In liberal capitalism people enjoy a lot of freedoms – so they can fully live out their individual ideas of what might or might not make them happy.

In theory you can be a Muslim gay men married to a lesbian woman (just because you can) and become an child care taker that as a second job works on weapons of mass destruction – while campaigning for peace on the weekend.

In the end – it is always about survival of life (not only the species homo often not-so-sapiens) on this planet – in the solar system – in the universe – in this reality.

At the same time – capitalism gives no sustainable concept for survival to the people – either you come up with your own plan (which might work or might fail miserably again and again) or you have no concept – you have no job – you do not know what to do – you basically go straight from school to state-sponsored-joblessness.

In communism – sustainable survival (as far as i know) was also not a high priority (taking care of nature) – liberal freedoms were not so big – the state decided for you what you would study – what job you would pursuit – because they had the data – where workforce would be needed in 3-4 years time.

I have heard young school children are so confused – they do not know what they shall study.

What career is worth pursuing.

Because it is not only important – that you like your job – it also should generate an income so you can build a house and survive as a family.

If you go to a state-entity that manages joblessness a “JobCenter” – they have a lot of data – a lot – but they still can not tell a school kid “if i was you i would do this and that”.

They can not.

People with environmental sustainability concept- by Rawpixel. View all resources by Rawpixel Ellipsis
People with environmental sustainability concept- by Rawpixel. View all resources by Rawpixel Ellipsis

So school kids are completely left in the dark.

What happens is often children learn from their parents – if they have a good job – they will do the same – if their job sucks (low job security, low pay or no work to do at all in this field) they most certainly will do something else.

There needs to be a sate given – binding – scientific sound and sustainable concept for basic survival for “the average jill an joe” living in “modern” high tech societies with modern fiat money.

If there is not – it is simply irresponsible – for the state and everybody – to leave people in the dark and let them figure themselves out how to survive and fix all the problems in their lifes.

This most certainly will lead to chaos and violence – because – even if you would give them “free stuff” aka fancy digital or colored paper money – people still need a purpose and meaning in their lifes.

what will definitely NOT fix the problem is raising rents and taxes (on things people need to survive) until breakdown of society. Running away from problems – just in case you have not noticed will also not fix them. Everybody should fix the problems in their own country.

After all people – families – just want to survive – in the US, in Europe, in Russia, in China, in India – everywhere if “the market” “the economy” “the monetary system” “the state” is not helping them – they shall step down and get out of the way.

Yes – it really is that bad.

Date 17 November 2018 – present
(6 months and 17 days)


Caused by
  • Ongoing
  • Cancellation of fuel tax and six-month moratorium on diesel and petrol price changes[46]
    • <- this is absolutely pathetic. if the oil and car industry would not be so corrupt – we would have cheap super reliable safe flying cars on renewable hydrogen (a CO2 neutral fuel that can be produced by everybody that has electricity)
    • here you can see best how “fuel” people and society depends on – is used as a weapon of mass control since decades – how those in power risk the collapse of society – just to stay in power a bit longer or make a little bit more profit in the short term – instead of working and investing in solutions that help everybody. CATASTORPHIC!
  • Promise that most would see an effective increase in the minimum wage of €100 per month by 2019[47]
  • Announcement that price of Électricité de France blue tariffs would not increase before March 2019[48]
  • Elimination of tax on overtime and end-of-year bonuses[49]
  • Decrease of fuel and motor taxes[50]

The Gilet Jaunes are just the beginning…

… the rise of the far right will be way more devastating for “the world order” – because just as the left – their aim is to destroy the corrupt current status quo.

… but instead of fixing the problem – “the market” will just say “okay – far right got voted in – we just shift investments more towards the weapons industry and gas chambers”.

Thyssen a industrial magnat - was so afraid of communism taking away his riches - he was willing to support anyone who fought communism - we all know how it ended. <a href="https://altcoopsys.org/2019/07/05/the-miracle-of-worgl-could-it-have-prevented-the-second-world-war-now-also-as-a-feature-film-das-wunder-von-worgl-hatte-es-den-zweiten-weltkrieg-verhindern-konnen-jetzt-auch-als-spielfilm/">https://altcoopsys.org/2019/07/05/the-miracle-of-worgl-could-it-have-prevented-the-second-world-war-now-also-as-a-feature-film-das-wunder-von-worgl-hatte-es-den-zweiten-weltkrieg-verhindern-konnen-jetzt-auch-als-spielfilm/</a>
Thyssen a German industrial super rich – was so afraid of communism taking away his riches – he was willing to support anyone who fought communism – we all know how it ended. https://altcoopsys.org/2019/07/05/the-miracle-of-worgl-could-it-have-prevented-the-second-world-war-now-also-as-a-feature-film-das-wunder-von-worgl-hatte-es-den-zweiten-weltkrieg-verhindern-konnen-jetzt-auch-als-spielfilm/

does not sound like a solution to me – actually not a solution at all – just the beginning of more catastrophes and problems.

