Va. $16,019,000 $5,292,673
CoastalSouth Bancshares, Inc. Bank S.C. $16,015,000 -$1,757,512
Carolina Bank Holdings Bank N.C. $16,000,000 $3,941,789
MidWest One Financial Group Bank Iowa $16,000,000 $2,933,333
State Capital Corp. Bank Miss. $15,750,000 $2,981,209
Community West Bancshares Bank Calif. $15,600,000 -$1,258,860
Stockmens Financial Corporation Bank S.D. $15,568,000 $2,533,554
Tri-County Financial Corp Bank Md. $15,540,000 $3,113,117
BankFirst Capital Corp Bank Miss. $15,500,000 $2,992,470
First Reliance Bancshares Bank S.C. $15,349,000 -$2,354,941
Grandsouth Bancorporation Bank S.C. $15,319,000 $2,306,918
Broadway Financial Corporation Bank Calif. $15,000,000 -$2,124,380
Centra Financial Holdings Bank W.Va. $15,000,000 $922,937
LSB Corp Bank Mass. $15,000,000 $1,260,000
Business Bancshares Bank Mo. $15,000,000 $3,707,709
Foresight Financial Group, Inc. Bank Ill. $15,000,000 $3,670,292
The Landrum Company Bank Mo. $15,000,000 $2,580,291
River Valley Bancorporation Bank Wis. $15,000,000 $4,928,275
Suburban Illinois Bancorp, Inc. Bank Ill. $15,000,000 $10,244,054
Nicolet Bankshares Bank Wis. $14,964,000 $2,940,842
Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp Bank Va. $14,738,000 -$7,747,407
Monarch Financial Holdings Bank Va. $14,700,000 $1,003,166
Caliber Home Loans, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Okla. $14,556,421 -$14,556,421
Tidelands Bancshares Bank S.C. $14,448,000 -$4,267,800
United Bank Corporation Bank Ga. $14,400,000 $4,482,079
Guaranty Capital Corporation Bank Miss. $14,000,000 $3,687,282
First National Corporation Bank Va. $13,900,000 $1,429,331
Magna Bank Bank Tenn. $13,795,000 $2,351,468
Bancorp Financial, Inc. Bank Ill. $13,669,000 $1,926,738
Sword Financial Corporation Bank Wis. $13,644,000 $3,375,233
First Texas BHC Bank Texas $13,533,000 $2,539,389
Oak Valley Bancorp Bank Calif. $13,500,000 $2,371,250
WashingtonFirst Bankshares, Inc. Bank Va. $13,475,000 $1,842,319
LCNB Corp Bank Ohio $13,400,000 $1,127,390
Bank of the Carolinas Corporation Bank N.C. $13,179,000 -$8,844,573
Morrill Bancshares Bank Kan. $13,000,000 $2,429,122
SouthCrest Financial Group, Inc. Bank Ga. $12,900,000 $209,014
HCSB Financial Corporation Bank S.C. $12,895,000 -$11,675,348
Community First Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ark. $12,725,000 $3,848,975
Adbanc Bank Neb. $12,720,000 $2,351,769
Regents Bancshares, Inc. Bank Wash. $12,700,000 $1,894,340
Peoples Bancorporation Bank S.C. $12,660,000 $2,702,912
Community Financial Corp Bank Va. $12,643,000 $3,464,224
Bankers’ Bank of the West Bank Colo. $12,639,000 $4,458,994
Meridian Bank Bank Pa. $12,535,000 $1,153,103
Security State Bancshares Bank Mo. $12,500,000 $2,388,681
PeoplesSouth Bancshares Bank Ga. $12,325,000 $3,661,000
OneUnited Bank Bank Mass. $12,063,000 -$11,969,177
1st Constitution Bancorp Bank N.J. $12,000,000 $1,433,242
Blue Ridge Bancshares Bank Mo. $12,000,000 -$564,957
First Manitowoc Bancorp Bank Wis. $12,000,000 $837,983
FNB Bancorp Bank Calif. $12,000,000 $2,267,700
The Queensborough Company Bank Ga. $12,000,000 $1,065,246
Two Rivers Financial Group Bank Iowa $12,000,000 $2,075,133
Duke Financial Group, Inc. Bank Minn. $12,000,000 $5,424,286
Farmers Enterprises, Inc. Bank Kan. $12,000,000 $3,698,747
Alliance Financial Services Bank Minn. $12,000,000 -$2,193,864
Wachusett Financial Services, Inc. Bank Mass. $12,000,000 $2,731,826
Plumas Bancorp Bank Calif. $11,949,000 $1,815,140
Citizens Bancshares Bank Ga. $11,841,000 $1,979,909
DNB Financial Corp Bank Pa. $11,750,000 $1,933,277
M&F Bancorp Bank N.C. $11,735,000 -$185,805
TCB Holding Company Bank Texas $11,730,000 -$11,039,168
Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bancshares Bank Calif. $11,600,000 $2,221,963
Cecil Bancorp Bank Md. $11,560,000 -$10,163,012
Western Illinois Bancshares Bank Ill. $11,422,000 $1,772,412
Central Virginia Bankshares Bank Va. $11,385,000 -$7,584,344
First Community Corp Bank S.C. $11,350,000 $2,075,979
Liberty Financial Services Bank La. $11,334,000 $1,132,862
Central Jersey Bancorp Bank N.J. $11,300,000 $1,390,020
Steele Street Bank Corporation Bank Colo. $11,019,000 $2,059,672
Allegiance Bancshares, Inc. Bank Texas $11,000,000 $4,971,339
Mackinac Financial Corporation Bank Mich. $11,000,000 $2,521,828
Brotherhood Bancshares, Inc. Bank Kan. $11,000,000 $1,845,585
Stonebridge Financial Corp Bank Pa. $10,973,000 -$8,320,183
First Capital Bancorp Bank Va. $10,958,000 $998,713
First Southern Bancorp Bank Fla. $10,900,000 $1,363,468
Ridgestone Financial Services Bank Wis. $10,900,000 -$1,269,893
BCSB Bancorp Bank Md. $10,800,000 $2,571,500
Presidio Bank Bank Calif. $10,800,000 $277,697
Security State Bank Holding Company Bank N.D. $10,750,000 $3,091,203
First Community Bank Corp of America Bank Fla. $10,685,000 -$2,185,751
Crosstown Holding Company Bank Minn. $10,650,000 $2,848,330
Selene Finance, LP Mortgage Servicer Texas $10,507,915 -$10,507,915
Northwest Bancorporation Bank Wash. $10,500,000 $1,391,847
Katahdin Bankshares Bank Maine $10,449,000 $1,974,048
1st Enterprise Bank Bank Calif. $10,400,000 $1,348,156
Citizens Bancorp Bank Calif. $10,400,000 -$10,176,429
Mission Valley Bancorp Bank Calif. $10,336,000 $1,895,669
United Bancorporation of Alabama, Inc. Bank Ala. $10,300,000 $2,160,535
Illinois State Bancorp, Inc. Bank Ill. $10,272,000 $1,564,113
North Central Bancshares Bank Iowa $10,200,000 $2,094,583
Midland States Bancorp Bank Ill. $10,189,000 $1,017,989
Heritage Bankshares, Inc. Bank Va. $10,103,000 $1,250,284
1st United Bancorp Bank Fla. $10,000,000 $870,902
Blackhawk Bancorp Bank Wis. $10,000,000 $1,344,361
BOH Holdings Bank Texas $10,000,000 $1,783,777
Center Bancorp Bank N.J. $10,000,000 $1,586,667
Central Bancorp Bank Mass. $10,000,000 $3,886,111
ColoEast Bankshares Bank Colo. $10,000,000 $670,783
First Bankers Trustshares Bank Ill. $10,000,000 $1,941,221
First Litchfield Financial Corp Bank Conn. $10,000,000 $2,147,768
Mid Penn Bancorp Bank Pa. $10,000,000 $2,070,978
Mid-Wisconsin Financial Services Bank Wis. $10,000,000 $2,844,226
NCAL Bancorp Bank Calif. $10,000,000 -$4,788,973
New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares Bank N.H. $10,000,000 $2,041,266
Northway Financial Bank N.H. $10,000,000 $1,930,625
