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Jenkins' list of bank misdeeds

Jenkins’ list of bank misdeeds

The partial list of bank misdeeds (more than 100 to date!) was compiled by Robert Jenkins. Share it and put it on your website or blog just by copy-pasting the code.

Representation of public interest in banking

Representation of public interest in banking

07/12/16 EVENT: What blocks the public and interest groups from participating in banking? This one-day event combines plenary sessions with 8 parallel sessions.

MARTIN WOLF chief economics commentator at the Financial Times

“Finance Watch is exactly what Europe has long needed – an independent, thoughtful and courageous institution whose activities illuminate the necessary steps towards creating a financial system that is not only stable, but properly serves the wider social and economic interest.”



In English (very good Mr Felber 🙂

In Espaniol (mui bien Mr Felber 🙂

In German (Interview by Radio Station SWR)

Herr Felber arbeitet an einer Gemeinwohl Ökonomie und sogar an einer Gemeinwohl Bank!

Bank for Common Good (again in German)

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