France: ‘Neither Macron nor Le Pen’ – Students barricade school entrance in protest

You can close your eyes – but the truth – will stay true – no matter what.

The big “mistake” the far-right does: it does not question the monetary system.

It is simply not on their radar.

Because they see the problems somewhere else.

Which will lead them – again – to unsustainable and catastrophic solutions – even the far-right fanatics will have to admit – are no solutions.

Elon Musk: “unsustainable means – it is going to end.”

Marx already realized it – modern days capitalism is a highly unstable system.

bad if your life depends on the inflow of money – you are basically trusting your life to windows 95 – it could crash any moment – nobody knows when – but everybody knows it will…

…just praying will not do the job.

“Suicides resulted in 828,000 global deaths in 2015, an increase from 712,000 deaths in 1990.[5][13] ” (src: en.wikipedia.org) (+16% in in 25 years, so you can say +0.6% increase every year?)

Snowden revelation: Russians sometimes good!

“Russian people are warm, they are clever. It’s a beautiful country. Their government is the problem not the people.”

Merkel is Queen Europe: “She is, whether you like it or not, the leader of Europe and as a really senior statesman, she can set new norms of behavior.”

“if the only place an American whistleblower can be safe is in Russia?”

“Make a whistleblower protection law, based on public interest – and stand in for this”

“Now, if a Russian whistleblower, someone from Putin’s administration, shows up on Merkel’s doorstep tomorrow, she’s going to adopt him, it’s her nephew, you know? But if an American whistleblower shows up on Merkel’s doorstep? That question has not been answered.”

“We certainly know what the public position she’s taken in the last 5 years has been, and I think that’s a disappointment. Not just to whistleblowers, hopefully not just to journalists, not just to Germans, but to the world.”

“Right, but then there is also your John Doe, the Panama Papers whistleblower, whose identity is still unknown. Fabulous, right? And this is proof that it is possible.”

“tip your finger on the scale and take us to a freer and better future”

Trump’s Twitter-Phone probably already hacked: “Nobody can tell him what to do. The phone is going to get attacked, and it has likely already been compromised, and will be compromised again.”

“Wikileaks is not my model, but they are a model, and their model has not actually proven to be irresponsible or harmful.”

Snowden on Assange:

“I’m a reformist, he’s a revolutionary. I don’t want to burn the system down, if I believe it can still be saved.”

If you had one wish, is there any specific topic you would most wish a whistleblower to come forward with?”

“There are many, honestly.”

“But the one I think is still the most important to history, that we haven’t seen, is the torture report.

“The unredacted form of the Senate’s report on the United States torture program.”

“The current director of the Central Intelligence Agency is an admitted war criminal.”

She was a key figure in a torture program that involved beating a pregnant woman on her stomach, anally raping men who tried to refuse meals with those meals, and freezing a man to death who was chained and shackled in a cell.”

“And these are only a few of the abuses.”

“Many of the others we will never hear about, because the records have been destroyed.”

(src: https://projekte.sueddeutsche.de/artikel/politik/the-russian-government-is-corrupt-in-many-ways-e757187/)

“Waterboarding is a war crime under both U.S. and international law, dating back to U.S. prosecution of Japanese solders for torturing U.S. POWs during World War II.[1]

(src: nsarchive.gwu.edu)

I did not realize until today, how much articles of Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) are in English and English only. (Germany currently #10 in EU English proficiency (src: ef.com))

They keep the good old propaganda mechanisms of yellow-journalism alive, hitting, the reader without time to read the whole thing, with an almost wartime propaganda headline: Russia is evil

… while at the same time SZ is shutting down important Snowden related articles such as this one:

“A joint investigation” (soon to vanish off the net by strange unlogic laws that nobody  understands and only few question) “by NDR, WDR, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Channel 4 based on documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, reveals that Cable & Wireless” (owned by Vodafone) “actively shaped and provided the most data to GCHQ mass surveillance programs, and received millions of pounds in compensation”


As you can see:

The propaganda and surveillance machine is back – and it is more sophisticated than ever before.