Stewardship Financial Corp Bank N.J. $10,000,000 $1,400,453
Uwharrie Capital Corp Bank N.C. $10,000,000 $2,916,040
Century Financial Services Corporation Bank N.M. $10,000,000 $3,186,960
HomeTown Bankshares Corporation Bank Va. $10,000,000 $998,306
Greer Bancshares Bank S.C. $9,993,000 $3,700,112
Regent Bancorp Bank Fla. $9,982,000 -$1,226,982
Penn Liberty Financial Corp Bank Pa. $9,960,000 $1,785,689
Coastal Banking Company Bank Fla. $9,950,000 $1,117,898
Universal Bancorp Bank Ind. $9,900,000 $2,265,548
PSB Financial Corporation Bank La. $9,734,000 $1,704,291
TCB Corporation Bank S.C. $9,720,000 $1,891,380
Navy Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Va. $9,580,324 -$9,580,324
Southern Missouri Bancorp Bank Mo. $9,550,000 $3,954,764
Moneytree Corporation Bank Tenn. $9,516,000 $1,775,481
Premier Bank Holding Company Bank Fla. $9,500,000 -$9,032,588
Florida Business BancGroup Bank Fla. $9,495,000 $1,814,751
City National Bancshares Corporation Bank N.J. $9,439,000 -$6,930,391
Cache Valley Banking Company Bank Utah $9,407,000 $1,267,335
21st Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Servicer Tenn. $9,378,186 -$9,378,186
FCB Bancorp Bank Ky. $9,294,000 $1,862,235
Freedom First Federal Credit Union Bank Va. $9,278,000 $501,527
Provident Community Bancshares Bank S.C. $9,266,000 -$3,626,609
Carrollton Bancorp Bank Md. $9,201,000 $2,187,959
First Priority Financial Corp Bank Pa. $9,175,000 $773,070
Elmira Savings Bank Bank N.Y. $9,090,000 $2,705,867
Community Partners Bancorp Bank N.J. $9,000,000 $1,598,750
HPK Financial Corporation Bank Ill. $9,000,000 $1,940,554
Delmar Bancorp Bank Md. $9,000,000 -$2,401,669
UBT Banchares Bank Kan. $8,950,000 $1,684,911
RCB Financial Corporation Bank Ga. $8,900,000 $323,155
Salisbury Bancorp Bank Conn. $8,816,000 $1,284,960
Citizens First Corp Bank Ky. $8,779,000 $3,457,420
Farmers Bank Bank Va. $8,752,000 $2,644,203
Equity Bancshares Bank Kan. $8,750,000 $2,688,457
Georgia Commerce Bancshares Bank Ga. $8,700,000 $1,385,366
United American Bank Bank Calif. $8,700,000 -$5,217,343
First Freedom Bancshares, Inc. Bank Tenn. $8,700,000 $929,360
Sonoma Valley Bancorp Bank Calif. $8,653,000 -$8,155,836
BancStar, Inc. Bank Mo. $8,600,000 $2,101,460
Summit State Bank Bank Calif. $8,500,000 $1,430,625
Great River Holding Company Bank Minn. $8,400,000 $2,380,775
HomEq Servicing Mortgage Servicer Calif. $8,308,819 -$8,308,819
Private Bancorporation Bank Minn. $8,222,000 $2,722,635
Annapolis Bancorp Bank Md. $8,152,000 $5,342,247
F&M Bancshares Bank Tenn. $8,144,000 $1,261,391
IBC Bancorp, Inc. Bank Ill. $8,086,000 -$5,921,517
Fairfax County Federal Credit Union Bank Va. $8,044,000 $1,121,244
Syringa Bancorp Bank Idaho $8,000,000 -$7,746,878
The Magnolia State Corporation Bank Miss. $7,922,000 $1,354,393
First Eagle Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ill. $7,875,000 $2,362,845
MS Financial Bank Texas $7,723,000 $1,483,290
Commonwealth Business Bank Bank Calif. $7,701,000 $750,110
Metro City Bank Bank Ga. $7,700,000 $1,105,995
Oak Ridge Financial Services Bank N.C. $7,700,000 $811,025
Valley Commerce Bancorp Bank Calif. $7,700,000 $1,703,403
First Gothenburg Bancshares Bank Neb. $7,570,000 $1,044,884
Country Bank Shares Bank Neb. $7,525,000 $1,256,210
Centrix Bank & Trust Bank N.H. $7,500,000 $1,387,792
Emclaire Financial Corp Bank Pa. $7,500,000 $1,045,904
The Little Bank Bank N.C. $7,500,000 $1,646,330
BNB Financial Services Corp Bank N.Y. $7,500,000 $2,276,052
Gulfstream Bancshares Bank Fla. $7,500,000 $1,251,543
GulfSouth Private Bank Bank Fla. $7,500,000 -$6,818,689
First Bank Mortgage Servicer Mo. $7,454,387 -$7,454,387
Somerset Hills Bancorp Bank N.J. $7,414,000 $402,685
Avenue Financial Holdings Bank Tenn. $7,400,000 $1,398,415
First Sound Bank Bank Wash. $7,400,000 -$3,369,056
First BancTrust Corp Bank Ill. $7,350,000 $1,658,951
Western Community Bancshares Bank Calif. $7,290,000 -$6,735,917
FFW Corp Bank Ind. $7,289,000 $1,152,840
Millenium Bancorp Bank Colo. $7,260,000 -$2,963,577
Central Federal Corp Bank Ohio $7,225,000 -$3,612,882
NC Bancorp Bank Ill. $7,186,000 -$4,572,286
TriSummit Bank Bank Tenn. $7,002,000 -$505,582
Central Valley Community Bancorp Bank Calif. $7,000,000 $1,077,516
Fidelity Bancorp, Inc. Bank Pa. $7,000,000 $1,388,333
Hamilton State Bancshares Bank Ga. $7,000,000 $1,169,166
Old Line Bancshares Bank Md. $7,000,000 $438,888
Chicago Shore Corporation Bank Ill. $7,000,000 $2,054,225
Heartland Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ind. $7,000,000 $1,321,471
M&T Bank Mortgage Servicer N.Y. $6,996,532 -$6,996,532
Community Financial Shares, Inc. Bank Ill. $6,970,000 -$2,729,256
Guaranty Bancorp Bank N.H. $6,920,000 $1,315,040
Idaho Bancorp Bank Idaho $6,900,000 -$6,344,327
Security California Bancorp Bank Calif. $6,815,000 $1,337,698
Pierce County Bancorp Bank Wash. $6,800,000 -$6,592,053
Harbor Bankshares Corporation Bank Md. $6,800,000 -$6,517,256
Monarch Community Bancorp Bank Mich. $6,785,000 -$1,976,879
Premier Bancorp Bank Ill. $6,784,000 -$6,123,785
Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc. Bank N.Y. $6,771,000 $1,205,330
Highlands Independent Bancshares Bank Fla. $6,700,000 -$534,688
Fidelity Federal Bancorp Bank Ind. $6,657,000 $563,909
Alarion Financial Services Bank Fla. $6,514,000 $1,160,003
Catskill Hudson Bancorp Bank N.Y. $6,500,000 $948,073
Pacific International Bancorp Bank Wash. $6,500,000 $1,437,745
Liberty Bancshares, Inc. (TX) Bank Texas $6,500,000 $1,947,271
Biscayne Bancshares, Inc. Bank Fla. $6,400,000 $1,871,974
First Intercontinental Bank Bank Ga. $6,398,000 -$2,229,115
Premier Financial Corp Bank Iowa $6,349,000 $2,429,669
Citizens Commerce Bancshares Bank Ky. $6,300,000 -$1,319,742
Carter Federal Credit Union Bank La. $6,300,000 -$3,159,650
Cardinal Bancorp II, Inc. Bank Mo. $6,251,000 $1,296,478
First Vernon Bancshares Bank Ala. $6,245,000 $946,293
Randolph Bank & Trust Company Bank N.C. $6,229,000 $961,593
Moscow Bancshares Bank Tenn. $6,216,000 $1,516,432
Union Bank & Trust Company Bank N.C. $6,191,000 $840,293
OSB Financial Services Bank Texas $6,100,000 $1,562,316
Centric Financial Corporation Bank Pa. $6,056,000 $683,821
American State Bancshares Bank Kan. $6,000,000 $1,220,142
Beach Business Bank Bank Calif. $6,000,000 $1,263,316
