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“Cities and municipalities are interested in a stable economic situation of the local company. In addition to the need to promote the regional economy, there are in each commune social, cultural or environmental objectives, which may not be supported due to lack of money in the municipal budget and to the desired extent. A regional currency can be designed to match these concerns so that the necessary budget be significantly lower. You can bind purchasing power in the Region and also to small and medium-sized businesses an additional boost.

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Anna-Lisa Schmalz works in Munich and is a qualified mathematician and computer scientist. She has worked, among other things, Software for banks and insurance companies. Since 2009, she is devoted to the theory and practice of the topic of complementary currencies. As a staff member at the Dachau regional currency Amper-Taler prepared for their connection to the regional EC Rosenheim significantly. In 2010, she wrote communities, a concept for Regional Economy, on the Basis of the ReWiG München eg (January 2011), ReWiG founded in Schlehdorf EC (January 2012) and the ReWiG Allgäu eg (July 2012). Since the founding, the Executive Board of the ReWiG München eg. She advises initiatives for the introduction of a complementary currency, and holds lectures and Workshops on various topics in this area.”

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