Studied psychologists work for news entities to create mass manipulation.

  • They want to know what you think (surveillance) today
  • They want to know what you think, vote and buy tomorrow (AI?)
    • in order to influence elections
    • so in order to sell that info to 3rd parties
  • They want to distort your world view and manifest their geopolitical aims to legitimize their crimes (USA good, EU good, Iran evil, North Korea evil, Cuba evil, Venezuela evil, Russia evil)
  • They use subtle deception just as SZ Yellow Journalism.

As correctly said in this article: nobody expected Russia, the Russian intelligence service FSB and Mr Putin himself to act or not-act like this.

Everyone expected Snowden to be held in some secret military base on the North Pole and be questioned and interrogated for the rest of his life – or sold out to the US for some favor.

None of this has happened.

Russia manages to paint itself a new picture and the world applauds.

Massively to the anger of Western powers – that this Russia did not behave as evil as all Western media wanted it to and wanted Western citizens to believe.

Even worse – Snowden explicitly says – he feared of ending up in an orange suite in Guantanamo Bay by his own people that even called for his death.

It is very very sad to see what Western democracies have become

Western democracies failed to:

Democratic principles have become a problem for the secret monetary Empire

United States of Evil?

A massive downfall of a beacon of modernism and enlightenment – the US has maneuvered itself in a massive trust-mess – so much so – that people generally distrust Washington, hate the EU and even hate the word democracy and want to go back to kings and queens – to at least know who is to blame – if things go wrong.

It becomes harder and harder for hobby-journalists and activists to see through all the dirt that “they” try to sell us as “freedom” “democracy” “liberation” “information” – that the hidden tyrants of the dictatorship empires US or EU dishes out.

Empires build on lies

Devil is the great deceiver – they seem to get paid for being devils – welcome to self made hell.

‘You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father.

He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.’

Back to the middle ages?

Soon “the system” will present you a new queen or king that you can project all your hate on – puppets with no actual power.

This serpent has masters who’s names you do not know, that hide in the shadows.

Genesis 3:4-5

‘The serpent said to the woman, “You surely will not die! “For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.’

… journalists should help people distinguish between good and evil, if they fail on this, they not only betray truth, they betray all of mankind – including their families and themselves.

The Ex-Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald says “The Intercept” does not have the money to be Guardians of the Snowden Documents any more? (src: medium.com)

“We should be hopeful because this is an opportunity for change. This is a mandate being handed to leaders like Merkel, who have the credibility. They have the opportunity to change things in a truly historic way, to make Europe more open, more free, and more independent. And it’s easier for a new Europe to stand up to Trump than it would have been standing up against Obama, because Obama was respected.”

(src: https://projekte.sueddeutsche.de/artikel/politik/the-russian-government-is-corrupt-in-many-ways-e757187/)

I am happy to hear high hopes from Mr Snowden concerning Germany, Europe and Merkel.

For the German people – Merkel is just another US obedient puppet as Kohl was, otherwise She would and could have stopped the Drone killing going on in Afghanistan and coordinated from Ramstein.

What i always wonder – Merkel grew up in former East-Germany – but does she care about East-Germany? It does not look like it – East-Germany is still in economic ruins.

Politicians seem to cause more problems than solutions.

Merkel continues to blame Russia for breach of international law – but fails to see the same case repeatedly done by US bombings and torture programs.

This is a double standard – and anyone not completely blind to propaganda – sees it.

Mr Kohl pushed the EU “through” like a dictator. (src: euobserver.com)

We can not start a community of states on dictatorship.

Yes i guess the US hates the EU and the Euro as being a competition on the world stage – so they and Goldman Sachs sabotage it in every possible way – but because the concept-men in Brussels are so stupid – they do not even have to try hard to shatter the construct – Facebook and Google Lobbyists “give it the rest”, by “selling” the public laws that are costing companies billions.

UK feels bullied by the EU and wants to leave and it is their right to leave.

In my opinion – Empires and Weapons and Robbery – should be a thing of the past.

If mankind ought to call itself civilized – look what is there – share fair.

What do we gain by fighting each other over finite resources?

Rather than setting up conflicts and pitching nations against each other war after war after war… why not send half a billion Chinese and African Refugees to Mars and Moon?

There are no buildings yet on those planets – loads of work to do – sounds harsh – but conquer the stars is also dangerous and way better than war 🙂

Mr Musk sums it up nicely: if something is unsustainable – it is going to end.