IBW Financial Corporation Bank D.C. $6,000,000 $822,067
ICB Financial Bank Calif. $6,000,000 $1,194,458
Patapsco Bancorp Bank Md. $6,000,000 $3,260,824
Peninsula Bank Holding Co Bank Calif. $6,000,000 $1,563,057
Gateway Bancshares Bank Ga. $6,000,000 $1,260,795
McLeod Bancshares, Inc. Bank Minn. $6,000,000 $870,433
Howard Bancorp Bank Md. $5,983,000 $1,136,793
Rising Sun Bancorp Bank Md. $5,983,000 -$5,787,363
IA Bancorp, Inc. Bank N.J. $5,976,000 $991,741
Leader Bancorp Bank Mass. $5,830,000 $894,016
Security Business Bancorp Bank Calif. $5,803,000 $1,085,019
Central Bancshares Bank Texas $5,800,000 $1,059,177
FPB Bancorp Bank Fla. $5,800,000 -$5,526,112
CFBanc Corporation Bank D.C. $5,781,000 $492,349
Seaside National Bank & Trust Bank Fla. $5,677,000 $844,349
United Financial Banking Companies Bank Va. $5,658,000 $991,965
Waukesha Bankshares Bank Wis. $5,625,000 $773,892
Boscobel Bancorp, Inc Bank Wis. $5,586,000 $1,423,244
First Southwest Bancorporation Bank Colo. $5,500,000 -$140,227
Valley Community Bank Bank Calif. $5,500,000 -$2,502,909
One Georgia Bank Bank Ga. $5,500,000 -$5,500,000
Legacy Bancorp Bank Wis. $5,498,000 -$5,142,921
American Bancorp of Illinois, Inc. Bank Ill. $5,457,000 $1,092,073
The Private Bank of California Bank Calif. $5,450,000 $1,024,753
Highlands State Bank Bank N.J. $5,450,000 $761,927
Connecticut Bank and Trust Company Bank Conn. $5,448,000 $1,454,866
BankAsiana Bank N.J. $5,250,000 $315,584
Midtown Bank & Trust Company Bank Ga. $5,222,000 -$1,651,863
First Choice Bank Bank Calif. $5,146,000 $678,521
Mission Community Bancorp Bank Calif. $5,116,000 $759,584
Capital Commerce Bancorp, Inc. Bank Wis. $5,100,000 -$2,335,066
Franklin Bancorp, Inc. Bank Mo. $5,097,000 -$677,129
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Mortgage Servicer Puerto Rico $5,068,698 -$5,068,698
First Resource Bank Bank Pa. $5,017,000 $714,794
Blue River Bancshares Bank Ind. $5,000,000 -$4,470,895
Commerce National Bank Bank Calif. $5,000,000 $602,969
Financial Security Corp Bank Wyo. $5,000,000 $914,597
First Express of Nebraska Bank Neb. $5,000,000 $1,074,313
Southern Illinois Bancorp Bank Ill. $5,000,000 $955,472
BlackRidge Financial, Inc. Bank N.D. $5,000,000 $1,127,326
Covenant Financial Corporation Bank Miss. $5,000,000 $1,594,635
AmFirst Financial Services, Inc. Bank Neb. $5,000,000 $1,523,255
Germantown Capital Corporation Bank Tenn. $4,967,000 $674,940
First ULB Corp Bank Calif. $4,900,000 $311,020
York Traditions Bank Bank Pa. $4,871,000 $834,023
Southern Heritage Bancshares, Inc. Bank Tenn. $4,862,000 $856,113
BNC Financial Group Bank Conn. $4,797,000 $876,922
First Menasha Bancshares Bank Wis. $4,797,000 $916,867
Alaska Pacific Bankshares Bank Alaska $4,781,000 $2,720,884
Monument Bank Bank Md. $4,734,000 $889,960
Capital Bancorp Bank Md. $4,700,000 $752,281
Western Reserve Bancorp, Inc Bank Ohio $4,700,000 $1,142,202
Virginia Company Bank Bank Va. $4,700,000 -$955,554
CalWest Bancorp Bank Calif. $4,656,000 $629,163
MorEquity, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Ind. $4,628,164 -$4,628,164
Lafayette Bancorp Bank Miss. $4,551,000 $852,068
Hope Federal Credit Union Bank Miss. $4,520,000 -$3,895,236
First Colebrook Bancorp Bank N.H. $4,500,000 $839,489
Puget Sound Bank Bank Wash. $4,500,000 $855,158
Georgia Primary Bank Bank Ga. $4,500,000 -$2,873,543
Mainline Bancorp, Inc. Bank Pa. $4,500,000 $763,190
Community Pride Bank Corporation Bank Minn. $4,400,000 $627,765
CBB Bancorp Bank Ga. $4,397,000 $585,145
Pinnacle Bank Holding Company Bank Fla. $4,389,000 -$4,104,001
Metropolitan Capital Bancorp, Inc. Bank Ill. $4,388,000 $1,325,197
Northeast Bancorp Bank Maine $4,227,000 $1,262,384
PNC Bank, National Association Mortgage Servicer Pa. $4,218,927 -$4,218,927
Pacific Coast National Bancorp Bank Calif. $4,120,000 -$4,101,913
CB Holding Corp. Bank Ill. $4,114,000 -$3,842,421
Community Bank of the Bay Bank Calif. $4,060,000 -$3,445,636
Pacific Commerce Bank Bank Calif. $4,060,000 -$1,018,330
The Bank of Currituck Bank N.C. $4,021,000 -$2,108,316
California Bank of Commerce Bank Calif. $4,000,000 $755,900
Capital Pacific Bancorp Bank Ore. $4,000,000 $804,256
Carolina Trust Bank Bank N.C. $4,000,000 -$5,548
Hilltop Community Bancorp Bank N.J. $4,000,000 $467,049
Naples Bancorp Bank Fla. $4,000,000 -$3,043,934
Premier Service Bank Bank Calif. $4,000,000 $300,522
Santa Lucia Bancorp Bank Calif. $4,000,000 -$868,889
SBT Bancorp Bank Conn. $4,000,000 $717,144
Todd Bancshares Bank Ky. $4,000,000 $1,210,672
SV Financial, Inc. Bank Ill. $4,000,000 $721,382
Grand Capital Corporation Bank Okla. $4,000,000 $717,145
Investors Financial Corporation of Pettis County Bank Mo. $4,000,000 -$3,825,676
Enterprise Financial Services Group Bank Pa. $4,000,000 $680,205
KS Bancorp, Inc. Bank N.C. $4,000,000 $137,336
Providence Bank Bank N.C. $4,000,000 $596,313
Texas National Bancorporation Bank Texas $3,981,000 $494,307
Community Business Bank Bank Calif. $3,976,000 $698,053
Fidelity Bancorp, Inc (LA) Bank La. $3,942,000 $1,462,924
Peoples Bancshares of TN Bank Tenn. $3,900,000 -$135,012
Community Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ariz. $3,872,000 $1,325,157
Redwood Capital Bancorp Bank Calif. $3,800,000 $710,626
Tifton Banking Company Bank Ga. $3,800,000 -$3,576,792
Pascack Community Bank Bank N.J. $3,756,000 $741,313
First Financial Bancshares Bank Kan. $3,756,000 $807,302
Financial Services of Winger, Inc. Bank Minn. $3,742,000 $745,324
Pathway Bancorp Bank Neb. $3,727,000 $901,862
Triad Bancorp Bank Mo. $3,700,000 $686,326
Patterson Bancshares Bank La. $3,690,000 $1,002,028
AMB Financial Corp Bank Ind. $3,674,000 $713,576
Allied First Bancorp Bank Ill. $3,652,000 -$2,198,246
FNF Servicing, Inc Mortgage Servicer Va. $3,578,915 -$3,578,915
The Golden 1 Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $3,573,536 -$3,573,536
CedarStone Bank Bank Tenn. $3,564,000 $1,108,099
Merchants and Manufacturers Bank Corporation Bank Ill. $3,510,000 $600,668
AB&T Financial Corp Bank N.C. $3,500,000 -$2,173,585
Mercantile Capital Corp Bank Mass. $3,500,000 $650,816
First Alliance Bancshares Bank Tenn. $3,422,000 -$418,323
Gregory Funding LLC Mortgage Servicer Ore. $3,405,518 -$3,405,518
Birmingham Bloomfield Bancshares Bank Mich. $3,379,000 $424,024
Bainbridge Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ga. $3,372,000 $273,637
Madison Financial Corp Bank Ky. $3,370,000 $377,299
First Bank of Charleston Bank W.Va. $3,345,000 $615,105
California Oaks State Bank Bank Calif. $3,300,000 $502,219
Mountain Valley Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ga. $3,300,000 $769,981
Bancorp of Okolona, Inc. Bank Miss. $3,297,000 $250,976
Congaree Bancshares Bank S.C. $3,285,000 $160,825
Treaty Oak Bancorp Bank Texas $3,268,000 -$2,575,585
Border Federal Credit Union Bank Texas $3,260,000 $263,698
Hometown Bancorp of Alabama Bank Ala. $3,250,000 $964,208
FPB Financial Corp Bank La. $3,240,000 $383,721
First Independence Corporation Bank Mich. $3,223,000 -$402,739
Oregon Bancorp Bank Ore. $3,216,000 $950,808
Resurgent Capital Services L.P. Mortgage Servicer S.C. $3,202,721 -$3,202,721
Kilmichael Bancorp, Inc. Bank Miss. $3,154,000 $602,679
Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp Bank Wyo. $3,100,000 $1,125,739
Fortune Financial Corporation Bank Mo. $3,100,000 $568,929
Grand Mountain Bancshares, Inc. Bank Colo. $3,076,000 $0
Lone Star Bank Bank Texas $3,072,000 -$1,071,119
Sound Banking Company Bank N.C. $3,070,000 $566,309
FBHC Holding Company Bank Colo. $3,035,000 -$2,230,408
Ally Bank Mortgage Servicer Utah $3,018,152 -$3,018,152
Citizens Community Bank Bank Va. $3,000,000 $574,645
Clover Community Bankshares Bank S.C. $3,000,000 $318,586
Marine Bank & Trust Company Bank Fla. $3,000,000 -$653,787
PGB Holdings Bank Ill. $3,000,000 $555,041
St. Johns Bancshares Bank Mo. $3,000,000 -$1,232,967
Tennessee Valley Financial Holdings Bank Tenn. $3,000,000 $331,713
Frontier Bancshares Bank Texas $3,000,000 $408,191
Freeport Bancshares Bank Ill. $3,000,000 $1,393,492
Fidelity Resources Company Bank Texas $3,000,000 $503,795
Bank of Commerce Bank N.C. $3,000,000 $87,573
Layton Park Financial Group Bank Wis. $3,000,000 -$67,838
Redwood Financial Bank Minn. $2,995,000 $575,812
F & C Bancorp, Inc. Bank Mo. $2,993,000 $930,566
Alliance Bancshares Bank Ga. $2,986,000 $595,401
Santa Clara Valley Bank Bank Calif. $2,900,000 -$178,674
Berkshire Bancorp Bank Pa. $2,892,000 $509,124
US Metro Bank Bank Calif. $2,861,000 $604,216
Santa Cruz Community Credit Union Bank Calif. $2,828,000 $135,430
Omega Capital Corp Bank Colo. $2,816,000 $587,602
Prairie Star Bancshares Bank Kan. $2,800,000 $321,271
Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union Bank Calif. $2,799,000 -$2,413,204
Tri-State Bank of Memphis Bank Tenn. $2,795,000 -$2,394,849
SouthFirst Bancshares Bank Ala. $2,760,000 $492,464
Worthington Financial Holdings, Inc. Bank Ala. $2,720,000 $60,391
DeSoto County Bank Bank Miss. $2,681,000 $93,101
Bank of George Bank Nev. $2,672,000 -$1,388,060
Regent Capital Corporation Bank Okla. $2,655,000 $480,328
Community First Guam Federal Credit Union Bank Guam $2,650,000 -$2,284,742
Shreveport Federal Credit Union Bank La. $2,646,000 $118,776
Deerfield Financial Corporation Bank Wis. $2,639,000 $644,339
Manhattan Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ill. $2,639,000 $822,607
Scotiabank de Puerto Rico Mortgage Servicer Puerto Rico $2,603,545 -$2,603,545
Community Investors Bancorp Bank Ohio $2,600,000 $515,616
Northern State Bank Bank N.J. $2,571,000 $416,782
Goldwater Bank Bank Ariz. $2,568,000 -$1,074,250
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation Mortgage Servicer N.C. $2,566,615 -$2,566,615
Community 1st Bank Bank Calif. $2,550,000 $349,660
Plato Holdings Inc. Bank Minn. $2,500,000 $603,620
Atlantic City Federal Credit Union Bank Wyo. $2,500,000 $100,277
Pyramid Federal Credit Union Bank Ariz. $2,500,000 $216,972
AmeriBank Holding Company Bank Okla. $2,492,000 $468,023
Grand Financial Corporation Bank Miss. $2,443,320 $1,425,153
Citizens Bank & Trust Company, Established 1945 Bank La. $2,400,000 $3,330
CSRA Bank Corp Bank Ga. $2,400,000 $347,755
Green Circle Investments Bank Iowa $2,400,000 $636,022
Brogan Bankshares, Inc. Bank Wis. $2,400,000 $622,880
NEMO Bancshares Inc. Bank Mo. $2,330,000 $869,347
IBT Bancorp Bank Texas $2,295,000 $641,463
Columbine Capital Corp Bank Colo. $2,260,000 $429,480
CenterBank Bank Ohio $2,250,000 $94,348
Alternatives Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $2,234,000 $100,903
Union Financial Corporation Bank N.M. $2,179,000 $460,872
Marix Servicing, LLC Mortgage Servicer Ariz. $2,162,025 -$2,162,025
Security Bancshares of Pulaski County Bank Mo. $2,152,000 -$134,090
Titonka Bancshares Bank Iowa $2,117,000 $452,493
Ojai Community Bank Bank Calif. $2,080,000 $574,759
Market Bancorporation Bank Minn. $2,060,000 $272,249
The Victory Bank Bank Pa. $2,046,000 $276,184
Surrey Bancorp Bank N.C. $2,000,000 $314,972
TCNB Financial Corp Bank Ohio $2,000,000 $384,611
Nationwide Bankshares, Inc. Bank Neb. $2,000,000 $276,190
Atlantic Bancshares, Inc. Bank S.C. $2,000,000 $528,554
Northwest Commercial Bank Bank Wash. $1,992,000 $388,393
Fresno First Bank Bank Calif. $1,968,000 $469,100
Wescom Central Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $1,949,423 -$1,949,423
Virginia Community Capital, Inc. Bank Va. $1,915,000 $220,757
Hometown Bancshares Bank Ky. $1,900,000 $329,804
Merchants and Planters Bancshares Bank Tenn. $1,881,000 $350,562
Monadnock Bancorp Bank N.H. $1,834,000 $505,348
Seacoast Commerce Bank Bank Calif. $1,800,000 $353,780
American Premier Bancorp Bank Calif. $1,800,000 $252,682
Mortgage Center LLC Mortgage Servicer Mich. $1,772,782 -$1,772,782
Franklin Credit Management Corporation Mortgage Servicer N.J. $1,751,287 -$1,751,287
Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $1,709,000 $93,139
BCB Holding Company Bank Ala. $1,706,000 $609,854
Manhattan Bancorp Bank Calif. $1,700,000 $129,711
Maryland Financial Bank Bank Md. $1,700,000 -$832,754
Signature Bancshares Bank Texas $1,700,000 $294,588
The State Bank of Bartley Bank Neb. $1,697,000 $333,299
Gateway Community Federal Credit Union Bank Mont. $1,657,000 $62,690
Gold Canyon Bank Bank Ariz. $1,607,000 -$1,553,141
Tongass Federal Credit Union Bank Alaska $1,600,000 $154,666
Hyperion Bank Bank Pa. $1,552,000 -$214,834
Saigon National Bank Calif. $1,549,000 $97,325
D.C. Federal Credit Union Bank D.C. $1,522,000 -$354,515
Regional Bankshares Bank S.C. $1,500,000 $272,618
Vision Bank – Texas Bank Texas $1,500,000 $398,263
PFSB Bancorporation, Inc. Bank Wis. $1,500,000 $230,164
Sterling Savings Bank Mortgage Servicer Wash. $1,453,739 -$1,453,739
Seneca Mortgage Servicing LLC Mortgage Servicer N.Y. $1,401,139 -$1,401,139
Indiana Bank Corp Bank Ind. $1,312,000 -$1,146,861
Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank Bank N.J. $1,300,000 -$1,212,816
Valley Financial Group, Ltd., 1st State Bank Bank Mich. $1,300,000 $189,776
ClearSpring Loan Services, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Texas $1,249,697 -$1,249,697
Vigo County Federal Credit Union Bank Ind. $1,229,000 -$7,992
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc Mortgage Servicer Va. $1,201,818 -$1,201,818
Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Fla. $1,196,743 -$1,196,743
First Advantage Bancshares Inc. Bank Minn. $1,177,000 $151,320
Riverside Bancshares, Inc. Bank Ark. $1,100,000 $522,714
Southside Credit Union Bank Texas $1,100,000 $67,894
Brewery Credit Union Bank Wis. $1,096,000 $41,465
Opportunities Credit Union Bank Vt. $1,091,000 -$940,927
Independence Bank Bank R.I. $1,065,000 $329,723
Community Bancshares Of Mississippi, Inc. (Community Holding Company Of Florida, Inc.) Bank Fla. $1,050,000 $170,301
Calvert Financial Corp Bank Mo. $1,037,000 $567,023
Bank Financial Services, Inc. Bank Minn. $1,004,000 $110,680
BankGreenville Bank S.C. $1,000,000 $153,905
Butte Federal Credit Union Bank Calif. $1,000,000 -$914,612
First Legacy Community Credit Union Bank N.C. $1,000,000 $70,167
Bern Bancshares Bank Kan. $985,000 $187,064
Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union / Union Settlement Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $898,000 $55,696
Urban Partnership Bank Mortgage Servicer Ill. $872,996 -$872,996
Gregg Bancshares Bank Mo. $825,000 -$779,810
Greater Nevada LLC, dba Greater Nevada Mortgage Mortgage Servicer Nev. $818,188 -$818,188
Banner County Bank Corp Bank Neb. $795,000 $147,412
RG Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Servicer Puerto Rico $793,769 -$793,769
Statebridge Company, LLC Mortgage Servicer Colo. $765,932 -$765,932
UNO Federal Credit Union Bank La. $743,000 $43,754
First State Bank of Mobeetie Bank Texas $731,000 $82,086
Farmers State Bancshares Bank Kan. $700,000 $130,174
Midwest Regional Bancorp Bank Mo. $700,000 $63,294
Mission Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $698,685 -$698,685
Independent Employers Group Federal Credit Union Bank Hawaii $698,000 $71,701
Green City Bancshares Bank Mo. $651,000 $82,037
Quantum Servicing Corporation Mortgage Servicer Fla. $645,438 -$645,438
Corning Savings and Loan Association Bank Ark. $638,000 $21,705
SN Servicing Corporation Mortgage Servicer La. $609,707 -$609,707
Butler Point Bank Ill. $607,000 $117,125
Colonial American Bank Bank Pa. $574,000 $94,143
OwnersChoice Funding, Incorporated Mortgage Servicer N.Y. $552,590 -$552,590
PHH Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Servicer N.J. $528,469 -$528,469
Bethex Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $502,000 $51,567
Community Bancshares of Kansas Bank Kan. $500,000 $116,745
Kirksville Bancorp Bank Mo. $470,000 $152,228
Technology Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $455,637 -$455,637
Community Plus Federal Credit Union Bank Ill. $450,000 $21,025
Farmers & Merchants Financial Corp Bank Kan. $442,000 $58,200
Liberty County Teachers Federal Credit Union Bank Texas $435,000 -$41,397
Haviland Bancshares Bank Kan. $425,000 $62,524
Tulane-Loyola Federal Credit Union Bank La. $424,000 -$365,559
Matrix Financial Services Corp. Mortgage Servicer Ariz. $397,626 -$397,626
Los Alamos National Bank Mortgage Servicer N.M. $381,349 -$381,349
FCI Lender Services, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Calif. $375,727 -$375,727
Hillsdale County National Bank Mortgage Servicer Mich. $362,908 -$362,908
United Bank Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Servicer Mich. $350,764 -$350,764
Northeast Community Federal Credit Union Bank Calif. $350,000 -$301,758
Greater Kinston Credit Union Bank N.C. $350,000 $10,714
ShoreBank Mortgage Servicer Ill. $346,986 -$346,986
North Side Community Federal Credit Union Bank Ill. $325,000 -$280,294
The Freeport State Bank Bank Kan. $301,000 $78,459
Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $300,000 $16,667
Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $300,000 $17,450
Union Settlement Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $295,000 -$407
Umpqua Bank Mortgage Servicer Ore. $293,777 -$293,777
Silver State Schools Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Nev. $285,844 -$285,844
AmTrust Bank, A Division of New York Community Bank Mortgage Servicer Ohio $285,113 -$285,113
Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $283,000 -$245,407
Prince Kuhio Federal Credit Union Bank Hawaii $273,000 $27,073
Idaho Housing and Finance Association Mortgage Servicer Idaho $265,886 -$265,886
Wachovia Mortgage, FSB Mortgage Servicer Iowa $238,889 -$238,889
James B.Nutter and Company Mortgage Servicer Mo. $228,573 -$228,573
Schools Financial Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $198,427 -$198,427
ORNL Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Tenn. $193,301 -$193,301
DuPage Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Ill. $178,370 -$178,370
IC Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Mass. $172,477 -$172,477
Kondaur Capital Corporation Mortgage Servicer Calif. $166,566 -$166,566
United Bank Mortgage Servicer Ga. $157,242 -$157,242
Unify Financial Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $153,637 -$153,637
Phenix Pride Federal Credit Union Bank Ala. $153,000 $8,151
Buffalo Cooperative Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $145,000 -$125,014
Yadkin Valley Bank Mortgage Servicer N.C. $144,486 -$144,486
Citizens 1st National Bank Mortgage Servicer Ill. $141,806 -$141,806
NJ Housing & Mortgage Finance Mortgage Servicer N.J. $132,856 -$132,856
Great Lakes Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Ill. $131,608 -$131,608
Planet Home Lending, LLC Mortgage Servicer Conn. $120,738 -$120,738
Heartland Bank & Trust Company Mortgage Servicer Ill. $117,418 -$117,418
LenderLive Network, Inc Mortgage Servicer Colo. $116,269 -$116,269
Fidelity Bank Mortgage Servicer La. $106,308 -$106,308
Columbia Bank Mortgage Servicer N.J. $105,118 -$105,118
Hill District Federal Credit Union Bank Pa. $100,000 $13,650
Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union Bank Calif. $100,000 -$86,244
Maryland Community Development Administration Mortgage Servicer Md. $96,588 -$96,588
Lake City Bank Mortgage Servicer Ind. $92,752 -$92,752
Home Servicing, LLC Mortgage Servicer La. $78,158 -$78,158
Thurston Union of Low Income People (TULIP) Cooperative Credit Union Bank Wash. $75,000 $5,593
Pathfinder Bank Mortgage Servicer N.Y. $71,838 -$71,838
Colorado Federal Savings Bank Mortgage Servicer Colo. $69,026 -$69,026
Horicon Bank Mortgage Servicer Wis. $67,385 -$67,385
Apex Bank Mortgage Servicer Tenn. $66,628 -$66,628
Workers United Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $57,000 $2,822
The Bryn Mawr Trust Co Mortgage Servicer Pa. $56,067 -$56,067
Park View Federal Savings Bank Mortgage Servicer Ohio $53,936 -$53,936
Aurora Financial Group, Inc Mortgage Servicer N.J. $52,533 -$52,533
IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Fla. $48,589 -$48,589
Allstate Mortgage Loans & Investments, Inc Mortgage Servicer Fla. $39,093 -$39,093
Florida Community Bank, NA Mortgage Servicer Fla. $38,103 -$38,103
Renaissance Community Development Credit Union Bank N.J. $31,000 -$26,758
Faith Based Federal Credit Union Bank Calif. $30,000 $2,934
Quicken Loans, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Mich. $29,916 -$29,916
Iberiabank Mortgage Servicer Fla. $25,502 -$25,502
First Citizens Bank & Trust Company Mortgage Servicer N.C. $25,376 -$25,376
Fresno County Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $24,954 -$24,954
Axiom Bank Mortgage Servicer Fla. $24,174 -$24,174
Desjardins Bank Mortgage Servicer Fla. $22,154 -$22,154
Wallick and Volk Mortgage Servicer Wyo. $21,330 -$21,330
First State Bank Mortgage Servicer Ill. $21,000 -$21,000
Rockland Trust Company Mortgage Servicer Mass. $21,000 -$21,000
Marsh Associates, Inc. Mortgage Servicer N.C. $20,337 -$20,337
Everbank Mortgage Servicer Fla. $19,709 -$19,709
Purdue Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Ind. $17,976 -$17,976
California Housing Finance Agency Mortgage Servicer Calif. $17,297 -$17,297
Ameriana Bank Mortgage Servicer Ind. $16,749 -$16,749
First Keystone Bank Mortgage Servicer Pa. $14,916 -$14,916
Fidelis Federal Credit Union Bank N.Y. $14,000 $1,412
HomeStar Bank & Financial Services Mortgage Servicer Ill. $13,322 -$13,322
Webster Bank, N.A. Mortgage Servicer Conn. $13,000 -$13,000
Central Pacific Bank Mortgage Servicer Hawaii $13,000 -$13,000
Banner Bank Mortgage Servicer Wash. $13,000 -$13,000
Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc Mortgage Servicer Calif. $12,916 -$12,916
Mortgage Investors Group Mortgage Servicer Tenn. $12,833 -$12,833
Community Credit Union of Florida Mortgage Servicer Fla. $12,631 -$12,631
Glass City Federal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Ohio $12,473 -$12,473
Lake National Bank Mortgage Servicer Ohio $10,651 -$10,651
Oakland Municipal Credit Union Mortgage Servicer Calif. $10,068 -$10,068
Union Baptist Church Federal Credit Union Bank Ind. $10,000 -$8,622
Franklin Savings Mortgage Servicer Ohio $9,614 -$9,614
Santander Bank, N.A. Mortgage Servicer Pa. $9,142 -$9,142
Cheviot Savings Bank Mortgage Servicer Ohio $9,075 -$9,075
ZB, N.A. Mortgage Servicer Utah $8,000 -$8,000
Eastern Bank Mortgage Servicer Mass. $7,916 -$7,916
Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company Mortgage Servicer Iowa $7,916 -$7,916
First Financial Bank N.A. Mortgage Servicer Idaho $7,750 -$7,750
First National Bank of Pennsylvania Mortgage Servicer Pa. $7,648 -$7,648
Bridgelock Capital dba Peak Loan Servicing Mortgage Servicer Calif. $7,426 -$7,426
Wesbanco Bank Inc. Mortgage Servicer W.Va. $7,354 -$7,354
East End Baptist Tabernacle Federal Credit Union Bank Conn. $7,000 -$6,037
Flagstar Capital Markets Corporation Mortgage Servicer Mich. $7,000 -$7,000
First Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Servicer Calif. $6,916 -$6,916
LegacyTexas Bank Mortgage Servicer Texas $6,656 -$6,656
Freedom Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Servicer Ind. $6,000 -$6,000
Mainsource Bank Mortgage Servicer Ind. $5,000 -$5,000
Midwest Community Bank Mortgage Servicer Ill. $4,817 -$4,817
Georgia Housing & Finance Authority DBA State Home Mortgage Mortgage Servicer Ga. $3,750 -$3,750
Bank of Camden Mortgage Servicer Tenn. $2,589 -$2,589
Land/Home Financial Services, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Calif. $2,149 -$2,149
Guaranty Bank Mortgage Servicer Minn. $1,916 -$1,916
BMO Harris Bank, N.A. Mortgage Servicer Ill. $1,426 -$1,426
QLending, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Fla. $0 $0
Community Bank & Trust Company Mortgage Servicer Pa. $0 $0
Horizon Bank, NA Mortgage Servicer Ind. $0 $0
Hartford Savings Bank Mortgage Servicer Wis. $0 $0
iServe Residential Lending, LLC Mortgage Servicer Calif. $0 $0
iServe Servicing, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Texas $0 $0
Vist Financial Corp Mortgage Servicer Pa. $0 $0
Wealthbridge Mortgage Corp Mortgage Servicer Ore. $0 $0
RBC Bank (USA) Mortgage Servicer N.C. $0 $0
Amarillo National Bank Mortgage Servicer Texas $0 $0
American Financial Resources Inc. Mortgage Servicer N.J. $0 $0
Capital International Financial, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Fla. $0 $0
CU Mortgage Services, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Minn. $0 $0
First Federal Bank of Florida Mortgage Servicer Fla. $0 $0
Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC Mortgage Servicer Okla. $0 $0
Liberty Bank and Trust Co Mortgage Servicer La. $0 $0
Magna Bank (servicing) Mortgage Servicer Tenn. $0 $0
Schmidt Mortgage Company Mortgage Servicer Ohio $0 $0
Stockman Bank of Montana Mortgage Servicer Mont. $0 $0
Weststar Mortgage, Inc. Mortgage Servicer Va. $0 $0
Bangor Savings Bank Mortgage Servicer Maine $0 $0
Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc Mortgage Servicer Calif. $0 $0
PrimeWest Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Servicer Texas $0 $0

Last update: Dec. 14, 2017

We’re tracking where taxpayer money has gone in the ongoing bailout of the financial system.

Our database accounts for both the broader $700 billion bill and the separate bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

For each entity, we provide a “Net Outstanding” amount, which shows how deep taxpayers are in the hole after accounting for any revenue the government has received (usually through interest or dividends).

Companies that failed to repay the government and resulted in a loss are shaded red. You can see a list of those investments here. All other investments either returned a profit to the government or might still be repaid. Recipients of aid through TARP’s housing programs (such as mortgage servicers and state housing orgs) received subsidies that were never intended to be repaid, so we don’t mark those as losses..

Note: Subsidies are listed separately from the investment programs. So, for instance, Bank of America is listed twice – both as a mortgage servicer and as a bank.

Want just the numbers all in one place? See the detailed view here.

corruption does not grow on trees

it is man made.

even worse – the selfie-generation does not care about politics or vote – they don’t even care that they don’t care. making it even easier / cheaper for lobby firms and companies to “rule them all”.


in the (not so) united states of europe… the situation is similar to the US and the US situation is similar to Rome at the end of it’s empire.

as soon as somebody starts to play unfair – the others will join.

Find the largest EU lobby firms
Find the largest EU lobby firms

Google’s EU lobby expenditure was far more modest when it first joined the lobby register in March 2011. LobbyFacts’ archive facility (available on Google’s datacard) reveals that, in 2011, its declared annual lobby spend was €600,000 – €700,000, but by the following year (2012) it had nearly doubled to €1,000,000 – €1,250,000. By 2014, Google’s declared EU lobby spending had grown to more than €3,500,000, and for 2015 (the most recent figure declared), expenditure leapt again to €4,250,000 – €4,499,999 per year. All in all, since 2011, Google’s declared EU lobby spend has increased by 700 per cent in five years. src:

so what lobbyists companies do – they analyze the public opinion and politicians – and try to steer their thinking towards more profit for companies and banks.

with viral campaigns hijacking the internet – fake campaigns and advertisement – public interest – and yes maybe even bribing politicians.

Wonder oh Wonder Fleishman-Hillard is a US company and most of it’s job offerings are in the US.

USA (Washington):

official spending 2013 in washington lobbying: 3.2 Billion USD

58,842 lobbying registrations since 2004
44% involve at least one revolving-door lobbyist
55 new lobbying registrations this month

It can seem like lobbyists run Washington from behind the scenes. But their work isn’t completely opaque. They’re required to register with the House and the Senate when they lobby for a new client. Former members of Congress, former congressional staffers and former high-level regulators who now work as lobbyists—the so-called “revolving door” — are required to disclose their “covered” former positions. You can use this database to find out who’s lobbying on whose behalf — and about what issues. Here’s a guide.

this list is not complete..
Issue Client Firm Lobbyists Date Filed
Hartz Capital, Inc.
Financial services
Venable LLP
Assurant, Inc.
Insurance company.
Capitol Counsel, LLC
Trinity University
The Normandy Group, LLC
Centre Market Building, LLC
Real Estate
Lazard Group, LLC
Financial advisory and asset management firm
Capitol Tax Partners, LLP
SPIE – the international society for optics and photonics
International society for optics and photonics
South Carolina Ports Authority
State ports authority
Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance
A national coalition of more than 120 organizations representing specialty crop growers
Altria Client Services Inc.
Client services for parent company of manufacturers of tobacco products and wines
Ernst & Young LLP (Washington Council Ernst & Young)
One Concern, Inc.
Disaster response
The Optical Society
Professional association for optics and photonics
Pearl Mobile DTV Company LLC
Organization of U.S. broadcast companies
Shaw Industries Group
Flooring company
Business Roundtable
Trade association
Enterprise Holdings
Car and truck rental, car sharing, fleet management and transportation services
Gramercy Funds Management
Investment management
Independent Film and Television Alliance
Trade association for the independent motion picture and television industry
Amazon Corporate LLC
Online retail
BGR Government Affairs
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Biopharmaceutical company
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.
Promotes the dignity and protects the rights of immigrants
The Raben Group
Chemonics International
Foreign aid and development
BGR Government Affairs
Corrective Education Company
Restorative justice education program
The Mondello Group LLC
Delaware North Companies Inc.
hospitality management company
Tesla, Inc.
Electric vehicles, clean energy generation, energy storage
The Interstate 11 Coalition
transportation coalition
Crossroads Strategies, LLC
Phyllis Faber
Property owner.
John T. Doolittle, LLC
HSBC North America Holdings Inc.
Finance banking and insurance
Eagle Procurement & Industrial Contractor LLC
Construction and Project Management
cybersecurity solutions to address critical security issues and protect and IP
Cassidy & Associates, Inc. (formerly known as Cassidy & Associates)
Cintra US
Transportation Infrastructure
Trafigura Trading LLC
Commodity trading company.
The Glover Park Group LLC
Grand Strand Business Alliance
Transportation shipping and warehousing
Innovative Communication & Strategies, LLC (InCoStrat)
Strategic Communications
Cassidy & Associates, Inc. (formerly known as Cassidy & Associates)
Squaw Valley
Ski Resort
Cassidy & Associates, Inc. (formerly known as Cassidy & Associates)
Leidos, Inc.
LV Stadium Events Co
Construction Company
Cassidy & Associates, Inc. (formerly known as Cassidy & Associates)
AGRU America Inc.
Hydro One Limited
Electricity distribution and transmission company
Maverick Capital
Investment advisory firm
Lincoln Policy Group
Centene Corporation
Health insurance
BGR Government Affairs
Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy
Providing a foreign policy education and ensuring Congress maintains Article I powers.
Pricing data provider and electronic trading platform for organic and non-GMO grains.
Capitol Counsel, LLC
Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands
Territorial government
McGuireWoods Consulting (A Subsidiary of McGuireWoods LLP)
Somerset Coal International
Coal to liquid fuel technology company
Squire Patton Boggs
Monarch Private Capital LLC
Investment firm
Ernst & Young LLP (Washington Council Ernst & Young)
Tejon Indian Tribe
Indian Tribal Government
Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton LLP
Sara Dysart, PC
Law firm
JTM Consulting, LLC
National Seafood Marketing Coalition
Trade Association
Dentons US LLP
Playmaker Strategies, on behalf of Owensboro Grain
Legislative Advocacy
Ardent Strategies
Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.
Clean coal technology
Squire Patton Boggs
Issue Client Firm Lobbyists Date Filed
Nordby Associates
Business Developer
American Defense International, Inc.
Areti International Group
Watson & Company Government Services, Inc
Eisenhower Medical Center
Medical Center
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C.
The GEO Group, Inc.
Correctional and detention management; mental health services to government agencies
Amalgamated Bank
Capitol Counsel, LLC
Missy Edwards Strategies on behalf of Knight-Swift Transportation
Government Relations/Lobbying
Hydromine, Inc.
Energy Project Developer
Williams and Jensen, PLLC
Oil Refinery
Hogan Lovells US LLP
CB&I Project Services Group, LLC
Design, build and operate a mixed oxide fuel fabrication facility.
Sonoma County Water Agency
County Water Agency
9b Group, Inc.
Crossroads Strategies, LLC on behalf of Port of Chelan County
lobbying firm on behalf of Public Port Authority
Mr. Timothy Lovain
Port of Chelan County
Public Port Authority
Crossroads Strategies, LLC
Tauzin Consultants (on behalf of Avalon GloboCare Corporation)
Government relations, business development, and business incubation firm.
Tauzin Strategic Networks
Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.
American trade association representing motion picture studios
Ogilvy Government Relations
Avalon GloboCare Corporation
Healthcare service provider.
Tauzin Consultants, LLC
Prescient Medicine Holding, LLC
predictive health intelligence company
Hobart Hallaway & Quayle Ventures, LLC
H&R Block, Inc.
Tax Preparation
Children’s Hospital Association
Trade Association for Children’s Hospitals
C-Speed, LLC
Product Development and Engineering Services
American Defense International, Inc.
David Meadors
VFSS-VICCS Federal Sector Systems, LLC
IT Consulting Firm
American Defense International, Inc.
Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Maintaining and improving the County’s transportation system
University of Hawai’i Community Colleges
Statewide community college system
Downs Government Affairs
Monrovia Unified School District
Hawaii Community College
Community college
Downs Government Affairs
FlexEnergy, Inc.
Flex turbine solutions
Van Scoyoc Associates
Tesla, Inc.
Auto manufacturer and energy company
Cypress Advocacy, LLC on behalf of COFINA Seniors Coalition (informal coalition)
lobbying and consulting firm on behalf of coalition
Crossroads Strategies, LLC
Financial Services Roundtable
Trade association for financial services firms.
Capitol Counsel, LLC
Northern Star Generation
Power generation company.
Balch & Bingham, LLP
Patient advocacy organization
in-house lobbying
Saving the Next Generation Foundation
helps economically disadvantaged children in the Middle East through programs including un
The Friedlander Group
PAUL HASTINGS LLP (formerly Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP)
law firm
PAUL HASTINGS LLP (formerly Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP)
New Markets Tax Credit Coalition
National membership organization
Ernst & Young LLP (Washington Council Ernst & Young)
Syngenta Corporation
Producer of agriculture crop protection and seed products.
Squire Patton Boggs
Cypress Advocacy, LLC on behalf of COFINA Seniors Coalition (informal coalition)
lobbying and consulting firm on behalf of coalition
Crossroads Strategies, LLC
Opportunity Village
Non profit organization that provides services to individuals with disabilities
Porter Group, LLC
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Business association
The Raben Group
National Abortion Federation
in-house lobbying
Univision Communications Inc.
Broadcast Television Network
Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.
in-house lobbying
Cypress Advocacy, LLC on behalf of COFINA Seniors Coalition (informal coalition)
Lobbying and consulting on behalf of coalition.
Petra Strategies LLC
Specialty Equipment Market Association
Trade association dedicated to helping businesses involved with vehicle customizations
Webster, Chamberlain & Bean, LLP
EnRevo Pyro
​EnRevo Pyro develops and implements advanced waste to Energy
City of Diamond Bar, CA
California Municipality
Prince Global Solutions, LLC
ATL Hawks, LLC
Sports & Entertainment
Altaba, Inc.
Federal Policy Group, LLC
Ryan, LLC
Tax Services
A&J Capital
Financial services & advisory firm
Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.
Southbridge Associates II LLC
Real estate management and development.
Capitol Counsel, LLC
Issue Client Firm Lobbyists Date Filed
Sberbank CIB USA, Inc.
Trading in equities and fixed income instruments eligible for US clients (not derivatives)
Venable LLP
Fiber optic sensing
Rising Tide Associates
American Ethane Company, LLC
Energy company.
Florida Community Loan Fund
Community Development Financial Institution.
Capitol Counsel, LLC
National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade
Legal advising
Nexxus Consulting, LLC
Schneider Electric, SE
Electric infrastructure equipment and services
Lobbying firm
Higher Education
in-house lobbying
Higher Education Tax Reform Group (Informal Coalition)
Capitol Tax Partners, LLP
LONGi Solar Technology (U.S.) Inc.
Manufacturer of mono-crystalline solar modules
Sidley Austin LLP
Maxor National Pharmacy Services, LLC
Pharmacy Services
McDermott Will & Emery LLP
National Osteoporosis Foundation
Health organization dedicated to preventing osteoporosis and broken bones.
Donna M. Fiorentino, LLC
Missouri Employment Support & Advocacy
A 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation that employs adults with developmental disabilities
Porter Group, LLC
Eli Lillly and Company
Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturing
Ice Miller LLP
Craigslist, Inc.
American classified advertisements website.
Sidley Austin LLP
Akin Gump on behalf of Gila River Telecommunications, Inc.
Law firm
TacSat Networks
Communications Company
American Capitol Group
Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.
Biopharmaceutical Company
American Capitol Group
Sconset Strategies LLC
Government Relations, Public Relations firm
Ben Barnes Group LP
SAS Institute Inc.
Analytics Software & Solutions
Ice Miller Strategies LLC
United Bid Committee of Canada, Mexico and United States, LLC
A united bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
The Glover Park Group LLC
A public relations firm with innovative techniques.
ICO Pathfinder
Monetary Policy; Cryptocurrency;
Preferred Vascular Group, LLC (Dialysis Vascular Access Coalition)
Dialysis vascular access services
Liberty Partners Group, LLC
Trinity University
The Normandy Group, LLC
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Speciality pharmaceutical company
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.
Pharmaceutical company.
King & Spalding LLP
S-3 Group
Lobbying firm
Urban Swirski & Associates, LLC
Trade association for the direct investment industry.
in-house lobbying
American Society of Association Executives
Trade association
Urban Swirski & Associates, LLC
Insulet Corporation
Medical device company
O’Neill and Associates
Special Health Resources for Texas, Inc.
Health care system
Husch Blackwell, LLP
Manufacturing sales and services
Federal Business Group
Coalition for a Domestic Insurance Industry
Coalition made up of United States Domestic Property and Casualty Insurance Companies.
CGCN GROUP, LLC (formerly known as Clark Geduldig Cranford & Nielsen, LLC)
Wabtec Corporation
Rail, public transportation and industrial manufacturing and services
Mr. Donald Itzkoff
Rodan & Fields, LLC
Skincare product manufacturer
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Florida Association of Child Care Management
State Trade Association
New Century Government Affairs (f/k/a Terrence C. Wolfe)
Consumer Mortgage Coalition
Trade association
Michael Best Strategies LLC
Build America Mutual
Bond insurer
Michael Best Strategies LLC
Dole Food Company
Producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.
Mayer Brown LLP
Baxter is a global leader in innovative systems for dialysis
Tarplin, Downs & Young, LLC
The Institute for Liberty
Public Policy Nonprofit
Mack Strategies
Madison Gas and Electric Company
Investor-owned public utility company
Michael Best Strategies LLC
MBO Partners, Inc.
professional services and technology company
Michael Best Strategies LLC
Osirius Group LLC
Engineering, Project Design and Implementation
Dickinson Wright PLLC
Brandt Miles
Representing Mr. Brandt as an individual but he is employed as a mortgage loan officer.
American Indian Health & Services
Nuclear Energy Company
The Bitcoin Foundation
The Bitcoin Foundation is an American nonprofit corporation founded in September 2012 with
Pierre Ciric
21st Century School Fund
Building the public will and capacity to modernize public school facilities.
Van Heuvelen Strategies, LLC
Issue Client Firm Lobbyists Date Filed
Williams Companies
energy infrastructure company
Bracewell LLP
Oil and gas explorations and production.
The Glover Park Group LLC
Metro Govt of Nashville and Davidson County
City Government
Adams and Reese, LLP
Council for Quality Respiratory Care
Provide in-home patient services, respiratory care and respiratory equipment
Key Impact Strategies
Federal Hall Policy Advisors (on behalf of Experian, NA)
government relations firm
O’Rourke & Nappi, LLP
McConnell Valdes, LLC on behalf of Scotiabank de Puerto Rico
law firm
Cumberland North America, LLC
Utility-Scale Solar Coalition (“Informal”)
utility-scale solar energy advocacy
Smirnow Law
Management, Science and Innovation
Management consulting and information technology development services
Van Scoyoc Associates
Cigar Association of America, Inc.
Trade Association
Jake Perry + Partners
EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc.
Developer, owner, and operator of utility scale wind projects
Free Conference Call Corporation
The Cormac Group, LLC
United States Tennis Association Incorporated
Promote and develop the growth of tennis
Venable LLP
Allergan USA, Inc.
global pharmaceutical company
Sixkiller Consulting, LLC
Brian Wishneff and Associates
Financing and consulting firm.
Capitol Counsel, LLC
trade association for songwriters
in-house lobbying
Verily Life Sciences, LLC
Healthcare Biotechnology
Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas, Inc.
IKEA Indirect Material & Services, LLC
Furniture retailer.
APCO Worldwide LLC
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
private university offering degrees in arts & sciences, etc.
Intrexon Corporation
PTC Therapeutics
build an integrated biopharmaceutical company based on our expertise in RNA biology

The meaning of life in capitalism is well defined: money.

To be precise the previlege to charge amount x from person y or conpany z and the previliges that can be bought with it (dervived previliges from money).

So money is essentially an previlige system.

When describing it with one word, i would use: heartless.

So if money is the meaning of life in capitalism – whoever came up with it – forced people to dedicate their lifes to heartlessness.

It is breeding heartless fascist egoistic behaviour and punishes empathy.

Which is a catastrophe for mankind as a whole.

And a shame for its intelectual economists – that very often in history were just blatantly wrong.

What gets forgotten is the grand perspective – the overview – the overarching goal – survival of a life form (mankind) on a planet in the Universe.

Without major catastrophes dramas and suffering if possible.

I am suffering from a chronic deadly desease – capitalism – which cultivates heartless egoism – a world in which man is stripped from everything that makes him human.

In the beginning – money eats Brains.

In the end – the lack of social skills kills.

Having a lot of money must be great – just imagine how much love, friendship and children you could buy.

They all will love you – not for your human qualities – but for the fucking filty dirty rich ashole you are.

Ich habe chronischen Kapitalismus
Die tödliche Krankheit die nur Arschlöcher überleben.

Geld frisst Hirn – ist der Anfang
Soziale Inkompetenz – ist das Ende.